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Grandma’s Coming to Visit!

I’m so excited! My grandma is coming to visit tomorrow!! Only for the afternoon/evening but I’m excited just the same. She lives in Florida (as many of the older folks do) but will be in town for some political thingamabob this weekend. I haven’t seen her since before the girls were born AND she’s never met her great-granddaughters!! We used to spend a good amount of time together when we both lived in the Big City. She taught me to sew, to cook a few things, and basically just enjoyed my company. I’m soooooooooo excited to see her!!!

That being said… I’ve got lots to do today to clean up the house and make it look “pretty” for her visit. She had seven kids and never kept a “perfect” house so she doesn’t expect me to have my house that way – but I still want it looking fabulous. 🙂



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