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Question of the Week: Tell Us Your Five Favorite Blogs!

Tell Us Your Five Favorite Blogs!

(and they don’t have to be multiple blogs)

I read lots and lots of blogs online. But of course, I have my favorites. Here they are in no particular order… I’ll try to keep the list down to five. 🙂

1. www.thegreatumbrellaheist.blogspot.com

2. www.thepioneerwoman.com

3. www.jungletwins.wordpress.com

4. www.wingsanddogtags.blogspot.com

5. www.buriedinlaundry.blogspot.com

okay, so I have trouble following rules…

6. www.bnslove.wordpress.com

7. www.samuraistrong.wordpress.com

8. www.andbabymakesfive.wordpress.com

9. www.joybadluckclub.wordpress.com

I’m sparing you a tenth… but if I were to pick a tenth, I’d have to go with:

10. www.multiplesandmore.blogspot.com




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Blogs I Read

There are several blogs I go back to over & over & over again. I’ve found solace in reading about other parents’ trials & tribulations with their multiples (or singletons… although I’m pretty sure most of the ones I read are multiples blogs). I often wish that we had the Internet while I was pregnant with the girls. I begged & begged & begged and it wasn’t until I threw a HUGE fit when the girls were four months old that we actually got the Internet. We didn’t even have cable yet & being home with newborn twins, watching Maury Paternity Tests… I was losing my mind. Seriously.

So I kicked up the dramatics quite a bit & got my way. Seriously though, I NEEEEEDED the Internet. I’m about 300 miles from the Big City, my friends, my former life…. I needed to connect to them somehow. Sure we could phone each other but it’s so often faster and easier to send each other emails about our days and get back to each other when we have free minutes.

I didn’t start reading blogs for nearly a year. I wish I had! I would have learned so much. There are several blogs that I keep current on… some even checking daily for updates. Some little story sucked me in and now I’m hooked on them! Here are my favorite three blogs, in no particular order:

Three Cheers for Babies!

The stories of a set of triplets. I’ve been following them since their birth and was immediately sucked into the miracle that is their little lives. Lily, Charlie, and Annaleigh were born at 25w5d. All three babies had their ups & downs and then Annaleigh sadly passed a couple weeks ago. I think everyone who followed the blog has been touched by all the wonderful, and the heartbreaking, stories and posts from Joe & Brooke (the parents). I know that I have been touched. Charlie & Lily have been doing very well lately and soon they will be able to go home! YAY! 🙂

The Great Umbrella Heist

Another blog about triplets. These triplets however are identical! I think there is less than one in a million chance of a possibility for this to happen. AMAZING!! Their mother, Sarah, keeps up this blog (Dad, Rich, also has a blog, here, and he’s been writing more and more lately. It’s neat to see the two perspectives.) The triplets were miraculously conceived a few months after Sarah & Rich lost their daughter Abigail at birth. Their girls are a bit older than my girls and one daughter has had issues with her kidneys. Having a daughter who has had kidney problems… this speaks out to me. It’s rarely a focus of their blog however I think this is what first drew me to reading it. This is definitely one of my favorites out there.


Ah, the JungleTwins. I wasn’t sure when I first started reading this blog that I would fall in love with it! Nearly a year later, I find myself hoping for new posts to see what’s new in the Jungle. JungleMom lives in the jungle (duh) on a remote Hawaiian island. JungleDad is a scientist who spends many days a month away from home and up in a volcano! (Thrilling!!) From geckos in the house to avoiding the other mothers on the island (they’re nuts!!)… I just love everything I read! JungleMom writes with such humor and honesty – I find myself laughing hardest because I’ve been there! … Well, I haven’t been in a yurt on an island with out-there-mommies but I’ve had days where food and poop are everywhere and everything seems to be going wrong! This blog is great! 🙂

Thanks to my favorite blogs for all the fantastic stories and for sharing with me! 🙂


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