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C-Section vs VBAC?

My doctor is a supporter of either option I choose. She says I’m a good candidate for a VBAC because my previous c-section was mainly due to my not progressing after 18 1/2 hours of labor, the twin factor, & Baby A freaking out. So basically, it’s totally up to me to decide.

Oh, good. It’s so easy for me to make decisions. (Sarcasm Font Needed Here.)

When I had the girls, I went into the hospital with every intention of birthing them vaginally with no drugs at all. The labor pains weren’t terrible. (Seriously. I only progressed to 7cm before I stopped progressing & Baby A freaked out. Don’t hate me for not being in a ton of pain. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt – but it wasn’t awful or unbearable. It wasn’t the type of pain I’d need medicine for. It was more of a…. very uncomfortable hurting. Again, don’t hate me if you thought labor was the most painful EVER. Sidenote: Also, I rarely if ever get cramps before my period. Sometimes I think this attributed to why I didn’t progress. Maybe my lack of cramps had something to do with not having strong enough contractions to open me up?? I do get massive backaches before and after my periods so I’m not without some awful period pain…)

So like I said, labor didn’t hurt so bad. I’m not afraid of pushing a baby out my vag… I’m more afraid when I read things like my c-section uterine scar could rupture. Or, I could tear all the way through to my butthole. YUCK. OUCH. That just sounds… awful. I also don’t like the word “episiotomy”… Mainly, the rupturing is what got me questioning the whole VBAC. I’m not comfortable with the word “rupture” ESPECIALLY if it pertains to something inside my body. I just don’t like the sound of it! Based on my last “trial of labor”… my body wasn’t having it. Maybe I’m too tiny to birth a baby naturally… in which case I’d end up having a c-section after sitting in labor for another 18 hours or so.

If I DO go ahead with a VBAC, I don’t want drugs. I want to do it au naturale. A la prarie girls of the olden days…

A c-section, I’ve done. I’m “experienced” in that realm. The recovery was not fun… it took a good 8 weeks before I felt “normal” again. But it’s only 8 weeks of my life. My scar isn’t bad at all, it had practically disappeared before I got pregnant this time. I’m not really concerned about the scar anyways. So I’ve got a “battle wound”, good for me. I’m not posing for Playboy anytime soon and Lord knows I won’t be in a bikini ever again so I really don’t mind about having a scar on my belly. Meh, Playboy could always airbrush it out. 😉 I’ve also read that multiple c-sections aren’t good for the body (that makes sense, really) and that many doctors won’t perform more than three c-sections on a uterus because it gets too risky with each one. I haven’t discussed this with my doctor but I don’t want to just say “Okay, only one more baby after this!”… it’s not really up to me how many kids we have. Hubby and I have placed God in charge of that. He’s done a fine job so far! Thanks, Man! 🙂 I also really don’t like the idea of choosing my kid’s birthday – I want her to come when she wants to. I like the surprise of it all.

A c-section is more expensive than a vaginal birth. But if I attempt a vaginal birth and end up with a c-section it’s more expensive than going with a c-section in the first place. I know I shouldn’t let money decide what happens… but I can’t help but be aware of the costs of delivering a baby. We have insurance but it’s still going to be a f*ck on our savings.

Anyone out there have a VBAC? Or went through this same thing? I’d love to know how it all worked out. I have no idea what to do. 🙂


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