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Hubby took me to FarmAid this weekend. We had these tickets for a long time & with Saturday’s gruesome event, we thought it was best for us to still go. It was good to go. Get out of the house, be alone with Hubby… I did spend much of the day sobbing in my seat. The people around us must have thought I was a crazy, emotional, pregnant woman. Seriously. Sobbing. It didn’t help when Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds played nearly the SADDEST set I’ve ever seen. EVER. EVER. If you’re a DMB Fan, like us, you can check out the setlist here. I’ll also list the songs here for those that don’t want to take the jump to the link:

*Funny the Way It Is – not a SAD SAD song… but it’s not a super happy one either. The title mainly says it.

*Grace Is Gone – if you’re a Dave Fan and this song hasn’t made you cry… I just don’t think you have a heart.

*Stay or Leave – the last bit of the chorus goes “stay or leave, i want you not to go, but you did”

*Gravedigger – played with Willie Nelson, I don’t need to get into why this one is sad. It was really awesome to hear Willie Nelson singing it. I actually like his cover of this song better than Dave’s version. Something about Willie’s voice makes it extra… incredible.

Dave & Tim finished the set with three (? maybe four ?) more songs. I love Dave. And Tim. I especially love acoustic sets – which this was, and is generally how Dave & Tim play together. Guitars always make me cry. I just think they’re so beautiful. Of course, violins, pianos, and other instruments make me cry too. (Music moves me. I’m one of those people.) I’ve never seen them play together in person so it was exciting in that respect. This was the saddest set I’ve seen Dave/DMB/Dave&Tim do since Leroi died. We were there when they did their first post-burial show at the Gorge. So sad. And in a way, Sunday’s set was a lovely tribute to my little cat. Right? We watched the show again last night on TV and sure enough the tears came flowing again.

When will this become easier? It thunderstormed last night and when I woke up at 6:30am to take my medicine (I’m on a strict 6 hour pill taking schedule), I couldn’t get back to sleep. I kept thinking of my poor little cat, buried in the backyard, getting soaked to the bone. Will I ever stop worrying about her? It seems silly that I do… but I can’t help myself.

I’d totally be a crazy old cat-lady if I never got married… or if Hubby died. He says if he dies, he knows I’ll become one. Maybe. I don’t really argue this fact because well… I probably would!



In other news, I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It seems unreal how time has flown! That means I’m in the third trimester! Only 12 weeks to go after tomorrow! I also have a checkup tomorrow so I’m excited to go and ask my doctor all my questions (I have lots!) and hear the heartbeat, etc. I still think Snowdrop is coming Thanksgiving weekend. If not Thanksgiving weekend, she’ll come before her due date. (Great – now that I’ve written that, she’ll probably be overdue… haha!) So I probably have LESS than 12 weeks to go! Whoohoo! 😉

I have been having a few contractions here & there… not super worrysome but something I’m keeping tabs on. I still haven’t had more than two (maybe three) in an hour so that’s a good thing. But they are painful when it happens. Braxton-Hicks are still coming & sometimes I feel a pinching down there. I felt it last pregnancy but I can’t for the life of me remember what it meant. I suppose I could Google it but then I’d get myself worked up into thinking something was terribly wrong. I’ll just wait until tomorrow… 🙂

Junie & Mags are doing great! They’re talking a WHOLE LOT MORE and SINGING every day. And I’ve figured out that they LOVE to watch cooking shows! Any time I’ve been watching the news or something where they go and have a cooking segment -the girls are enraptured by it! Today I watched Rachael Ray make Bolognese sauce. The girls didn’t look away from the TV during the whole segment! Then, they proceeded to “cook” me some food in their pretend kitchen. How cute is that? 🙂 I think it’s adorable. I might be biased.

So I’m trying to figure out something to make with them tonight. Actually, Bolognese sauce sounds really yummy. I would totally eat some right now. Too bad I have no meat to cook up…

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