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Three Errands WITH the Girls!!!

Wow!! It was such a nice day, slightly too hot once we were on our way home, I decided to run some errands with the girls. I don’t normally do this. However, since a new baby is on the way I feel compelled to get them used to going out in public with me & walking across parking lots holding my hand & sitting like big girls in shopping carts! They are going to have to be big girls sooner than later and now’s the perfect time to start. I took them to the pet store to get one of our cats a new collar & name tag. She (the cat) seemed to have wiggled her way out of her collar… and we can’t find it! I knew the collar was too big and so I made smaller holes but she’s a damn smart cat and figured out how to take it off anyways. Oh well. It only stinks because I now don’t have her original AVID tag & I’m not sure if I can get one of those reprinted…? I’ll find out in a few weeks when I take them to the Vet. I was going to grab her (the cat) a new rabies replacement tag today but I remembered they (the two cats) go to the Vet in July so…. she can wait two weeks for a new tag. No use going to get one now when she’ll just need a new one next month! Right? 🙂

So, off to the pet store we went for the collar & name tag. I only had to tell Juniper oh about 12 times to sit down in the shopping cart. I really didn’t feel like dealing with our stroller (it’s got a lame wheel) so I put Magnolia in the front of the cart & let Junie ride in the main area. Other than standing up all the time to see stuff, she did well in the main part. We looked at gerbils, hamsters, & birds. They were really fascinated by the birds especially when one of the workers had to capture two parakeets for a little boy who was bringing them out. The birds were flying about like crazy in their cage, tweeting, and feathers were flying everywhere. The Girls were just DELIGHTED by this and kept signing “more” and saying “more”… it was cute! 🙂 I love that they are talking more but still using the signs at the same time. They are even picking up more signs & using them with new words. It’s so cool to see them learning. 🙂 We also got treats to give the cats since they were on sale for $1/package and because I thought it would be fun for the girls to feed them treats. They feed their grandma’s dog treats whenever we’re at their house and they (the girls) just love it. I think they feel important.

After the pet store, we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up posterboard & paint pens. I switched the girls around this time in the shopping cart, so Mags was in back & Junie was in the front part. Mags is much better at consistently sitting but I still had to tell her a few times to sit down. They’re only 22 months after all. Well, Michael’s didn’t have the brand of paint pen I need (I want to be sure to have the same colors on this project I’m working on – painting gold plastic butterflies to match their room of purple & green) but I was able to get some black posterboards to frame our most recent concert posters (Bonnaroo, Phish, & Dave Matthews). We’re HUGE music fans and one of our favorite things to do is frequent concerts & music events. We always like to get a poster from what we attend. We’ve got quite a collection started! Mainly a lot of DMB stuff but…. we’ve also got some others. I dream of getting a Led Zeppelin poster some day. Not just any poster, but one from the show I will attend. They’ve just GOT to do an American tour…. they’ve GOT TO!!! I like all our posters to be in the same flat black frame (from Target) & be framed in a black mat. We can’t ever find the right size mat so we’ve taken to black posterboard & cutting the mat out ourselves. It works for us & I’m happy with how they turn out. With our 22 foot ceilings, it certainly is a great way to fill in space on our walls & keep our memories at hand. And I think the girls like all the different illustrations & colors. So Michael’s went well & I only had ONE person ask me if they were twins. (DUH. I even had them dressed EXACTLY alike – not something I normally do but in my pregnant state, I’m frankly too tired some days to care. Bad Mommy.) But the lady also commented on how lovely and “incredible” their red hair is… so I can’t totally complain. It is gorgeous. And the girls knew better than to come out without red hair. I knew they’d be redheaded; they had to be. 🙂

I was starving and wasn’t totally planning this third “errand” but I took the girls to this tiny italian place to pick up cheesy garlic bread & ravioli. For me. Not for them, it’s not organic. But I couldn’t help myself. I was staaaaarving & the Baby wanted this food. Today. So I brought the girls in, no stroller, they held my hands and walked from car to restaurant door. This was only about 20 feet but still – a new thing for us!! 🙂 They were so great inside the restaurant while I placed my order and we waited for our food. Magnolia sat quite patiently on the bench and “read” the menu. Juniper did more exploring than sitting but they were both really well behaved. I’m so proud of my girls when they are good in public places. They’re good kids to begin with but it’s nice all the same. So I got my lunch and we headed home to get them their lunch & take naps.

All in all, a great day with my girls. They were so great running errands I just might bring them back to the pet store tomorrow to return the collar (it’s too big for the cat…) & to return the posterboards to the craft store (too small for the frames…). Ah, pregnant brain is so funny. 🙂


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The Unexpected World of Mommyhood: Intro

This is my second blog… ambitious of me? Yes. It is ambitious of me. I’m the mother of fraternal twins… Juniper and Magnolia. They were born in the Fall of 2007 on the day after my 25th birthday (I went into labor ON my birthday ~ what a landmark day!). And they were very, very, very unexpected! This blog is going to follow my girls and myself as I take this very surprising, tiring, and fun journey through motherhood and newlywed life (one might say we had a shotgun wedding…). It’s really strange to go one day from being a 90lb grass-smoking hippie living in the Big City (dating my long-distance, Little City beau) with two cats and my roommate… to being a 115lb (and trying to shrink!) mama of twins living in the Little City with my now outdoor cats and my indoor, same city Hubby. My life has “flipped turned upside down” to quote the Fresh Prince. Sometimes I don’t know how I dealt with all the life changes without have a breakdown. I must be stronger than I think. I always was stubborn and maybe that stubborness helped me through the biggest changes in my life thus far. 

I’m not sure how much I’ll write but contrary to popular opinion I do have time to get things done, laundry, write, cook, etc…. It’s just sometimes it’s really nice to just SIT and do NOTHING. I deserve it, don’t I? Take a look at my stretch-marks – I DESERVE IT! 🙂

Speaking of time to myself, the girls just went down for the night and now it’s MY time to relax.

I wonder if anyone will end up reading this blog of mine. Hm… 🙂 More to come!

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