My Tailbone and Our New Computer…

I’ll leave the whole tailbone thing for the end of this post. On to better things like our new computer!

Our new computer. We finally got it set up (well, Hubby did it while I was out running an errand)! It’s pretty snazzy with a HUGE flat screen monitor and a CD/DVD burner. I’m really excited to start copying our home videos and photos to CD/DVDs. I envision the girls when they’re older being able to pop in a home movie and enjoy watching our family. I personally love seeing our old home movies. They’re so special. My dad burned copies of the first 1/4 of home movies – I keep bugging him to copy the rest for me. 🙂

The new computer… has this fancy new Windows 7. The last Windows I had on a brand new computer? Windows 2000. 🙂 Things have really changed! I *think* I like all the “updates”. I’m not sure yet; I’m still tinkering around on here.

Tonight, I made some spreadsheets. Don’t I lead an exciting life? I was really excited about them. See, I didn’t keep track of Junie & Mag’s medical info like height and weight, etc. That’s because I’m a bad mom (kidding). When we switched pediatricians, the old ped’s office copied the girls’ files for me and we picked them up. I decided to make spreadsheets of their medical information. So now I have it all recorded and organized and that makes me feel happy. There are piles of laundry laying around here but somehow designing spreadsheets and doing a little data entry is what I chose to do tonight. Don’t you just love OCD?

Anyways, we have a new computer and I’m very excited.

Now, my tailbone. Nothing really exciting to report I guess. Sorry if you were expecting some awesome story. Well, so my tailbone still hurts from back when Snowdrop was born. 😦 It really sucks! I was giving it a while to get better but it really doesn’t seem to be improving. I was at my doctor’s yesterday for my yearly exam and she gave me the number of her chiropractor. I’m not looking forward to this but 4 1/2 months into all this tailbone pain, I am really ready for it to be over. Hopefully the gal will be able to snap me back into place and I can sit comfortably on my bum from now on. Until we have another child.

Which I’m hoping (please God!) won’t be until after 2010.

Maybe even closer to 2012? Please? 🙂


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