Our First Trip to the E.R.

Well. In hindsight Hubby says he thinks he overreacted (I agree). He also thinks that it’s good for peace of mind that we went (I agree).

During naptime, Mags & Junie weren’t napping. Of course, because why would you nap during naptime? That would be so weird. 😉 Anyways, they were running around and before we got up there to get them back to bed we heard a door slam and the inevitable screaming of a child. Not a mad scream, not a left-out scream – it was the “I got hurt and it’s BAD” scream. You moms out there know what I’m talking about – you just KNOW the scream means something bad happened.

Hubby raced upstairs to find Mags in the hallway, her finger swollen as big as one of my fingers. He rushed her downstairs saying to me “We’re going to the hospital.” Hubby thought her finger was broken; I have no experience in broken fingers but it looked kind of gnarly. So I rushed around the kitchen grabbing our diaper bag, a snack, a drink cup. And we quickly decided that I would be the one to take her in.

On the way to the hospital, I realized we forgot to put shoes on her. And I didn’t take her to the Children’s Hospital… I took her to the other children’s hospital that was even farther from our house (the 1st is only five minutes, the one we ended up at is like ten minutes away, no biggie). I was clearly not thinking straight during this emergency – I would make a terrible EMT.

We got checked into the E.R. and were quickly taken back to a room. I was surprised that it went so fast – I guess Children’s E.R.s aren’t as busy as the ones on TV (haha)? Mags got a gown to wear and a bed to sit in. She looked so cute, and so pathetic at the same time. She didn’t like using the bag of ice I had packed for her. The nurse gave her some Tylenol. She suggested Oxycodone initially but I was like Hell No. I can’t take those painkillers myself, and I didn’t want to go overboard on the painkilling. (I don’t want my kid to suffer but Oxy seemed a little drastic.)

The doctor/nurse came in and looked at her finger. Mags become suddenly shy and was very hesitant to let the doctor touch her finger or high five her. She said it was good that she could touch it without Mags throwing a huge fit and that it was probably just fractured but that they would Xray it anyways just to be sure. A few minutes later someone showed us to the Xray room. They asked me if I was pregnant – and I said no, this time for sure. I laughed to myself remembering last April’s visit to the urologist for Mags. She had to get the dye-cathetar test (which includes an Xray) for her kidney. I had answered no to that question last April not knowing that I was indeed pregnant with Snowdrop. Funny how life works. (Snowdrop ended up fine for the record!)

Anyways, Mags did really well during the Xray and they gave her some stickers. She saved two of the stickers – one for Daddy, and one for Junie. (Daddy proudly wore his Snow White sticker when we got home.) What a sweetie to think of her sister who was responsible (we think) for slamming her finger in the door! 🙂

The doctor came in after the Xray and said that it didn’t look like anything was broken, and that they didn’t see any fracture lines but that sometimes with little bones it is hard to see fracture lines. They said that if she was still complaining about the finger in a few days that we were supposed to call her doctor. He ‘buddy-taped’ her finger, which lasted a whole second after he left the room. I convinced Mags to keep hers on if we taped Mickey’s fingers together (we brought her Mickey Mouse with us to the E.R.). Problem solved. 🙂 The tape really only lasted another hour or so before she ripped it off. Oh well…

Okay. Awesome! Her finger is not broken and I only feel mildly stupid for rushing her in. I feel worse for not seeing the Xray! I completely forgot to ask to see it (I really should have) but I really wanted Mags to see it, too. Sort of so she’d understand what we were doing taking pictures of her hand. I really blanked on that – she would have liked to see it, I think.

We were given the all clear to go home and so we did. Crisis averted. Yay! We took home the gown they had given her and the girls have been playing with it ever since. It’s really kind of cute. I wish I had thought to grab another one so they wouldn’t fight over this one. 😉

Today, Mags slept in a little bit (like fifteen minutes more than Junie, big whoop) and is only favoring the finger a little bit more than her others. It’s still a little swollen but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m so glad it’s not broken!! Next time, we’ll wait a while before taking her to the hospital, although I am proud that it took us 2 years and 7 months to make our first E.R. trip!! 🙂


I also want to mention that the girls are doing really AWESOME with potty training the last two weeks, and most especially since Thursday/Friday when I took them to purchase a potty seat for the Big Potty (you know, the kind that attaches to the adult potty so they don’t fall in). It is like every 20 minutes someone needs to potty. Yes, it’s so annoying how frequent it is but I’m sticking it out because the end result of NO DIAPERS is so much closer now than it ever was before and we’re really looking forward to having just one daughter in a diaper. 🙂 Well, no poopies on the Big Potty yet but there has been some attempts. I’m so proud of my big girls. 🙂



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2 responses to “Our First Trip to the E.R.

  1. You did a fine job, momma! As an ER nurse, I can attest that a children’s hospital’s ER would be just as busy as the ‘adult’ ER. Also, if you’ve got an ER closer to your house, I would go to the one closest. (especially for things like broken bones) We see LOADS of children in our ER, everyday.
    Glad she’s doing better!

    • Both Children’s Hospitals are within ten minutes of our house… but I totally blanked in the rush and took her to the one farther away – afterwards, I was like “What was I thinking?” Oh well, live and learn. I’m glad it wasn’t a bigger problem and just a finger. 🙂

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