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Bonnaroo & Being Pregnant

Bonnaroo was a total blast! We secured handicapped accessible camping for the weekend and we ended up 50 yards (if not less) from the entrance to the venue!! AWESOME!!!!! I was able to go back to the car and sit in the AC when I needed to cool off. I took naps almost every day & kept myself hydrated. It went better than I thought it would…. although, I will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use port-a-potties EVER AGAIN. We’re bringing the girls’ training potties next time we go camping or to any sort of festival. I seriously refuse to use a port-a-potty ever again. I’m pretty much shocked by other peoples’ bathroom habits and when I found a poop the size of my forearm on the seat of a freshly emptied potty – it was the last straw. I had a crying fit of desperation, begged my husband to let us leave THAT NIGHT (the last night!), and eventually calmed down and used the bathroom so I could sleep before our drive back home the next morning. I didn’t use the potties the next morning, instead waiting two hours until we found a clean bathroom in a Wendy’s.

I ate McDonald’s AND Wendy’s this weekend. (GASP!!!) I haven’t eaten fast food since the beginning of my last pregnancy – no joke. I’ve totally avoided it thus far… but there was something about hashbrowns & an egg mcmuffin that I just HAD to eat on our way out there… and something about the clean Wendy’s we stopped at, I just felt inspired for chicken fingers, french fries, and a frosty. Who can seriously pass up a frosty? Not me. 🙂 But no more fast food. It’s only a road trip/camping allowance. For real.

So Bonnaroo…. we saw PHISH, THE BOSS (Bruce Springsteen) – on Sunday, they played Mustang Sally, Bobby Jean, and Glory Days together. The guitar solo during Glory Days rocked my socks off. It was incredible. We saw many other music acts like The Itals, Snoop Dogg, The Lovell Sisters (met them & got their autographs, AWESOME!!!!),  Galactic with Trombone Shorty (if you don’t know who Trombone Shorty is, YOU MUST CHECK HIM OUT)…. oh, Ben Harper, we listened to Jimmy Buffet while we made a Djembe for our girls – a Djembe is a drum… gosh, we saw a lot of fabulous music & a lot of great art. It was a blast!!!
I was pretty annoyed by the fact that I was the ONLY ONE not smoking pot… which meant that Hubby & our friends had NO CLUE where they were most of the time. “Wait, where is the What Tent?” … of course, I knew exactly where it was, who was playing when, what time they stopped, etc. I guess it’s funny cause I was clearly sober and they weren’t… I promise I didn’t smoke anything this weekend – but I can’t say I didn’t feel a little high at times from all the second-hand smoke. It was literally unavoidable.
Okie dokie, the girls are awake – YAY!!!! I missed them SOOOOOOOOOOO much – I always do. I must go now, but I’m so glad to be back home and back into reality. 🙂

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The Unexpected World of Mommyhood: Intro

This is my second blog… ambitious of me? Yes. It is ambitious of me. I’m the mother of fraternal twins… Juniper and Magnolia. They were born in the Fall of 2007 on the day after my 25th birthday (I went into labor ON my birthday ~ what a landmark day!). And they were very, very, very unexpected! This blog is going to follow my girls and myself as I take this very surprising, tiring, and fun journey through motherhood and newlywed life (one might say we had a shotgun wedding…). It’s really strange to go one day from being a 90lb grass-smoking hippie living in the Big City (dating my long-distance, Little City beau) with two cats and my roommate… to being a 115lb (and trying to shrink!) mama of twins living in the Little City with my now outdoor cats and my indoor, same city Hubby. My life has “flipped turned upside down” to quote the Fresh Prince. Sometimes I don’t know how I dealt with all the life changes without have a breakdown. I must be stronger than I think. I always was stubborn and maybe that stubborness helped me through the biggest changes in my life thus far. 

I’m not sure how much I’ll write but contrary to popular opinion I do have time to get things done, laundry, write, cook, etc…. It’s just sometimes it’s really nice to just SIT and do NOTHING. I deserve it, don’t I? Take a look at my stretch-marks – I DESERVE IT! 🙂

Speaking of time to myself, the girls just went down for the night and now it’s MY time to relax.

I wonder if anyone will end up reading this blog of mine. Hm… 🙂 More to come!

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