Are we moving or not?

Hubby would like to have the house on the market in about four months.

Are you laughing with me? 🙂

I think a more realistic timetable is like… a year? At the earliest, I’d say nine months from now but January really isn’t the best time to list our house. We’ve got so many beautiful flora & fauna that it’s in our best interest to list the house in the Springtime. (Ahem, one year from now. Like I said, one year.) Our house is NOT ready to be listed. I mean, we COULD list as it is right now but I think we’d get more money out of the deal if we waited a bit longer to complete what I think are necessary changes to the house. Like painting the big blue monster that is our main room.

Hubby promised me when we first looked at this house that we could change the color of the main room if we ended up buying it. Well like elephants, pregnant women never forget! 🙂 And the room STILL isn’t painted. I threw a fit (no, it was a big fit!) about a week and a half ago about it – so finally it’s going to be painted. We have it on the calender. Thank GOD. I’m so tired of the color. Everyone who comes to our house really likes it – I’m the only one who doesn’t. I’m also the only one who spends the most time here so… it’s getting changed. It’s not that I don’t like blue, I just don’t like THIS blue. It’s too… grey. Which you will think is bizarre considering I’m going to be painting this room grey. Haha. (I know I’m so weird!)

Other things we need to do to the house – are paint the master bedroom, the upstairs bathrooms, and hallways. We really don’t have too much more painting to do (that’s what I keep telling Hubby). We recently put a ceiling in our basement – and it looks SO nice! I’m so glad Hubby finally got around to doing it. We’ll also need to paint the basement, get it leveled (the floors a bit uneven), and install tile. That will be a big job but an absolute necessity before putting the house on the market if we want to be able to ‘bill’ the basement as liveable space. It totally is liveable space but with tile in place, it will be much cozier. We’re going to put all the toys down there and I can’t wait to get them out of our main room. It’s overtaking our life. And we need most of it in order to entertain the minds of our little ladies.

That’s another thing that makes me wary of putting the house on the market. As of September, the girls will be three – which gives us three children under the age of three. Which equals, toys, toys, and baby stuff. 🙂 I know I’ve heard that when you place the house on the market it’s a good idea to de-personalize your home and get rid (or store) anything that is in the way. And that for us, would be a LOT of stuff. Where oh where do I put it all? I sort of think those PODS are like an invitation for people to steal your things. Like, here’s my POD full of all my belongings while we try and sell our home – it’s yours if you can break in! 🙂

So do we complete the necessary projects and not worry about de-children-ing our home? Not worry about the multitudes of family photos on our walls? Our poster collection (in nice frames on a main wall in our home) from concerts we attended? Do we hope that the people who look at our home can look past the toys and personal photos & see the beauty of the home?

And then there’s another thought. Let’s not move. Let’s stay here for a few more years and wait until we have another child. It’s a tight fit right now, but we fit in this house. And I do love our yard. And the location of our home to the highway, restaurants, etc. I don’t love our location in terms of closeness to some pretty ghetto areas… and I don’t love the location in terms of type of hooligans passing by on a daily basis. And although I already have them designed… I’d rather not have to paint/redesign the kids’ rooms again if we moved – holy cow, that was an undertaking. 🙂

It’s so much to think about and the above is just a smattering of my thoughts on the subject. A mere smattering. 🙂

Have you moved homes with your multiples (or pack of children)? How did that work for you, as far as de-personalizing and packing up? Any pointers or tips to pass on?


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