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I’ve been posting quite a bit on my newer blog (www.theunexpectedworldofmommyhood.blogspot.com) mainly just pictures that I’m entering into photography contests. I’m having a lot of fun with it, exploring a new hobby, branching out…

My sisters moved into college last week. One of them is here in the Little City at my alma mater (pretty cool) and the other is in FL studying golf. (Living the dream.) (Except, not my dream. I don’t like golf. But Go Her, right?) (My parents wouldn’t let me study theater but she can study golf. There I said it. No big elephant in this room.) (But seriously, I really AM happy that they’re letting her study what she wants to study and are supporting her in this decision. It will make all the difference in her life and career.) (Seriously it will. And seriously, I am happy for her.) (Yes, I may always be bitter that my dreams weren’t supported.)

ANNNNNNNYWAYS. I’m really glad to have ONE sister here in the Little City with me. She’s already accompanied me on a Target-Whole Foods run & we’re going to go on errands this weekend. I know every week and weekend won’t be filled with visits and errands – but I know it’s going to make such a positive difference in my life having her around.

Junie & Mags go to preschool next week. They start on Tuesday. They’ll go Tues/Thurs from 9-12. That will give me just about 6 extra hours of “free” time a week, in addition of course to the 6 hours I get on Wednesdays. (May the Lord Bless my MIL as long as the sun & moon shall endure.) I have a whole post drafted about our parent meeting. It didn’t go well. And you’ll have to wait until I post the draft to read about it. (Okay, it wasn’t like the worst day ever. But it would definitely rank under “Worst First Impressions”.) *sigh* We take the girls to school tomorrow for an Open House so they can see their classroom, meet their teacher, etc. I’m excited. I hope they don’t freak out. Hubby’s parents wanted to come to school on the first day… I was like “noooooooo way.” The LAST thing I need on the first day of school are my in-laws there. Yes, bless them for all the wonderful help they give us, but I really want this to be MY day with the girls, you know? Is that super selfish? I also don’t want the day to be super overwhelming for them. And I just get the impression that the first day is probably going to be a circus and they probably don’t want more people there than it needs to be. Also, I want to be able to take pictures, get pictures of me with the girls, etc – and I’m not going to be able to do that if my kids are hanging all over Gigi & Papa (which they will be because Gigi & Papa are preferred over Mommy & Daddy 9/10 times).

And I’m nervous for school. I can’t believe my little girls are going to school. Well, playschool/preschool. And I think as excited as they are, they are also nervous. They started asking lots of questions this week about school. And saying things like “You drop us off. And pick us up later?” And then I have to reassure them that I’m picking them up later. We talk about how they will play and eat snacks and go potty and play outside and listen to stories and their teacher is “Going be really really nice” (that’s what they’ve been telling me about her for months!). It will be interesting to see us dressed, fed, and ready to leave the house by 8:35 am at the latest on Tuesdays and Thursday! Right now we live about 17 minutes from school. It’s kind of a drive (but it’s all highway, less than five minutes getting on/off the highway) but eventually – like I’m hoping within the next two years – we’ll move out of the city and closer to school.

I have no idea what they are going to wear on the first day. I need to get that figured out so they don’t have fashion emergencies that morning. Any tips from you veteran moms out there? We already have a shoe box where they know to grab their shoes and put them on. I was thinking about having two boxes on the lower landing of our staircase. One would hold their outfit for the day, the other would hold socks (so they could just grab any old sock and throw it on). In my imagination, the girls will come downstairs in the morning, eat a waffle (or whatever breakfast is that morning) and then throw on their clothes and socks and shoes and be ready to leave for school.

In my imagination, the girls are the only self-sufficiant three year olds in the universe.

My plan has been rendered ridiculous. My head is in the clouds, isn’t it? 🙂

We’ll get our school morning routine figured out.

Okay. That felt good to write. Hi WordPress Blog. I’ve missed you. I might not be ready to come back yet… but I’ll be back sooner than later. Sorry to anyone who might read my blog on a regular basis! I’ve been in a funk. Really, a funk. But it’s slowly leaving me & I’ll be back to my usual spirited self soon enough. 🙂 Thanks for sticking by! 🙂


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The Belated Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

WOW. SO. It’s been awhile since I posted last. I think it was before Mother’s Day or shortly thereafter. We spent Mother’s Day weekend and this past weekend out of town so things have been BUSY and MORE BUSY and I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and type. In fact, Snowdrop is calling me to get her out of her jumperoo right now. But I’m leaving her in there because the pediatrician told us it was time for her to start self-soothing. She’s not crying yet but as long as she’s just “fussy” I know I need to leave her in there. There’s hardly much worse than a child that can’t soothe themself so… soothe-training, here we are!

Mother’s Day Weekend…. we spent at Hubby’s parents’ lakehouse. It’s about an hour drive from where we live (prob a little less) and is quite lovely. I mean, it’s not fancy or anything but it’s also not a dive. Hubby’s dad and grandpa built it years & years ago – and when I say they built it, I mean they dug the foundation built it. Right up from the ground. It was one of the first homes in the community. Anyways, it sits on a lake and they just got a new boat this year. Now wait a second – before you go thinking our trees grow money, they don’t. Their old boat was over 27 years old and had FINALLY kicked the bucket. So they got a new boat. The motor on this new boat is HUGE – we call it my FIL’s “MidLife Crisis Motor”, hahahaha. The boat is smaller and faster than the old pontoon. And currently nameless. We joked that it should be called “The Grandson”. It was pretty funny for a bit but… then got to be not-so-funny when Hubby really started to contemplate that he might never provide his father with a real grandson. (Hubby is the son of an only-son of an only-son of… well, six generations of ONLY-A-SON and here we are with THREE GIRLS!) (I still think it’s funny.)

My In-Laws have neighbors at the lakehouse – the ones on the right side, we never see. The ones on the left side are pretty close family friends. The husband and my FIL are really good buddies – the guy’s wife? …. Well. She’s nice but is one of those people that asks too many questions, offers very unsolicited advice, and generally believes SHE is always RIGHT. We all know people like that. She REFUSED to wash her hands before holding Snowdrop – and I was too tired to cause a stir so I just let her hold the baby without washing her hands. NEXT TIME, she’ll have to wash her hands if she wants to hold my children. AND she’ll have to put down the booze. She’s always been a drinker (I mean, isn’t anyone who lives full time at a lakehouse?) but apparently, per hush-hush with my MIL, she’s been drinking a lot lately. Like, bottle of Jack under the sewing machine drinking… which isn’t a good thing. She was pretty tanked this weekend and it made me really uncomfortable. My parents (and extended family for that matter) aren’t big drinkers and it’s rare if they’re even tipsy (which would lead to a great story about my parents activities this past weekend while we were visiting them. I’ll provide a link to the post here after I create it.), so I’m just not very used to be around drunk elders.

Anyways. So the new boat. The girls were really excited to take a ride so of course we went out for a long ride on the lake. I wasn’t keen about bringing Snowdrop even though we have a lifejacket just for her. However, although Drunky offered to watch the baby while we went on the boat ride – I felt less comfortable leaving her with my child. Right? So Snowdrop came with us! I really didn’t want her to and I was nervous pretty much the whole ride. She loved it though and slept through the whole thing. Even the part when my FIL sped up to about 68mph…. which I was not happy about. It seems a little too fast for my 2 year olds and 4 month old. They loved it though! It will be fun this summer when we can pull them around on the tubes in the “lagoon”. Hubby laughs because I call it a “lagoon”… it’s like an inlet or something that the house sits on.

So on the way out there… Hubby and I were pretty much at each other’s throats. Something about me wanting to download and analyze the photos from our video camera and it taking forever, thus we weren’t going to end up getting out to the lake until much later than he expected. Whatever. I’m over it now. He was pissed at me and *I believe* purposely neglected to tell me that a certain stretch of road was heavily policed. I was blowing past everyone else and didn’t notice the State Police SUV I was about to pass. Haha. He promptly pulled me over. I felt so stupid – really. SO I was going 82 in a 65 – not unheard of – and because it was a zero tolerance zone I had to get a ticket. The guy was REALLY NICE though so at least I had that going for me. I hate when cops are jerks when they pull you over for speeding. I mean, it’s not like I was driving dangerously on top of speeding. I was just speeding. Anywho, he could have been a jerk but he wasn’t and that was pleasant. I actually thanked him for my ticket – who does that? Haha. Me. 🙂 Now I have to go to court and get the whole thing fixed for various reasons that I won’t go into (mainly because it would divulge the state in which we live and that goes against my blog rules).

My MIL also walked in on me nursing Snowdrop. I was totally topless from the waist up, laying down on the bed. I had told Hubby that I was going in there to feed the baby so he would know to watch the girls and to keep others from entering our room. MIL keeps the baby toys in our room so when the girls started hassling her about things to do – she thought she’d bring them into our room to get them some toys. Of course, Hubby was too busy watching the ballgame to remember that he was also supposed to be protecting me. I KNEW when I heard her voice and the girls’ footsteps that they were headed into the room. I swung my arm around my bosums JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME and said “HI!” It was so awkward. And she was frozen for what seemed like an hour before she stumbled out “Oh gosh, sorry! I didn’t know.” I was just like “It’s fine!” while inside I was preparing my strategy to strangle my husband. Haha. 

The girls keep asking to go back there. I’m glad they love it as much as we do! We made it home without any more speeding tickets. :)d

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Seen & Heard Saturday

Juniper: “I tired. I need nap.” It’s 7am. So why aren’t you asleep, silly girl?


Juniper: “I having bad day. I sad today.” Because she wanted to play in the park but it was raining.


Magnolia: “What’s that?” During their last shower with Daddy.


Magnolia: “I love boobies!”


Seen: One girl tucking her sister into an empty diaper box and covering her with a blanket and a lovie.

Seen: Two little girls reading a lift-the-flap book to their baby sister.

Seen: Two little girls running around with Bumbos on their heads – like helmets. They remind of Rick Moranis in SpaceBalls.


Juniper: “Oh no! Big storm coming! I want to go in basement!” Well. We DID end up needing to go into the basement as the tornado sirens were going off. And the girls? They LOVED it! Flashlights, vintage Duck Tales movie (on video cassette), and our cat lovingly perched on Mag’s chair keeping watch on our girls until it passed.


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Our First Trip to the E.R.

Well. In hindsight Hubby says he thinks he overreacted (I agree). He also thinks that it’s good for peace of mind that we went (I agree).

During naptime, Mags & Junie weren’t napping. Of course, because why would you nap during naptime? That would be so weird. 😉 Anyways, they were running around and before we got up there to get them back to bed we heard a door slam and the inevitable screaming of a child. Not a mad scream, not a left-out scream – it was the “I got hurt and it’s BAD” scream. You moms out there know what I’m talking about – you just KNOW the scream means something bad happened.

Hubby raced upstairs to find Mags in the hallway, her finger swollen as big as one of my fingers. He rushed her downstairs saying to me “We’re going to the hospital.” Hubby thought her finger was broken; I have no experience in broken fingers but it looked kind of gnarly. So I rushed around the kitchen grabbing our diaper bag, a snack, a drink cup. And we quickly decided that I would be the one to take her in.

On the way to the hospital, I realized we forgot to put shoes on her. And I didn’t take her to the Children’s Hospital… I took her to the other children’s hospital that was even farther from our house (the 1st is only five minutes, the one we ended up at is like ten minutes away, no biggie). I was clearly not thinking straight during this emergency – I would make a terrible EMT.

We got checked into the E.R. and were quickly taken back to a room. I was surprised that it went so fast – I guess Children’s E.R.s aren’t as busy as the ones on TV (haha)? Mags got a gown to wear and a bed to sit in. She looked so cute, and so pathetic at the same time. She didn’t like using the bag of ice I had packed for her. The nurse gave her some Tylenol. She suggested Oxycodone initially but I was like Hell No. I can’t take those painkillers myself, and I didn’t want to go overboard on the painkilling. (I don’t want my kid to suffer but Oxy seemed a little drastic.)

The doctor/nurse came in and looked at her finger. Mags become suddenly shy and was very hesitant to let the doctor touch her finger or high five her. She said it was good that she could touch it without Mags throwing a huge fit and that it was probably just fractured but that they would Xray it anyways just to be sure. A few minutes later someone showed us to the Xray room. They asked me if I was pregnant – and I said no, this time for sure. I laughed to myself remembering last April’s visit to the urologist for Mags. She had to get the dye-cathetar test (which includes an Xray) for her kidney. I had answered no to that question last April not knowing that I was indeed pregnant with Snowdrop. Funny how life works. (Snowdrop ended up fine for the record!)

Anyways, Mags did really well during the Xray and they gave her some stickers. She saved two of the stickers – one for Daddy, and one for Junie. (Daddy proudly wore his Snow White sticker when we got home.) What a sweetie to think of her sister who was responsible (we think) for slamming her finger in the door! 🙂

The doctor came in after the Xray and said that it didn’t look like anything was broken, and that they didn’t see any fracture lines but that sometimes with little bones it is hard to see fracture lines. They said that if she was still complaining about the finger in a few days that we were supposed to call her doctor. He ‘buddy-taped’ her finger, which lasted a whole second after he left the room. I convinced Mags to keep hers on if we taped Mickey’s fingers together (we brought her Mickey Mouse with us to the E.R.). Problem solved. 🙂 The tape really only lasted another hour or so before she ripped it off. Oh well…

Okay. Awesome! Her finger is not broken and I only feel mildly stupid for rushing her in. I feel worse for not seeing the Xray! I completely forgot to ask to see it (I really should have) but I really wanted Mags to see it, too. Sort of so she’d understand what we were doing taking pictures of her hand. I really blanked on that – she would have liked to see it, I think.

We were given the all clear to go home and so we did. Crisis averted. Yay! We took home the gown they had given her and the girls have been playing with it ever since. It’s really kind of cute. I wish I had thought to grab another one so they wouldn’t fight over this one. 😉

Today, Mags slept in a little bit (like fifteen minutes more than Junie, big whoop) and is only favoring the finger a little bit more than her others. It’s still a little swollen but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m so glad it’s not broken!! Next time, we’ll wait a while before taking her to the hospital, although I am proud that it took us 2 years and 7 months to make our first E.R. trip!! 🙂


I also want to mention that the girls are doing really AWESOME with potty training the last two weeks, and most especially since Thursday/Friday when I took them to purchase a potty seat for the Big Potty (you know, the kind that attaches to the adult potty so they don’t fall in). It is like every 20 minutes someone needs to potty. Yes, it’s so annoying how frequent it is but I’m sticking it out because the end result of NO DIAPERS is so much closer now than it ever was before and we’re really looking forward to having just one daughter in a diaper. 🙂 Well, no poopies on the Big Potty yet but there has been some attempts. I’m so proud of my big girls. 🙂


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Seen & Heard…

Me: “I love your wild hair today, Junie!”

Junie: “Me hair not wild!! It RED!!!”


Hubby to Magnolia: “Are you my little girl, Mags?”

Magnolia: “No! I dragon!!”


Junie: (cough cough) “I sick, I go doctor!”


The girls were drawing with sidewalk chalk at my In-Laws house today. My MIL said that Junie just turned to her all of a sudden and said quite frankly: “Mommy says it’s going to rain today.”


Junie: “Let’s keep that.” (about an oatmeal choc chip cookie they made with Grandma)


Magnolia: “I no like that.” (about foods she loves, tv shows, anything and everything!)


Junie & Mags: “I want something else.” (anytime I sit down to eat MY food, and every time they don’t eat their breakfast/lunch/dinner – they’re always like “something else!” – they picked this up from Grandma’s house)


For some reason, they like to call out when they see a red car while we’re driving somewhere. Sometimes they talk about other cars or big trucks – but the red cars are their favorite!

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Big Weekend!!

Well, sort of big. Snowdrop is being baptized this Sunday and I’m super excited. Although I will say that I should have expected this week to be crazy. And it was. All this preparation for overnight guests and company. I’m still not finished completing my great “Baby Clothes Project” up on the third floor (Snowdrop’s room and the Guest Room) so currently, I have about six hours to clean that up. Right now… well, right now there are baby clothes EVERYWHERE, not to mention my big bin of pre-pregnancy clothes that I’ve been scouring looking for things I can wear (I AM fitting into my jeans, which is nice – I just can’t put them in the dryer after washing them… and they fit much better after two weeks of wearing and not washing – hey, jeans were made to withstand dirt and little washings!), and… all the baby stuff in general that is up there. One of my sisters and my little brother are staying with us tonight so it’s not a huge deal if I don’t get it organized. Maybe Squash (my second sister, who is staying tonight) can help me. (Next week, however, a good friend of mine from high school is visiting and I’ll be damned if it’s not cleaned up for her visit!!)

Aside from the third floor, I need to finish some laundry and do some general wiping down of the house. Why am I on wordpress? Because it’s lunchtime and the baby is about to wake up and I’m not going to get into a “cleaning mode” right before I need to sit down and breastfeed.

Hubby and I are also going to a concert tonight – sort of one of those unavoidable things, right? We gotta fit that music in somehow! So my parents will relieve our babysitter when they arrive in town after driving here. This will be somewhat awkward for all parties and I hope the kids don’t freak out.

Okay. Time to go, I just really wanted to get in a post while I could! 🙂 Will write about the big Baptism weekend next week! 🙂

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Anniversaries, Poop, and Some Other Stuff

This week (April 7th to be exact) marked four years since Hubby and I have been together! I started writing a post about “us” but… decided it was better left for a ‘page’ so I’ll get that (“Our Story”) up when I find the time to finish it! 🙂


Magnolia. Miss Magnolia. *sigh* Magnolia has (three times in the last two weeks) taken poop out of her diaper and smeared on things. I know this is something she’ll outgrow (she better outgrow this &%$#) but it’s pretty frustrating. She first did it in her room after waking up in the morning – Hubby cleaned it up and let me sleep through it (what a doll!). Then it happened again at Grandma’s house on Wednesday. She allegedly smeared it ALL OVER the pack n’ play – like, ALL OVER the netting on all sides. Poor Grandma had to clean it up. We told her to take it outside and use the power washer. ICK. And then yesterday HRH Magnolia QP (Her Royal Highness, Magnolia, the Queen of Poop) striked again. This time it was a handful of poop smeared onto the baby swing and the baby playmat. Needless to say we got very upset and she got a very long time out on “the step”.

It hasn’t happened since that last time (knock on wood… hell, I’ll knock twice for that!) and she’s since said a few times “I put poop all over place”. And then we go through the “Poop only belongs in your diaper” speech.

She’s been very good with the baby – she loves the baby, she really does. But part of me thinks this might be stemming from feeling left out or that we don’t have time for her anymore… it makes sense. So I took Mags with me to the market this past weekend. She seemed to really enjoy the only-her time with Mommy. We had slacked off on taking them out recently because they had gotten that cold and then RSV. Now that the weather is getting nicer and they’re not sick anymore we can start taking them out again. Hopefully this one-on-one time will remedy the poop situation.

UPDATE: This post has been a draft now for a couple days. After I wrote about Starbucks (see below), I saved this draft intending to finish it later.  In the meantime, HRH Magnolia QP struck again!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH! This time it wasn’t a ton of poop all over, just a little smeared on the baby’s jumperoo thingy. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – but Lord! Please no more POOP ON OUR HOUSE!!!!! To make matters slightly worse, she has now said “I love poop!” more than twice. WTF. My kids are so weird.

Anyone have experience with this? How did you curb the love of poop?


I’m drinking my first Starbucks since… December 2009. Early December. It’s delicious. I swear there’s something about Starbucks that makes me feel so… normal and like myself again. I’d say that it’s the caffeine except that today I got 2/3 decaf 1/3 not decaf. I drink an Iced Triple Tall Carmel Machiatto in the warm weather (sometimes in the winter, too) – and I have them put it in a grande cup to prevent from triple shot spillage. I must be a pain in the ass, especially since today I ordered 2 decaf shots and one regular shot. I’m still nursing so… I didn’t want to overload the baby with caffeine.

Anyways, my drink was delicious and if I could get a free minute, I’m sure I could whip through all this cleaning and preparation for this weekend. Snowdrop is getting Baptized this weekend (YAY! She’ll finally be free of Original Sin!!! Whoohoo!!! Devil be GONE! Haha!) ANYWAYS… so we’re having a lunch/brunch/food here after the ceremony on Sunday afternoon. We decided to go the easy route and order food. So we’ve got Mostaccioli, Toasted Ravioli’s on order. I’m going to pick up some bread/rolls this week as well as fruit to make a fruit salad. And some fine cheeses to throw together a cheese board. I love cheese boards and styling them. It’s the little things in life, you know? 🙂 My parents are bringing down a cake from the bakery I used to work at. I’m very excited about that. I’m a bakery snob and there’s nothing like my “own” bakery back home. Nothing like it anywhere! So since we’re having people over to our house (like official company!), we need to clean up. Big time. Well not big time… well, sort of. We’ve got a lot of “stuff” to put away and clutter to… de-clutter. 🙂

It’s been a crazy week so far, yesterday Hubby had Baseball Opening Day to attend (we’re season ticket holders and big baseball fans) and then he had a Softball game to play in (he plays during the summer with his buddies). SO yesterday we got like nothing done. And today, Hubby went grocery shopping (we had no milk for TWO DAYS, wtf!) and grabbed some things like fruit and crackers that we’ll need for Sunday. Then he was off to golf league. Oh yes, Tuesdays are golf league. Monday Softball. Tuesday Golf League. By Wednesday, Mommy has lost her mind so it’s a good thing the big girls go to Grandma’s house for the day. Wednesday night this week, Hubby wants us to have date night and go to the baseball game. I’d love to do this but really – we have so much to do and if Grandma is willing to take all three kids for five hours so we can have “date night”, I’d really rather spend this week’s date night cleaning my house. I know, so lame, right? But seriously – I can’t get anything done when all three are home. So we’re kind of stuck with Thursday to do stuff. *sigh*…. It’s going to be a long week. Or maybe it will be short because we’re going to be so busy. I just don’t know.

On Thursday the bug guy is coming to spray for ants. We get them every summer. I really hate ants.

The End.

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