Question of the Week: Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

I am not involved in our local Mothers of Twins/Multiples Club. They charge a yearly fee, plus require you to attend a certain number of meetings, dinners, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to be involved, I do, but fees and requirements just don’t work for us when it comes to something like a Twins Club. Plus, when I inquired the gal told me that most of the mothers are older. Nothing against older moms (seriously) but at the time I was 25. There is certainly a difference between 25 and 37. Certainly, a 37 year old might be able to offer me some good advice – and even though being MoMs might be something we have in common, I doubted there would be much else we’d be able to share. I was really looking to find MoMs (potential friends!!) my age who were raising multiples – moms that I could go out with for girls nights and moms that I could have over for playdates.

I put an ad on Craigslist once, looking for other moms of multiples. I didn’t get any replies. :/

I’m 27 now (will be 28 this year). More and more of our friends are having babies (no friends with multiples yet though – my fingers are always crossed that someone else will get to share in the magic of having multiples) so playdates with other kids are more common now than they were two years ago. I still don’t do girls night out but that’s mainly because I’m too tired at the end of the day to go out AND because although I really enjoy the company of my husband’s friends… I still feel like they’re not MY friends (I don’t know. That’s a whole other post right there!). (MY friends are up in the Big City, living out East, out West, and all over the world… not exactly accessible for Girls Nights Out!)

I’d love to start a multiples playgroup (a FREE group) but I really don’t know where to go other than Craigslist and that didn’t work out the first time – maybe I’ll try again this summer. I am absolutely hoping that when the girls start school there will be other multiples in their class that they can play with. Not that I only want them playing with multiples (that would be weird) but I think being a multiple is a special dynamic and to have friends that share that same quality would be nice.





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5 responses to “Question of the Week: Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

  1. Sorry your twin group didn’t work out for you. Have you tried the local hospital? When my first was little they had a playgroup “class” and we’ve been friends for almost 5 years now.

    Now that you’re a little older, you might consider joining your twin group for a year (the fee you can’t get around, but I bet you don’t have to go to any meetings) and see if you can find some play dates/friends through there. Good luck!

  2. Laughing — I’m an older mom — didn’t wait until later in life, but was blessed long after my self-imposed ‘done having children’. At 37, I’m probably the oldest in my circle of friends, but somehow, it just doesn’t come up.

    I completely forgot about the fee involved in the twins club — I did not mention that in my post. For me, the difference in parenting styles is the one that irks me the most. I also (like every other mother) am SO MUCH more than just a mom of twins, so I’m not totally comfortable being labeled.
    Off to read more.

  3. You could also ask your pediatrician and/or OB about other families of multiples.

    I laughed seeing your “older mom” comment. I’m 34 (which is not far from 37!), and I have close friends who are 6 or 8 years my junior and 6 or 8 years my senior. Age has never been a real factor for me, and I feel like the “sorority” of motherhood is such an amazing uniting force, going beyond age, socio-economic status, etc.

    Good luck finding some fellow mommies in your area!

  4. Dianna & Mandy… you both laughed at my comment on older moms!! Haha! I hope you weren’t offended by it, I didn’t mean it in any offense. I guess I am “older” now (geez, I’ll be 30 in two years!) so maybe I’d fit in better with the crowds now that I’m not 25. I guess at 25, I really felt more like a kid than I do these days… No one of my friends had one baby (let alone two babies!!) and at the time, even my husband’s friends didn’t have babies (and they are older than me, too). 🙂

    You’ve both made me feel more open to trying out the twin club thing… even if I’m on the younger end. 🙂 So, THANKS!!! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m also going to ask our pediatrician if I can post a flyer at their office about starting a multiples (and more!) playgroup. It’s a great idea that I hadn’t thought of before!

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