Question of the Week: What are Your Go-To Meals?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked last week!*

What are Your Go-To Meals?

We normally make separate dinner for the girls since they eat mainly organic. A go-to dinner for them might be macaroni & cheese, with apple slices or fruit cocktai OR peanut butter sandwiches with banana on the side. Or really any mixture of one main thing and two or three side dishes: chicken nuggets or fishies (fish nuggets shaped like fishies) or hot dogs for a main dish. And for the sides: apple slices, avocado, tomatos, cheese, carrots, green beans (they LOVE gb’s), applesauce, olivies, artichokes, potatos, salad if mommy is having one (daddy doesn’t eat rabbit food)…. sometimes if I make a meatless pasta dish we’ll share it with the girls and eat the same thing.
We generally try to get a main item (meat or fish or pasta or peanut butter sandwiches) with something healthy on the side (fruit or veggie). We get a lot of fresh things from the local farmer’s market but I also buy bags of frozen veggies for when we’re in a pinch. When all else fails peanut butter is quick and a crowd favorite!
We’re lucky that we exposed the girls to all sorts of food as babies so they’re pretty open to whatever we give them. They even LOVE roasted garlic. Not many babies like garlic, so I hear at least.
We all really love potatoes and they are part of most meals for Hubby and myself. I always find, like tonight, that no matter how well the girls ate their dinner they’re always creeping around the table asking for bites of potatos. They love ’em! 🙂
Sidenote: I’d just like to say that I’d trust anything that the Pioneer Woman told me to make. Seriously. She’s the best and I go-to her website A LOT for recipes.
Jello has been a big hit lately so I use that as a prize offering. As in “clean up your toys and we can make some Jello!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “Now take a good nap and we can eat some Jello when you wake up!!!!!!!” It’s inexpensive (not organic but I never said we were 100% organic) and I also use it to teach colors to the girls. And Jello is so cheap.



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