How My Life Has Changed…

On this day every year, I used to do things like this:

(my baking expertise allowed such fanciful creations for special “holidays”)


On this day THIS year, I’ll be doing things like this:

*Bringing Pampers coupons to my friend who uses Pampers for her kid

*Returning videos (Care Bears & The Blue Elephant) to the library that my MIL lent us

*Returning salad bowls to my MIL

*Potty Training my Two Year Olds (which has really gone well the last week! YAY!)

*Laundry – scores of laundry….

*Finding the source of the rancid smell coming from my fridge

*Breastfeeding my Baby (also going well! YAY!!)

*Cleaning off the “computer counter” in our kitchen to make room for our new desktop – I’m SOOOOO excited!! It even has a CD/DVD burner!!!!

*Watching Caillou, Monsters Inc, and Cinderella instead of Half Baked, Cheech & Chong, and Reefer Madness

*Reminiscing about my “former life”! 🙂






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