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30 Weeks Down, 10 (?) To Go!

*I started this post on Tuesday … and am now coming back to finish it …

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks pregnant.


That’s so crazy! Hubby said to me tonight “So you basically have ten weeks left?” Looks at my stomach… “Nah, you won’t go ten weeks.”

And I’m thinking he’s right! I never thought I’d make it to 40 weeks, I’ve been saying for a long time that Snowdrop is coming Thanksgiving weekend. I just hope that if that’s true, she waits until I’ve finished gorging myself on Turkey & the Fixin’s. Haha. 🙂

A few days ago, my belly button split. EW. What? Yeah, it split. Like, I had a cut on my belly… I used to have it pierced (used as in from ages 18-22 (21?)) and took it out after college. It is still in the healing process, I hope someday it will fully close up. I don’t regret having the piercing but I’m glad I no longer have it. 🙂 Anyways, so I’ve now got this cut on my belly right below the top piercing hole. It’s about 5mm long. I’ve also got a major stretchmark there from my first pregnancy that seems to have grown since the last time…

Picking up from Tuesday – so the cut on my belly button has healed since I started this post. Yay! I’ve had a busy week. I FINALLY picked out the carpet for Snowdrop’s room. The rest of our house has hardwood but the third floor where Snowdrop will be (it’s one room that spans the whole house, approx 495 square feet up there!) was just painted plywood – so we HAD to invest in something. Carpet it is! It’s a good thing because it will quiet down the house a bit (the 3rd floor is pretty much open to below) & will make the room nice and cozy! Picking a color was really hard. I’ve been “told” that I need to pick a neutral color (ie: tan or cream) so that we get a better chance of resale value… that’s all nice & smart but I’m not really a neutral kind of gal. I wanted a pretty green – it’s my favorite color and I thought something along the lines of “sage” or light green would work with the room. But in the best interests of resale, I chose to go with something “neutral”. I struggled with picking a carpet for someone else’s tastes while trying to match it to our paint while trying to pick something that I could live with until we sell the house. We’re not even sure WHEN we’re going to move – we just know it will be some point in the next 2 1/2 years. I went back to the store with all my samples and asked the woman there what her opinion was. She told me that green really IS a neutral color and that it was very likely that the carpet color itself wasn’t going to deter someone from buying our home. So, I chose a very light creamy green color figuring that would pretty much please everyone. The green tint was almost unnoticeable. So I leave & set about my errands for the day….

So the gal calls me back the next day to say the color I picked is back-ordered until Nov 11th! I don’t know about you but in my experience, everything I’ve ever had back-ordered always gets pushed back & back & back – and we can’t really take that chance being that Snowdrop is coming sometime in the next 10 weeks. So I went back to the carpet place & picked the green I wanted and it will be in next week. I’m so excited!! I wasn’t about to bring more samples back to our house and I took the back-ordering as a sign that I should go ahead and get the color I wanted. So I did. We’re paying $1600 for it (YIKES! I KNOW!!!) so I might as well get something I love, right? The carpet should be in next week and we’ll be able to schedule an installation date once it arrives. I can’t wait! Once the carpet is in, we can start setting up the furniture, etc.

The nursery painting is going well… other than the red stripes. We totally f-d up on them. We didn’t know that with red (and especially when doing stripes) you need to pull the tape up right away in order for the red to not bleed. The ENTIRE set of red stripes throughout the room bled under the tape and looks… well, awful. The rest of the room is stellar, totally professional looking, but the red… looks like we didn’t even use tape. Lesson Learned, I guess. So now we’ve got to make the red stripes a little larger to accommodate for the spillage and re-tape the whole room. Apparently, we also need to re-tape with each coat & if you’ve ever painted red you already know it takes many coats to get it right. Hopefully we can get all this done ASAP. We need to! 🙂

I really have more to write but I’m EXHAUSTED and thus, am going to bed.

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Gardenia is having a name change…

Okay…. so Miss Gardenia is already having a name change!!

I love it when it snows. In the Big City, we got lots of snow in the wintertime (sometimes even in the fall and springtime!). I LOVE SNOW. I LOVE IT! The crisp whiteness of freshly fallen snow, the smell after it snows, the crunch of it beneath my feet, the sight of it falling soft or hard from the sky… snow is beautiful however it comes. In the Little City, it doesn’t snow enough for my liking. Our winters are mild & the very chance of snow sends the city into a tizzy with schools being canceled and people rushing to the grocery stores to stock up on canned goods. When I was in school in the Big City, school got canceled TWICE. TWICE. We went to school in a blizzard. Sure, sometimes we got sent home early but for the most part we dealt with the weather.

ANYWAYS… I love the snow. While both Hubby & I thought it would be fun for our next baby to be born in September (we were going to try next January for another September baby but God got to us first!), I’m excited for the idea that our third child is due in December – I just might have a snow baby! 🙂 We joke that I’ll probably have to drive myself to the hospital (with Hubby in the passenger seat) because I’ll go into labor during a big snowstorm and since I’m obviously a better snow driver than he is … I’d be the one to drive – haha. It’s true though, I’m a better snow driver.

I got to thinking how beautiful it would be to incorporate some “winter” theme into her name. At first, we thought Noelle for a middle name if she was born around Christmas. Friends of ours just named their new baby girl Noelle so… that’s out, more or less! 🙂 No worries there because I’ve found the perfect solution. Instead of her being Gardenia, to match her sisters Juniper & Magnolia, she is going to be called Snowdrop. It’s a simple but beautiful white flower with marvelous green tints on the inside. And the perfect name for my third daughter, in fact.

So, Miss Gardenia is no longer… as she has become Miss Snowdrop. I like it much better and it certainly seems to fit, regardless of whether she’s born on a snowy day. Once I said it out loud I KNEW it was the perfect “botanical” name for her. Perfect!

Juniper, Magnolia, & Snowdrop. My precious daughters. 🙂


In other news, tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant with 14 weeks left to go!!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t believe how fast this has gone! I’m feeling pretty well… for the most part. Been having some real contractions here and there – never too many in an hour but it IS something I’ve been keeping watch over. I don’t think I’ll carry Snowdrop full-term but you never know. I’m still guessing Thanksgiving weekend for her birthday. I’m HUGE, getting bigger every day, it seems! I know they told me there is only one baby in there, but isn’t it possible that there was a second one hiding? Possible the ultrasound tech with twenty-four years of experience missed a second baby? Possible that they were just laying in such a way that it made it look like one, big baby? In light of my life and all the wacky things that have happened to me, I’d say it IS possible… not likely, but there’s probably some sort of chance.

Or maybe I’m just having a big baby? Not likely, but probably as good of a chance as a second baby hiding out! 🙂

Hubby & I spent some time last night (like two hours) clearing out & cleaning up our third floor, where Snowdrop’s room will be. We’ve managed to pitch a lot of trash (YAY!) and get a ton of “stuff” stored away in the closets. It’s amazing how big & nice the room has become just from what we did last night. I’m going on Wednesday to pick out carpet samples for our stairs/hallway/third floor & hopefully (HOPEFULLY) Hubby will be able to paint the baby’s room in the next two weeks so we can get the carpet installed, the furniture set up, and get the decorating done so we can just relax for the last few months of this pregnancy! 🙂 We’re working on the room more tonight so I’m super excited things are coming along! 🙂

Juniper & Magnolia are really surprising me every day with their speech improvements. It seems like they’re saying new words/phrases every day & really starting to excel and feel comfortable with trying to talk. They’ve also been singing quite a bit! Sometimes they even get the tune right! SO CUTE!! I really have to catch it on video some time soon.

No one has used the potty this week. Sad, but true. They’ll get back on the horse, so to speak, soon enough. We’re not pushing the potty training, we’re just letting them pace the process. Soon enough, soon enough. 🙂

The girls have also started pulling out our dining room table when it’s time for lunch!!! It’s so funny – I also can’t believe they’re so strong!! I’ll ask if they’re hungry and they’ll say “yes” and pull the table out and sit in their big girl chairs. We’re foregoing buying booster seats for the chairs as they seem to be able to sit, eat & not move for the most part. We’re also leaving the highchairs up here for now as some days they are not as well-behaved as others. When they don’t eat a good lunch (i.e. food on the floor, all over the table, etc) then they have to eat dinner in their highchairs. It’s a good system and seems to be working.

Speaking of… it’s time for Sesame Street & Lunch. I’ve begun keeping the TV off during the mornings and waiting until Sesame (followed by Caillou) comes on. They seem more interested in watching (which is great for keeping them in their seats and continually eating during lunch) & it’s obviously much better for them to NOT watch TV every hour that they’re awake. I’m also enjoying not listening to their TV shows, haha! 🙂

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