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The Big Birthday Weekend!!!

Today is my Dad’s Birthday. Tomorrow is mine. And Sunday… the girls turn TWO. I can hardly believe how fast time has flown…

Growing up, my Dad and I always shared our “Birthday Dinners Out” and almost always we shared a cake. Sometimes I hated this but as I grew up it became more special that we “shared” our birthdays.

When I got pregnant, and then married and then moved from the Big City to the Little City, I was finally due to have my very OWN birthday!! Despite saying the entire pregnancy that the girls were going to be born a month early on my birthday – I woke up that morning feeling great! I thought I still had a whole day to get through, but they’d probably end up being born closer to the end of September than their due date of Oct 14th. My very OWN birthday!! I was so excited. What would I do with MY day? I’d have my OWN cake… or cupcakes – I’d have to make it myself b/c Hubby wasn’t going to! I went shopping, walked around the Mall for three hours and treated myself to my favorite Starbucks drink (a triple tall carmel machiatto, yep a triple). For dinner, Hubby and I went to Maggiano’s… we had plenty of leftovers because by then I could only eat just a little bit before I felt “full”. 🙂 We came home, played the Game of LIFE and had some birthday sex. I guess taking a chance with that last one.

Within half an hour after that – contractions had started, an hour after that contractions were still going full force, and off to the hospital we went. 🙂 Sure enough, those girls weren’t born ON my birthday – they were born the day after my birthday.

So I had ONE birthday all to myself and will now share my birthday fun with them forever and ever. And I am happy to do for them as Dad did for me. This all being said…

I can’t believe how time has flown. It does seem like yesterday that we were headed to the hospital, that I was told it would be no time at all before they popped out… and then nearly 19 hours later to have them arrive via c-section. Last year for their birthday, my family came down from the Big City to celebrate. We had a nice sit-down family dinner at our house and spent time with each other just opening presents. My family isn’t coming down this year but we’re still having a nice sit-down family dinner here with Hubby’s parents and Grandpa. I feel like they don’t really NEED a party yet and since there will be no chance escaping parties once they get a little older – for now, it suits me just fine to have only immediate family over for dinner.

I’ve got a lot of baking to do before Sunday… two organic cakes, one for each girl. I wouldn’t dare have them share a cake. 😉


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