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Nursery is… finished? And I’m worried about Christmas Eve…

So… the roofers are coming some time next week – YAY!!! If you missed that part of our lives, you can catch up by clicking here. Once they come and fix the roof, then we can fix the ceiling in the nursery & be done with it!

Other than the roof/ceiling issue, and needing to paint the bathroom up there – the nursery is finished!!! Whoohoo!!!! We hung up the alphabet wall cards I bought off of Ebay – they look like this but because I got them on Ebay -> it cost me WAY LESS than what other websites were selling them for. Go me! 🙂 Juniper & Magnolia have the same alphabet cards in their room… I hesitated for a while about buying the same thing for Snowdrop’s nursery – but I looked and looked and couldn’t find alphabet cards that fit the room, or that I loved so much. So…. they all have the same alphabet in their rooms. Which, I guess is kind of nice in a way. It ties them all together? Anyways…

SO we hung up the alphabet cards, I’ve washed all the blankets, all the newborn to 3 month clothes, put all the clothes away in the dresser… what else… I’ve pretty much done everything I need to do before she arrives. She’s not coming any time soon is what I’m thinking. Now, if I hadn’t done any of these things yet – I’m pretty sure she would have been here weeks ago. Isn’t that how it works?

I kept going back and forth about her “take-home” outfit – it’s important to me to have this ready this time because last time we had to take the girls home in their hospital commissioned undershirts. We had forgotten to bring their take-home outfits when we came back to pick them up – so I don’t want to screw that up this time! 🙂 So I had gone back & forth about what to put her in. It’s cold out. She needed a cozy outfit. I settled on a pair of these fleecy pink pants (that J & M had never gotten around to wearing as newborns…) and an alphabet onesie (I’m not obsessed with the alphabet, I swear). The onesie is short-sleeved, so she’d need to wear a long-sleeved white onesie underneath (how very ‘skater’ of her). I wasn’t totally crazy about this but figured it would work. I went back and forth. Back and forth. I put a sleeper with footies in the bag just in case I changed my mind at the hospital about the take-home outfit. It’s cute. One of my favorites from when the girls were born… neutral yellows and greens with stars and a giraffe on it. Cute. Not… the greatest for bringing home my third little girl. I’m really NOT a pink kind of girl. I prefer greens and purples on my daughters… but something was just not girly enough for me in these other outfits I picked. SO. I was at Target last night and they had a three pack of long-sleeved onesies. Two of the three were pink (one hot, one soft) but the third was a perfect green with little flowers on it – not super girly, but girly enough to not make me gag. So I bought them. I figure I can use the other two long-sleeved onesies for a month or so, and it being Winter, it’ll be nice to have some long-sleeves that aren’t just plain undershirt white. SO, she’ll wear the green long-sleeved onesie with the pink pants and probably fuzzy white socks. (I packed three pairs of socks in the bag… I’m terrible at packing light.)

I’m so boring. Sorry if the above bored you. *sigh*… The ramblings of this pregnancy are beginning to drive me nuts.

Moving on… Christmas is coming!

I’ve never been a huge fan of “opening presents’ so Christmas has never been SUPER delightful for me. I want to be a movie star (yes, still haven’t given up that dream yet!) but I can’t open presents in front of people without feeling strange? Call me weird. I do! 🙂

So Christmas Eve we’ll be heading to Hubby’s parents’ house for dinner and festivities. There will be lots of family there. Some are flying in… on planes… with germy people. Some work in hospitals… with germy people. Some are just plain weird and don’t practice good hygeine… and others, well. Others have really undisciplined boys.

I’m totally worried we’re going to catch a cold, the flu, etc. I KNOW I’ll walk away with a headache from the “naughty boys”. Of course, I’ll request that no one kisses myself, or the girls. I don’t want germs unncessarily spread. I know, I know – I’m a germaphobe. I’ve admitted it before. At this stage in the game, my due date is SO CLOSE, I really can’t afford to get sick – nor can I afford for my children to get sick.

I feel like a nutso having to request people not to get too close – but I’m SO WORRIED that someone is going to be sick on Christmas Eve… and still choose to attend the festivities because, well, it’s Christmas! The worst would be if we arrived and I had to tell Hubby to help me pack up the kids back into the car so we could go home. I’d hate to be a party-pooper, and I’d hate the idea that everyone would talk about us after we left, and etc etc etc.

I don’t know what else to say about this, other than I’m aprehensive about the whole thing.

*le sigh*

And our TV broke (the picture completely went out, we still have sound but no picture). This is not a huge deal. I think the most annoying thing is that the girls don’t totally understand that it’s “broken”. I don’t mind not watching TV. It’s refreshing.

And in happier news, we finally found sconces (on Ebay!) and hung them in the main room – so my early 90’s UGLY MOTHER-F*ING sconces are gone! YAY! AND AND AND we also found a mailbox (on Ebay! for 99 cents!! 15 bucks in shipping but whatever, it was still a fabulous deal) that is big and looks fantastic on the side of our house. I’m so happy.

Now if I could just have this baby tonight so we can be home by Wednesday and not have to attend Christmas Eve with the naughty boys… 🙂


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30 Weeks Down, 10 (?) To Go!

*I started this post on Tuesday … and am now coming back to finish it …

Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks pregnant.


That’s so crazy! Hubby said to me tonight “So you basically have ten weeks left?” Looks at my stomach… “Nah, you won’t go ten weeks.”

And I’m thinking he’s right! I never thought I’d make it to 40 weeks, I’ve been saying for a long time that Snowdrop is coming Thanksgiving weekend. I just hope that if that’s true, she waits until I’ve finished gorging myself on Turkey & the Fixin’s. Haha. 🙂

A few days ago, my belly button split. EW. What? Yeah, it split. Like, I had a cut on my belly… I used to have it pierced (used as in from ages 18-22 (21?)) and took it out after college. It is still in the healing process, I hope someday it will fully close up. I don’t regret having the piercing but I’m glad I no longer have it. 🙂 Anyways, so I’ve now got this cut on my belly right below the top piercing hole. It’s about 5mm long. I’ve also got a major stretchmark there from my first pregnancy that seems to have grown since the last time…

Picking up from Tuesday – so the cut on my belly button has healed since I started this post. Yay! I’ve had a busy week. I FINALLY picked out the carpet for Snowdrop’s room. The rest of our house has hardwood but the third floor where Snowdrop will be (it’s one room that spans the whole house, approx 495 square feet up there!) was just painted plywood – so we HAD to invest in something. Carpet it is! It’s a good thing because it will quiet down the house a bit (the 3rd floor is pretty much open to below) & will make the room nice and cozy! Picking a color was really hard. I’ve been “told” that I need to pick a neutral color (ie: tan or cream) so that we get a better chance of resale value… that’s all nice & smart but I’m not really a neutral kind of gal. I wanted a pretty green – it’s my favorite color and I thought something along the lines of “sage” or light green would work with the room. But in the best interests of resale, I chose to go with something “neutral”. I struggled with picking a carpet for someone else’s tastes while trying to match it to our paint while trying to pick something that I could live with until we sell the house. We’re not even sure WHEN we’re going to move – we just know it will be some point in the next 2 1/2 years. I went back to the store with all my samples and asked the woman there what her opinion was. She told me that green really IS a neutral color and that it was very likely that the carpet color itself wasn’t going to deter someone from buying our home. So, I chose a very light creamy green color figuring that would pretty much please everyone. The green tint was almost unnoticeable. So I leave & set about my errands for the day….

So the gal calls me back the next day to say the color I picked is back-ordered until Nov 11th! I don’t know about you but in my experience, everything I’ve ever had back-ordered always gets pushed back & back & back – and we can’t really take that chance being that Snowdrop is coming sometime in the next 10 weeks. So I went back to the carpet place & picked the green I wanted and it will be in next week. I’m so excited!! I wasn’t about to bring more samples back to our house and I took the back-ordering as a sign that I should go ahead and get the color I wanted. So I did. We’re paying $1600 for it (YIKES! I KNOW!!!) so I might as well get something I love, right? The carpet should be in next week and we’ll be able to schedule an installation date once it arrives. I can’t wait! Once the carpet is in, we can start setting up the furniture, etc.

The nursery painting is going well… other than the red stripes. We totally f-d up on them. We didn’t know that with red (and especially when doing stripes) you need to pull the tape up right away in order for the red to not bleed. The ENTIRE set of red stripes throughout the room bled under the tape and looks… well, awful. The rest of the room is stellar, totally professional looking, but the red… looks like we didn’t even use tape. Lesson Learned, I guess. So now we’ve got to make the red stripes a little larger to accommodate for the spillage and re-tape the whole room. Apparently, we also need to re-tape with each coat & if you’ve ever painted red you already know it takes many coats to get it right. Hopefully we can get all this done ASAP. We need to! 🙂

I really have more to write but I’m EXHAUSTED and thus, am going to bed.

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Finally getting the nursery ready!!

I’m so excited! We (well, Hubby) started painting this week! There’s still a lot to be done but at least it’s been started. He’s been painting and I’ve been working on measuring out the stripes for the window halls (I think they’re officially called ‘dormer windows’ – it’s a third floor/attic space and the windows extend out onto the roof – this makes no sense… does it?) and the half-wall that is in the room. The stripes are really tedious to measure out – it’s my fault, it was my idea to do them. Haha. Easter Yellow, Easter Green, and a hint of Bright Red are the colors for Snowdrop’s room. The yellow & green stripes are 7 inches wide, but the red stripe is only 1 inch wide. So the pattern goes like this: yellow, green, red, green, yellow, green, red, green, yellow, green, red, green, etc… can you imagine that? It’s going to be really pretty. Red & green can actually look well together and not be super Christmas-y. 🙂 Plus, since Snowdrop is due around Christmas, I thought it might be cute to tie in the colors of the season. And her bedding is white/bright red with a green-ish bedskirt (all PotteryBarnKids CLEARANCE!!!!) And it shall be cute once the room is totally finished.

Anyways, so I’m doing all the measuring for the stripes and it’s taking me a while. Mainly because I have to measure and tape right away, rather than measure everything out with marks and THEN tape. There are too many other marks on the walls from the previous owners, plus I’m not organized enough to do it the latter way… but I’m okay with that. We did pretty detailed painting on Junie & Mags room and while it took a looooooooooooong time to measure/tape everything – their room is really adorable and I’m really glad we spent the time doing all the little details. It makes such a difference.

Once Snowdrop’s room is all finished I’ll have to head on up to the carpet store to select the carpet for her room and make an appointment to get the carpet installed. I have NO CLUE what color to pick. I know neutral colors are best for “resale” but I would really hate to put like… tan carpet up there. White carpet is so impractical for a family with three children… I’ll probably end up with green carpet. Any carpet color ideas out there? I’d love to hear them.

Once the carpet is installed, we’ll move everything out of the bathroom and paint the bathroom. 7 inch yellow and red stripes. I’m excited.

Has my life really changed this much that I’m so excited about 7 inch stripes in the nursery? You bet. And I love nearly every minute of it. 🙂

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