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Today’s Activities AND the First Recipient of the SuperFab Customer Service Award!!!

Today, I covered one lampshade. I still need to put the trim on it and of course, do the other lampshade but I’m proud I actually got my act together and FINALLY got started on the project.

When my Papa died almost two years ago (or is it one year? I’m sorry, I sound like a terrible person. I lost three people within ten days that January and it’s really all a big big blur to me)… anyways when he died, I was lucky to “inherit” some of his things. Like the dining room table and buffet – the buffet we use now to hold our table linens (that never get used), photo albums, and is our diaper changing station, I think my Nana would be proud – and we also inherited their bedroom furniture (including two lamps, I’m getting to that part), and the very FIRST coffee table that he and my Nana had when they got married! I think it’s really special that my Hubby & I get to share that coffee table as OUR first coffee table, too.

So these lamps, are awesome. There is one for each side of the bed. One is a bust of a boy and the other is a bust of a girl. They are gold (probably painted? and I’m not a huge fan of gold really… but these are spectacular) and have a squarish bottom. If I can remember to do it I will TRY to post a picture of them, cause they really are awesome. Anyways, so the lampshades were pretty ancient by terms of lampshade years. The fabric was starting to run and there were a couple slashes in them where they had just worn through. I figured I’d re-cover them when I wasn’t able to find lampshades that were big enough for a cheap enough price.

So I found this great fabric in the remnant section and wouldn’t you believe it, just enough to cover two lampshades. AND it went really well with the gold and our bedroom stuff. I saved the trim from the old lampshades so I could cover the tops and bottoms and seams of the new lampshade covers. Everything matches! I’m so excited.

So today, I finally got around to it. I used hot-glue to stick the fabric on and the first lampshade looks pretty great! I’ve still got to add the trim to it but other than that it’s ready to go. Pretty soon we’ll actually have lampshades to sit on top of our boy and girl. I’m so excited. 🙂

In Carpet Installation News: The carpet people have pretty much been saying “We’ll call you back” for about a week now regarding scheduling our installation. The gal kept saying she had to talk to the main guy about it… So, when I called today to inquire the gal informed us that they were booked through 2010 for installations. Wait…a….second…. no one said that when we ordered our carpet! WTF. So I more or less implied (via phone) that we wouldn’t have ordered carpet from them had we known it would take this long to get it installed. The carpets already in their warehouse! Anyways, so she said she’d “have to call me back”… Hubby told me that if they didn’t call by tomorrow at 5, we were going to the local home improvement store and having them do our carpet. Well, the in-charge guy called me around 5:30 today to say that they had rearranged their schedule and could install our carpet next Wednesday at the earliest! Right on! Funny how life works out, doesn’t it, when call someone out on their sly ways? So next Wednesday it is. The girls already go to grandma’s house to give me a break on Wednesdays so it’s really nice that Hubby will be here (I’m not staying ALONE with carpet installers, no offense) and we can more or less spend the day together at home. We hardly get to do that. Actually, I don’t think we EVER get to do that… unless we’re meeting at home to go pick up the girls at grandma’s. 🙂

Anyways, so the carpet is coming in Wednesday and then I can start setting up the nursery!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

CUSTOMER SERVICE NEWS!!!! A GREAT STORY! I’m not being sarcastic even! Seriously, I received GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE today from Pottery Barn Kids and I’m really happy about it. If you read my blog, you know that I freely vocalize my discontent with different companies or stores I come in contact with, whose customer service is well… less than worthy. (If you don’t always follow my blog, you can search my archives for Expedia or Babies-R-Us… both of which I’ve been extremely displeased by their lack of customer service and regard for customer satisfaction.) Anyways, so in light of the fact that I will voice my discontents, it’s of course only fair to voice my experiences with excellent customer service. I intend this to be a “regular” topic on my blog (as regular as I receive good service, that is…) and I’m happy to share with you, the First Recipient of the SuperFab Customer Service Award: Pottery Barn Kids.

Their return policy clearly states that final sale/clearance items cannot be returned. This is fair, I agree with it. However, when I ordered three silver-leaf frames last week (for $8.99 a piece, down from $29.00 each!) and they arrived, I was less than pleased with how they looked. One frame was fine, but the other two… were so not. The silver-leaf dots around the outside were missing on parts of one of them, and the on the other, it was missing along one whole side!

“Oh shit.” I thought. Now I’m going to have to deal with customer service who is probably just going to tell me I can’t return them, blah blah blah. I just really wasn’t looking forward to explaining what was wrong and that although the merchandise was final sale, I should be able to return it because it was really less than fabulous as far as workmanship. I really, really, really HATE having to ask for a supervisor. I really do.

SO I avoided calling for a day and a half. Then I was like “Whatever. I’m calling. Maybe I’ll be able to return it. And if I don’t call, and keep these, it will bother me forever that they look crummy.” So I called. And I explained how they looked to the gal, and she was like “oh, so they’re defective then…” So she asked me to hold so she could see what she could do about it since they were final-sale items… and when she came back (less than five minutes later, I’ll note) she goes, “Ok. Have them boxed up and UPS will be at your house tomorrow morning around 9am to pick it up. They’ll have a shipping label for the box. And I’ve already sent two new frames to you, they should be arriving in 2-3 days.” I hardly knew what to say! UPS WILL BE ARRIVING AT MY HOUSE?!?!?! WITH their own shipping label?!??!?! TWO NEW FRAMES ALREADY ON THEIR WAY?!?!?!

Really, I was astounded. Astounded. I’ve always received great customer service when ordering something from PBK over the phone (I had some internet trouble with my 10% code one time – when ordering Snowdrop’s bedding actually – and the gal then was really nice & helpful.) But to be helped with such a cheerful, can-do, glad-to-help attitude in less than eight minutes and not to have to ask for a supervisor… I’m just pleased. If I knew some sort of Internet coding I’d make an award symbol.

That being said, I’d like to award Pottery Barn Kids as the first recipiant of the SuperFab Customer Service Award. Congratulations! You rock and are SuperFab!! 🙂

I’m so excited to introduce this new “award” and I REALLY HOPE I can distribute more of them in the future.


Heading to bed now… 🙂



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I’m annoyed that SOME PEOPLE abused the Babies-R-Us Loyalty Rewards Program in such a way that caused Babies-R-Us to change their Loyalty Rules – aka, I can’t be retro-credited for loyalty points for a purchase I made on Saturday when their system was down and they were unable to look up my loyalty number. (I’ve been waiting for nearly 8 weeks now for my replacement loyalty card – it takes 6-8 weeks to replace, so when I do make purchases they need to look me up by phone number.) I already had my ONE retro-credit back in August -> when the cashier had two separate purchases for me and neglected to add the loyalty number to the second purchase. So, it’s been their fault BOTH times I’ve needed the retro-credit. And because it’s their fault, I get screwed?

I know it must seem that I just go after companies for their faults. But I really don’t. I happen to have been screwed just in the past few weeks.

Thanks God, I get the message, you’re toughening me up for something. I’m preparing myself. Thanks.

PS. Nothing against Babies-R-Us, but this new system sucks. You should be able to tell who is abusing it (people who consistently add receipts from multiple stores and in large, frequent amounts) and who isn’t (<–me). I only patron one Babies-R-Us because there are few here in our Little City and the closest one is 20-25 mintues away from where we live. We buy our baby furniture there (on crib #3 now, dresser #2), not to mention the clothes, diapers, wipes, liquid formula for the first few months after our TWINS were born before they were allowed to have powder formula, strollers, car seats (four total, so far), baby soaps, a breastpump, baby accessories, toys, stuffed animals, bed sheets, etc.

My receipt should be able to be added ESPECIALLY during times when your system has been down and you are unable to look up loyalty numbers. Especially when it shows I’ve requested a replacement card AND it shows that the card is still being processed. Just as I honor your place-of-business by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars at your store, you should honor my business by respecting that it was “your fault” that the system failed on Saturday and add my receipts.


Update: I called my local Babies-R-Us AND my local Toys-R-Us & explained my situations. (I also had a receipt from Toy-R-Us -> the cashier did not ask me for my loyalty number and I subsequently forgot to give it to her at the time of purchase). Both my local B-R-Us and T-R-Us said to come on down to the store with my receipt and they’d have no trouble adding my loyalty number to the receipt so I could get my points for my purchases. So off we (me + my pregnant belly + my two year old twins) went to get our loyalty number added! All the cashiers needed to do was make a straight return/exchange and add the loyalty number to the new receipt – not very difficult, nor time consuming.

Can anyone from Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us Corporate explain to me why your corporate customer service can’t accomodate your (corporate system’s) own faults but your stores can? … … Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

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