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Question of the Week: Do you believe in Mother’s/Father’s Intuition?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked a few weeks ago*

Do you believe in Mother’s/Father’s Intuition?

Oh gosh, I absolutely believe in it. For example, several times every week I will say something to the girls like “Get down from there now or you will fall and hurt yourself! GET DOWN NOW.” And then they don’t get down and within a minute they’ve fallen and hurt themselves. Sometimes I can tell by the quiet in the room just exactly what they’re getting into behind my back – is that  really intuition though? Or just the eyes in the back of my head?
Two weeks ago (just before Easter), the girls contracted RSV. I wasn’t sure about it until Snowdrop caught it. Then I was positive it was RSV. I called our old pediatrician’s office to say I think my baby has RSV and can she been seen today? And the receptionist told me to give her some Benedryl and get a humidifier going in the room. NO WAY was I doing that. We waited it out a day to see if it would get worse (it did) and then called a new pediatrician on Friday. They were able to test in their office for RSV and sure enough (just as I knew it would be) the test was positive. RSV. My poor baby has RSV and I knew it and the batty receptionist told me to Benedryl her. JDHSFKDSHFKLDSHKLFHDSLFKJHDSFLKSDHF!!!!!!!!
Mother’s Intuition or experience with RSV, either way – I just knew it.
A few times in my life as a mother, I’ve done the re-check or gone to check on them “just in case” and sure enough, an arm is out of the strap on the car seat or someone is eating food from the floor next to the garbage can, or someone is perched perilously on the window seat or they’ve pulled the blanket over their heads (I realize at 2 years old, it’s unlikely they’d suffocate but I still rip that blanket off their head so fast I can’t help myself!).
Sometimes a mother just knows something is up. Like my mother said when I was growing up and like I say now “I smell a rat.”



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