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Question of the Week: Best & Worst Advice on Raising Multiples?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked a few weeks ago*

What is the best and worst advice you have ever received on raising your multiples?

How do I handle unsolicited advice? I usually smile and nod while saying something like “Oh really? WOW! I had no idea!!” or “No kidding! I should try that some time!” or “Hmm very interesting!” I like getting advice from other moms some of the time. I’m not big on unsolicited advice but I’m pretty clear when I’m asking for it.
A lot of the time I swing it myself if I have a parenting question. I learn on the job, so to speak. Sometimes I’ll look for the answer on various blogs that I read. Sometimes I check out babycenter – even though most of the women there tend to just ‘fight’ all the time. If I’m daring, I’ll call my mom but that’s only when we’re getting along. Or I’ll call and ask a friend. Especially about breastfeeding because my friends are experienced with that.
Gosh, I can’t think of the most helpful thing I’ve learned from another blog. I’m stumped right now. I learn all sorts of stuff from the gals at Multiples…and More! Recently, I learned about Ziplock Big Bags from Sarah over at The Great Umbrella Heist (my favorite blog EVER). I think it’s safe to say that Ziplock Big Bags have saved my life and I’ll be using them forever.
Worst Piece of Advice? Hmmmm. I’m not sure it was advice, but I remember a lot of people being like “You’re really in for it!” when we told them we were having twins. That always rubbed me the wrong way. Yes having twins has been really hard at times – but never too hard. Also, people would tell me horror stories about twin pregnancies and births. That sucked. I’m super paranoid as it is, I don’t need to know about your friend of a friend of a cousin of a grocer that your great aunt knows who had twins and one of them died and the other came out looking like a monster. I just don’t need to know those things. Most especially during my first pregnancy… with twins.
Best piece of advice I could offer? If I had to stick with just one piece of advice, it would be this: When your multiples are young enough to not crawl out of their cribs and you’re having a really crummy day and you just NEED A BREAK. Go ahead and put your kids in their cribs with some age appropriate books. Hop into the shower (leave the door open so you can hear if someone has escaped) and enjoy your five or ten minutes of bliss. The kids won’t get hurt being in their cribs and you will get some much needed time to yourself. A hot shower can do wonders for a stressed soul – even a short shower! A happy mom is a good mom and happy mom makes for happy babies.
And because I’m incapable of saying just ONE thing… it’s also to expose your kids to all sorts of different foods. Even foods you might not like yourself. It will help them in the long run and make your job of feeding them much easier if you have a broad range of choices to choose from.
Gates. Buy gates. Buy the super yard.



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