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17 Week Reflections

I thought it might be fun to write down some random thoughts I’m having this week. My 17th week of my second pregnancy….

1. Second Pregnancy, Third Child. Wow. I would never have imagined this life for myself. Okay, I guess I did – I just didn’t think it would come true!!
2. I’m still surprised that this has been such a difficult pregnancy, I really thought that carrying one child would be a BREEZE. Boy, was I wrong.
3. I’ve fixed five typos so far. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes (example: i just wrote “exampel” and I was actually going to give my example as that I wrote “right” instead of “write” at the beginning of this post.) I’m reflecting on this fixing of typos because I’m having massive massive massive pregnant brain this time around. I can’t spell for shit. And I’m the type who prides herself on her spelling powers. I often drool through my speech and slur words. I’m dropping things out of my hands left & right. I switch the first letters of words and screw up phrases (example: “phone conversation” once became “cone phonversation”. No, I’m not kidding.) While filing a police report (long story that I’m NOT getting into) I gave my social security number to the cop who then asked me “What state were you born in?” I said “Illinois.” Then I had to correct myself and say “No, sorry, I wasn’t born in Illinois. I was born in Pennsylvania.” Really, it happened. I appear to be the town drunk/idiot/crazy lady. What’s with the pregnant brain this time around? For reals, yo.
4. People keep saying it’s a boy and my husband refuses to even discuss girl names. It really bothers me (just the husband part, not the friends thinking it must be a boy part). It almost makes me feel like if this IS a girl…. he’s going to be so upset. I know it’s the sperm that determines that child’s sex and all but… I’ll still feel bad. Growl.
5. One of the girls is starting to potty train, the other doesn’t seem to quite get it. I’m okay with that. At least I won’t have THREE in diapers.
6. I’m glad I’ll be too pregnant to attend Thanksgiving with my family in the Big City. The thought of seeing my mom… too stressful. Thank you Baby for giving me the perfect excuse not to travel at 35 weeks. (I delivered last time at 35 weeks 5 days so I’m not taking chances. Even though there’s just one in there… I could still have the kind of body that doesn’t tolerate more than 35 weeks. I’m also okay with this.)
7. I wish I owned a Doppler. I think this would satisfy my worrying. Satisfy wasn’t the word I wanted to use… but pregnant brain is keeping me from remembering the right words.
8. I really like my doctor but she & her husband have been trying for a baby for a “long time” she says. I feel bad complaining to her about my pregnant stuff. I really like her, I’m obviously not switching OBs & I won’t switch after the baby is born but…. it makes me feel weird. Like, I should be grateful I’m suffering from all-day sickness and my boobs hurt.

9. Boobs. Jugs. Titties. Sweater Puppets. Love Muffins. Gazongas. Zeppelins. Call them whatever you will. I LOVE MY NEW KNOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! They might hurt like a bitch most days but I’m so happy to finally fill an A-cup. In fact, I might already be onto a B-cup. I normally, in my non-pregnant state of being, hardly half fill an A-cup. Pregnant Boobs. One of my favorite things about being pregnant. I mean, geez, boobs aren’t everything – take that advice from a girl who can’t fill an A-cup. Boobs don’t make you happy. But having boobs for a while – is a load of fun. I feel super womanly and the power they have on my husband … let’s just say that if I want something done, all I have to do is take my shirt off. Putty in my hands. He is putty. My boobs are voluptuous, gorgeous, and I seriously have a nice looking pair of ’em. BOOBIES!!!!

10. That brings me to my top three pregnancy loves:

a.) feeling the baby kick – seriously the greatest thing about pregnancy, i’m making a person. WOW!

b.) BOOBIES!!! (duh, that had to be number B)

and c.) eating mainly whatever i want and not being concerned about my ever-bulging belly. it’s so cute when it’s full of baby.

11. Top Three Pregnancy Woes:

a.) Morning Sickness. Because it’s all friggin’ day, and all friggin’ night. And it blows. BIG TIME.

b.) Hormones. I’m a lifelong redhead so I’ve always been one to blow my top easily & during my life, I’ve perfected the stomp, the door slam, and the eye rolling. Pregnant Redhead? Watch the F out if something goes wrong.

c.) Not being able to talk to my mom about it. I’m adopted. She’s never been pregnant. And my birthmom has no interest in a relationship with me (no hard feelings towards her for this, I totally get it. Seriously.) so I can’t, like, call her up and be like “Hey Birthmom, what’s up? Okay, so when you were pregnant…” etc etc. It really sucks sometimes. Cause I think she’d understand a lot of what I go through.

12. I wish my friends lived closer. I’m getting to be better friends with Hubby’s friends, which is GREAT. It’s just taking time and I’ll be patient. But I miss my sisters & my friends from back home. It would be great if they could pop on over for milk & cookies one afternoon. Or go shopping another afternoon. I miss them greatly.

(sidenote: it’s really bothering me that wordpress isn’t recognizing that i’ve put spaces between the beginning thoughts… why won’t you save those changes? growl.)

13. We’ve taken this baby to SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many concerts, shows, etc. We listen to music all of the time. I don’t expect Baby to LOVE music as a result of all this. But… I sure hope it does. 🙂

14. I feel more tired this pregnancy than the last one. Funny, because the last time I had two babies inside of me. I’m so tired now and struggling to finish this.

15. I’m craving more crap food than good food these days. And I’m eating a LOT of baked potatos (with butter and salt, of course). And potstickers (the kind from Sam’s). And candy from my childhood – but that happened with the last pregnancy, too. Mike and Ike’s, Good N’ Plenty’s, Lifesavers, Red Licorice, Flavored Tootsie Rolls…. peanut M&M’s…. yum.

16. I love this baby. I love all my babies. The love I have for my children is overflowing. Any parent can relate to this, I’m sure.

17. It’s so easy to say “so long” to people who think they come before my children. They don’t, never will, couldn’t ever if they tried. My spawn are much cooler and more amazing than they will ever be. Insipid little you-know-whats. (And I will be posting more about that topic, in the future.)



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The Short Story…

The short story because I’m oh-so-exhausted…. I started feeling weird over the weekend and we walked around the baseball game all afternoon on Sunday with the girls. I chalked up my icky feelings that night to over-walking myself… Monday, I felt worse but figured my back hurt just because of all that walking. My belly was sore, too, so I figured I’d give myself a whole day to rest up and by Tuesday I’d feel better.

Not. So. Much.

Tuesday I could hardly walk down the stairs because I was in so much pain. My lower back, my stomach – it all hurt so much. My doctor’s office told me I should go directly to Labor & Delivery at the hospital (GASP!!!!)…. So, the babysitter came over & off Hubby and I went to L&D. I was so afraid. 16 weeks 4 days is WAY TOO EARLY to be in labor. WTF….

They checked me in and ran some tests and as it turns out I’ve got a UTI. GROSS. YUCK. EW. WHAT?!!?!?! EW. EW. I’m totally grossed out by that fact, glad that the source of my excruciating pain has been found but grossed out nonetheless. I take good care of myself and my ‘lady parts’ so… needless to say, I’m bummed I’ve developed this infection. I guess it’s common for pregnant women to contract UTI’s??? The nurse started me on some cranberry juice while we waited for my doc to write a Rx.

Sure enough, up came the cranberry juice into a complimentary wet umbrella bag outside of the hospital before Hubby could pull the car around. Boo. We got home & I pretty much fell asleep. I tried some more cranberry juice later that night and I can pretty much safely say I will never drink it ever again as my second attempt turned out just as ‘well’ as the first… everything landing in the sink. I didn’t even make it to the toilet. Not only was I not keeping down liquids (read: I’m getting more dehydrated as the minutes tick on…) I wasn’t even keeping down the meds. I threw up all day, all night, and all morning. Violently. It was terrible. I thought I might be dying. Really. I thought my head was going to EXPLODE.

My doctor changed my Rx the next morning and I’ve been going okay ever since. Okay, other than the INSANE headaches I’ve had – a direct result of me not being able to drink anything because sitting up hurts my head too much. A vicious, really sucky, painful cycle. ICK. I couldn’t sit up to drink, I was so sick I didn’t feel like drinking, I haven’t been eating… you get the drill. We were supposed to be at my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Colorado. I’m totally bummed we didn’t get to go on account of this infection but there was no way I was dragging myself across the country in this condition. No way.

This was all on Tuesday. It’s now Friday, and I was finally able to move out of bed and downstairs to the couch this morning. It’s been hard being away from the girls but I’ve really needed the rest. I’ve still got my headaches but have been able to drink a little bit more today so that’s helpful.

I will write again when I’m up and at ’em. This pregnancy is certainly turning out to be more difficult than the other one I had…with twins. What’s that about? They’re not kidding when they say every pregnancy is different.

Oh, and I’m 17 weeks!! Whoopie!!! 🙂

OH – AND BIG NEWS -> Juniper went poopy in the potty today!!! She motioned to us that she felt like pooping and said “yeah” when we asked her if she needed to poop. Sure enough, she actually went on the potty!!! We’re soooooooooo very proud of her. I know there will be many setbacks after this but now that she’s done it once… we’re over one hurdle. I hope Magnolia catches on, I can tell she really wants to do it, too. 🙂

(And this really was the “short story”. LI ->Laughing Inside.. because my head hurts too much to actually LOL.)

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