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STILL Haven’t Gotten Our Money Back from Expedia.

You can read all about my trouble with Expedia, here.

Hubby says to wait until tomorrow morning to check our bank again for receipt of the money. I shall do so. I’m also expecting a phone call today from, “___”, the woman who said the refund would be back in my account by today, “FOR SURE”.

For sure, I will never be using Expedia for anything after the money is back in my account.

Update: I am contacting Tucker Moodey, Senior V-P of Expedia Corporate Customer Operations tomorrow morning regarding our refund. I believe it kind of him to reach out to me upon reading my previous blog regarding Expedia. Clearly, he cares more about the company than the people working in the “customer service department” based on the fact that he found my little blog and cared to comment.


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Give me my money back NOW, Expedia.

“You will receive your refund within 7-10 business days.” -August 17th.

“Your refund has already been processed. You should see the money back in your account within 1-2 billing cycles.” – August 27th.

“Your refund shows it has been processed. Call your bank to expedite the payment.” -September 2nd.

Called Bank. They don’t have a clearing period for account holders like us. Our payments clear immediately.

“Delta has taken over your records for payment refunds. Expedia sent the payment refund to Delta on Aug 17th. Delta will be refunding your account… hold on a minute. (fifteen minute hold) Okay. I have arranged for your payment to be reprocessed. It will be in your account by next week Wednesday, September 16th. Please call us back to confirm this on the 16th.” -September 8th.

“The refund has been processed. Delta will be refunding your payment. The bank may be holding your payment. No one is available at Delta to check the status of your refund.” -September 16th, the day the refund was promised to be back into our account.

On hold right now waiting for a supervisor. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK YOU FUCKING BITCHES.

UPDATE 9/17 (and boy is it a long one!): Spoke with a supervisor (9/16, I just didn’t have the strength to update this yesterday…) who informed me that he really “doesn’t know how all this refunding works” (oh, and you’re a supervisor why??) and that there is “no phone number for the refund department”. Oh. So the “supervisor” doesn’t know how the company or his job works AND the department that could expedite my payment & tell me more information on the status of it, is inaccessible.

This makes total sense. No really, it does. This way no one has to be accountable for anything. Awesome. <— Sarcastic Font Needed Here…

Also, he tells me I can try calling Delta mysef. And that he has put a $50 hotel coupon in my account for later use on our next trip. (HAHAHAHAHA. As IF I’d ever use Expedia after this ridiculous problem. In the words of Cher from Clueless “AS IF.”)

So I spoke with Delta later on 9/16. Apparently, the refund was processed – through Expedia. Not Delta. Delta is not the one refunding the money, Expedia is the one refunding the money. So I thought, of course, but it was still nice to have this confirmation from Delta themselves.

Called Expedia back to speak with a supervisor – After insisting that there’s a waiting period at our bank, she then suggested that we do a conference call with my bank. What, so she can prove me wrong?? Because as I had told her, I had spoken with our banker that morning to get the story on payments and payment waiting time, etc. She phoned my banker, spoke to him for a few minutes, and when she came back to me it turns out that everything I had told her about there not being any waiting period at our bank – was true. Hm. Imagine that. She said that she still did not know why it wasn’t posting to our account and that she would call me back in “a couple hours”.

Now. A couple is two. A few is three or four. Several is five to seven. I’m sure you understand where I’m going. My husband laughed and laughed at me saying I wouldn’t get a call back from her. So two hours later, I called back. Asked to speak to a supervisor, asked the supervisor to transfer me to “___” who was supposed to be looking into a refund problem. I wanted an update. Good or bad, I need to be kept in the loop.

The man had the AUDACITY to accuse me of being impatient. IMPATIENT for not waiting the normal 7-10 business days for my refund to be issued back into my account. At which point, I let it loose. I have been nice to everyone I’ve spoken to at Expedia. Nice in the sense that I let them know it’s not their fault but that I want my money back. I haven’t even used profanity. I haven’t raised my voice. Not once. I did not use profanity at this man, but the nerve of him to say that I’m being impatient. When I’ve been lied to by everyone I’ve spoken to at the company, when my refund has been “processed” twice and I’m still not recieving the money. When I’ve ONLY USED EXPEDIA SINCE 2002 – not Kayak, not Travelocity, not Priceline, not American Airlines or United Airlines websites – just Expedia. I’ve even been to Europe twice using tickets bought & paid for through Expedia. I’m actually a loyal customer.

So said man is an arrogant ass who insisted that if “___” gave me her word that she’d call me back then she will and he will “go to her spot” and let her know that I’m waiting for a return call. (Wait, so he can walk over to her desk but he can’t transfer a phone call to her???)

The woman supervisor, “___”, did call me back about an hour after that. All she was able to tell me is that the refund has been processed and it will “FOR SURE” be back in my account by 9/21/09 in the full amount that we paid for our plane tickets. She also said she will call me on 9/21/09 to confirm this.

So now I’ve been told for what seems the tenth time that my refund will “definitely/for sure” be in my account by ‘said date’. RIGHTO.

Of course, I’ll be updating this post on 9/21 to let everyone know what happened. Did I get my refund back? Did we take legal action against Expedia? You’ll just have to come back and find out. OOH, the suspense!!


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