I’ve been working on the Mother’s Day weekend post now for a week or so (it’s still in the works!) and I’ll have another post coming about our trip to the Big City for my sisters’ graduation/prom weekend. Those will have to wait for now.

Meanwhile. I’m irked about something. Just plain irked.

See. Here’s the thing. Snowdrop’s “real” name is a variation of her Godmother’s name. Not intentional but that’s the way it worked out. Her Godmother was pregnant up until yesterday when she delivered her baby girl. See, when we were still pregnant in December we had asked her (Snowdrop’s Godmother) if she’d be using her name at all for her baby. We didn’t want to steal her name and we didn’t want our baby to share the name of another baby that we’d be seeing lots of in the future. (And if you’ve been a reader of my blog you know I want my kids to have unique names, blah, blah… etc.)

She assured us that they were DEFINITELY NOT using her name for their baby. DEFINITELY NOT.

So I’m irked because we received a text message yesterday after the baby was born. Despite definitely not planning on using said godmother’s name for their baby – they did! As a middle name, BUT STILL.

For example, let’s pretend that Godmother’s name is Joannna (it’s not, we’re just pretending) – and let’s say we ended up naming Snowdrop “Joanne Middlename”, with the understanding that Godmother Joanna wasn’t going to name her own daughter “Joanna”. But then Godmother Joanna named her daughter “Firstname Joanna”.

I know – it’s just a name, right? Well, sort of. To me it’s so much more. And because we specifically inquired about using the name…. I really wish had gotten the heads up about her using her own name. I know, she’s totally entitled to use her own name (and entitled to change her mind about not using it) but like, I JUST had my baby four months ago. It would be one thing if it were years later but it hasn’t been very long at all. Had we known, we totally would have gone with a different name. The name she ended up with wouldn’t have even been on our list.

I’m totally bummed. So is Hubby. Which makes me feel better about the whole thing knowing that he’s also bummed and would have also chosen a different name. It’s nice not to be the only one on my side.

It just irks me. And I wish I had put my foot down about my favorite name choice for Snowdrop (that we didn’t end up using). Growl.



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