Seen & Heard Saturday

Juniper: “I tired. I need nap.” It’s 7am. So why aren’t you asleep, silly girl?


Juniper: “I having bad day. I sad today.” Because she wanted to play in the park but it was raining.


Magnolia: “What’s that?” During their last shower with Daddy.


Magnolia: “I love boobies!”


Seen: One girl tucking her sister into an empty diaper box and covering her with a blanket and a lovie.

Seen: Two little girls reading a lift-the-flap book to their baby sister.

Seen: Two little girls running around with Bumbos on their heads – like helmets. They remind of Rick Moranis in SpaceBalls.


Juniper: “Oh no! Big storm coming! I want to go in basement!” Well. We DID end up needing to go into the basement as the tornado sirens were going off. And the girls? They LOVED it! Flashlights, vintage Duck Tales movie (on video cassette), and our cat lovingly perched on Mag’s chair keeping watch on our girls until it passed.



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