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Oh Goodness!

I’d love to know WHAT this bug is that I keep seeing in my house. I think it’s a millipede. But I don’t want to Google it. That will just gross me out. I’ve seen two of them in the last half hour ~ two DIFFERENT ONES. EW. Heeby Jeeby.

Anyways, I was just hopping on WordPress here to post some stuff when I saw the creature. And now I’m just creeped out and don’t really want to sit in this room anymore. Hubby is sleeping and I have no one to kill it for me. Boo.

I’ve been posting lots of pictures over on my other blog. Check it out! 🙂

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Dear Snowdrop

Dear Snowdrop,

Today you are 8 months & 6 days old. Today you began to crawl for the very first time! I can hardly believe how big you are now. You’re my little ham. The first time was this morning. We were in the kitchen and your sisters were coloring. They spilled their crayons all over the floor and as soon as you caught sight of them it became your life’s work to get them. You leaned forward from a sitting position and got yourself on your stomach. Then you inched forward, using your toes to push you just an inch or so at a time. We scrambled to pick up the crayons and you never ended up really getting any.

When Daddy came home after fixing some jukebox emergencies I put you on your stomach about six feet away from him. He took out the Piggy Bank that sings and showed you the coins and made the pig sing. You love that toy very much and without much hesitation, you started to crawl ~ one toe, then the other. All the way until you made it! Daddy was very proud, and so was I. You are learning so quickly and getting better at it every day.

You love songs and sometimes we hear you singing along to the words. It’s really pretty funny. Other toys you like are your Mr. Froggy Oggy that sleeps in your bed with you, the rattles, and your building blocks. You also like to play with your sisters’ toys. Sometimes they are okay with that; sometimes they’d rather you didn’t. We have a toy where you can put balls down a slide and it has some songs, etc. You love this toy and can put the balls in the container when I tell you to. You are very smart, my little girl!

Today you did something very funny. You & I were laying on the couch together. You were sitting inbetween my legs. You started crawling around putting your face in the pillow. Then you rolled over and stuck your face in the back of the couch and put your butt up in the air. It reminded me of an ostrich. I called Daddy to come downstairs because I thought you had decided to fall asleep. You were in such a cute position. Daddy thought you looked really cute and when he rolled your body over a bit to check if you were asleep, there you were smirking up at him with a twinkle in your eye! You were certainly delighted by this little game. You had played a trick, a joke, made a funny! We were so surprised by this show of humor! Snowdrop, you were absolutely just the cutest!!

Lately you have been eating things like peas, green beans, sweet potatos, carrots, squash… pears, bananas, applesauce, peaches… You LOVE carrots and peas. Green beans are a favorite, as are sweet potatos. Girl you like to eat, but sometimes you get crabby when you’re eating and it makes it hard to feed you. And frustrating! We just started giving you puffs and you really seems to like those. Still, you wake up to drink a mo-mo around 4am every night. It’s hard on Mommy & Daddy and we really wish you’d learn to sleep through the night. 🙂

At the last dr’s appt, you were in the 26%ile for height and 96%ile for weight!! You are a chunk! Deliciously fat. We have another appointment this week so we’ll see where you are at now. 🙂

You are an easy baby to take out on errands or to the stores. People are always commenting on how beautiful you are and how stunning your blue eyes are. You are pleasant and like to look around and smile at people. Did I mention how easy it is to take you places?

You just started waving “hi” and “bye” to us. It’s more of like a wild paddling in the air ~ but we’ll take it as a wave! Sometimes I swear you’ve said “Hi” and you have also started saying “mamamamamamamamamamama”. Even though I know it’s not for real, it’s still pretty cute! 🙂

You love your big sisters and they love you! We pick them up from school and you are always so excited to see them!

Daddy is begging me to come upstairs as it is late and we are heading to the lake tomorrow EARLY to spend some time with your Gigi & Papa.

We love you very much Snowdrop! You are our little girl and we are so proud of all the things you do! Love you Bunny!

Love, Mommy 🙂

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I’m Gonna Go Ahead and Say It…

(I moved this post from my photoblog. I decided it was more appropriate to post it here, on my WordPress blog where I typically do things like rant.)

It really bothers me when people say bad things about the Duggar Family. Having a large family isn’t for everyone, I get it! Other people don’t like Christians, I get it!! Everyone gets to have their own opinion, I get it!!!

But specifically, I read something this morning that set me off. It was this, from a blog that will remain unamed. But really, you know who you are. This is what the author wrote, in reference to people she really truly hates: “…finally Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar…(and all families who make a living off of birthing children.) Just my opinion.”

Totally! It’s just your opinion. Well here’s mine. Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and do a little research. Really? You list the Duggars with Carrot Top and Paris Hilton as your most hated people? Really?? The Duggars?? God-loving, Child-Rearing, Do-It-Themselves Duggars?? Really?? The Duggars birthed 19 kids just so they could make a living off of them???? Really? Do you know ANYTHING about having children or about the Duggars other than what Perez Hilton and TMZ tell you? Really?? Have you gone through a pregnancy?? (My sincere apologies if you haven’t, really I’m all about supporting the pain of being infertile and not being able to birth your own baby, but seriously – it’s not all rainbows and lollipops. And I don’t think you could pay me enough money to do it 16 times!!!! No wait, I KNOW you couldn’t pay me enough money to be pregnant 16 times!)

Really, do you know anything about the Duggars?? Really?? Because if you did know anything about them, you’d know that they have lived debt free nearly their entire marriage. Did you know that Mr. Duggar served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for several years? Did you know that they own several commercial properties that they rent out – WHICH IS THEIR MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME. Did you know thay they’ve never had government assistance? Did you know they buy most of their clothing used? They built their own house with their own hands. They teach their kids to become self-sufficient, hard-working, and to give back to their communities.

Do your research, lady! And stop picking on the Duggars! They seem to the be the ONE family in America that isn’t fucked up, that’s fighting to do good for themselves and others, and that the rest of us could probably stand to learn a thing or two from.

“Just my opinion.”

(PS. So the Duggars are making a living off of birthing their children and you hate them for it? What about your Big Ol’ Sponsored Mommy Blog???? Sounds absolutely hypocritical to me.)

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