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Getting Nervous…

I’m getting nervous.

Wednesday (today is Monday) we’re scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 7:30am to begin the induction. I’m so nervous. Am I making the right decision? I trust my doctor, completely, when she says that she feels comfortable inducing any time after 39 weeks. I’ll only be exactly 40 weeks (well, 40 based on the ultrasound, 39w5d based on my LMP). I trust that Snowdrop is ready to come out and that we haven’t flaked on the due date by a month. I’m worried that getting the Pitocin will be so painful that I’ll have to get the epidural. Last labor, I got the Pitocin and the epidural and hardly remember a thing after that point. My brain/consciousness doesn’t mix well with painkillers. And after I got the P/E, my labor essentially stopped progressing and Juniper freaked out and I had to get a c-section. But I’ve read so much from other women who weren’t progressing, got the epidural, and went from 5cm to 10 cm in two hours! What will happen this time around? I do not know. I hope I get a little Pitocin, dilate to a 10, and am able to push Snowdrop out instead of getting a c-section.

Am I doing the right thing? :/

I got a fortune in a fortune cookie the other night that read “Lucky you make this choice. Everything comes out for the best”. So… that’s a good sign, right? Slightly reaffirming, I suppose. 🙂

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Nursery is… finished? And I’m worried about Christmas Eve…

So… the roofers are coming some time next week – YAY!!! If you missed that part of our lives, you can catch up by clicking here. Once they come and fix the roof, then we can fix the ceiling in the nursery & be done with it!

Other than the roof/ceiling issue, and needing to paint the bathroom up there – the nursery is finished!!! Whoohoo!!!! We hung up the alphabet wall cards I bought off of Ebay – they look like this but because I got them on Ebay -> it cost me WAY LESS than what other websites were selling them for. Go me! 🙂 Juniper & Magnolia have the same alphabet cards in their room… I hesitated for a while about buying the same thing for Snowdrop’s nursery – but I looked and looked and couldn’t find alphabet cards that fit the room, or that I loved so much. So…. they all have the same alphabet in their rooms. Which, I guess is kind of nice in a way. It ties them all together? Anyways…

SO we hung up the alphabet cards, I’ve washed all the blankets, all the newborn to 3 month clothes, put all the clothes away in the dresser… what else… I’ve pretty much done everything I need to do before she arrives. She’s not coming any time soon is what I’m thinking. Now, if I hadn’t done any of these things yet – I’m pretty sure she would have been here weeks ago. Isn’t that how it works?

I kept going back and forth about her “take-home” outfit – it’s important to me to have this ready this time because last time we had to take the girls home in their hospital commissioned undershirts. We had forgotten to bring their take-home outfits when we came back to pick them up – so I don’t want to screw that up this time! 🙂 So I had gone back & forth about what to put her in. It’s cold out. She needed a cozy outfit. I settled on a pair of these fleecy pink pants (that J & M had never gotten around to wearing as newborns…) and an alphabet onesie (I’m not obsessed with the alphabet, I swear). The onesie is short-sleeved, so she’d need to wear a long-sleeved white onesie underneath (how very ‘skater’ of her). I wasn’t totally crazy about this but figured it would work. I went back and forth. Back and forth. I put a sleeper with footies in the bag just in case I changed my mind at the hospital about the take-home outfit. It’s cute. One of my favorites from when the girls were born… neutral yellows and greens with stars and a giraffe on it. Cute. Not… the greatest for bringing home my third little girl. I’m really NOT a pink kind of girl. I prefer greens and purples on my daughters… but something was just not girly enough for me in these other outfits I picked. SO. I was at Target last night and they had a three pack of long-sleeved onesies. Two of the three were pink (one hot, one soft) but the third was a perfect green with little flowers on it – not super girly, but girly enough to not make me gag. So I bought them. I figure I can use the other two long-sleeved onesies for a month or so, and it being Winter, it’ll be nice to have some long-sleeves that aren’t just plain undershirt white. SO, she’ll wear the green long-sleeved onesie with the pink pants and probably fuzzy white socks. (I packed three pairs of socks in the bag… I’m terrible at packing light.)

I’m so boring. Sorry if the above bored you. *sigh*… The ramblings of this pregnancy are beginning to drive me nuts.

Moving on… Christmas is coming!

I’ve never been a huge fan of “opening presents’ so Christmas has never been SUPER delightful for me. I want to be a movie star (yes, still haven’t given up that dream yet!) but I can’t open presents in front of people without feeling strange? Call me weird. I do! 🙂

So Christmas Eve we’ll be heading to Hubby’s parents’ house for dinner and festivities. There will be lots of family there. Some are flying in… on planes… with germy people. Some work in hospitals… with germy people. Some are just plain weird and don’t practice good hygeine… and others, well. Others have really undisciplined boys.

I’m totally worried we’re going to catch a cold, the flu, etc. I KNOW I’ll walk away with a headache from the “naughty boys”. Of course, I’ll request that no one kisses myself, or the girls. I don’t want germs unncessarily spread. I know, I know – I’m a germaphobe. I’ve admitted it before. At this stage in the game, my due date is SO CLOSE, I really can’t afford to get sick – nor can I afford for my children to get sick.

I feel like a nutso having to request people not to get too close – but I’m SO WORRIED that someone is going to be sick on Christmas Eve… and still choose to attend the festivities because, well, it’s Christmas! The worst would be if we arrived and I had to tell Hubby to help me pack up the kids back into the car so we could go home. I’d hate to be a party-pooper, and I’d hate the idea that everyone would talk about us after we left, and etc etc etc.

I don’t know what else to say about this, other than I’m aprehensive about the whole thing.

*le sigh*

And our TV broke (the picture completely went out, we still have sound but no picture). This is not a huge deal. I think the most annoying thing is that the girls don’t totally understand that it’s “broken”. I don’t mind not watching TV. It’s refreshing.

And in happier news, we finally found sconces (on Ebay!) and hung them in the main room – so my early 90’s UGLY MOTHER-F*ING sconces are gone! YAY! AND AND AND we also found a mailbox (on Ebay! for 99 cents!! 15 bucks in shipping but whatever, it was still a fabulous deal) that is big and looks fantastic on the side of our house. I’m so happy.

Now if I could just have this baby tonight so we can be home by Wednesday and not have to attend Christmas Eve with the naughty boys… 🙂

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Lost Intentions & Naughty Boys & Random Thoughts…

So I intended to write all about Thanksgiving. And about, oh, a hundred other things. And I haven’t yet. I honestly haven’t had the energy. So I’ll just stick to the randoms…

Thanksgiving was… fun! The girls ate all their turkey and pumpkin pie but could have cared less for green bean casserole and stuffing. I can’t believe they’re my kids and they don’t like GB Casserole and Stuffing. Who are they?

(Skip to the Bottom of the Post for the Random Thoughts if you don’t want to read about the Naughty Boys… cause it’s lengthy, and obviously a rant.) 🙂

Hubby’s cousins also came to dinner. And they brought their three boys with them. They are ages 3, 2, and 3 weeks. The 3-week-old was very well behaved (haha). I cannot say the same for the 3 and 2 year olds. The 2 year old is actually just a day younger than Juniper & Magnolia… anyways, so… So the boys were so… I don’t know the word. They were the worst behaved children I’ve ever seen. O. M. G. They wouldn’t sit in chairs at the dinner table and spent most of our “pleasant” Thanksgiving dinner, running around the kitchen, SCREAMING their heads off, refusing to eat food, and basically just causing minor troubles and annoyances. According to their parents (Hubby’s cousins) the boys “won’t sit in a highchair” which is why they were given chairs at the table on which to sit. Now. Here’s my problem with this. What do you mean “they won’t sit in a highchair”? They’re 3 and 2 years old. Put them in the highchair, strap them in, and VOILA! They’re sitting in a highchair. Have your children no respect for a rule? I mean, really? I know they’re young, but I don’t believe they’re too young at this point.  And sure there are times when Junie & Mags misbehave. There are times when they don’t want to eat their dinner. But those are also the times when we discipline, when we say “NO.”, when we tell them “Okay. You don’t have to eat dinner, but you do have to sit in your chair until everyone else is done.” My children don’t scream obnoxiously during dinner time. They eat their dinner.

At one point, the 3 year old climbed into my MIL’s chair while she was fixing herself seconds… so the kids parents say “Hey, get out of Aunt C’s chair” and the kid? He goes “NO.” And so the parents, instead of insisting he get out or receive a Time Out (or whatever else would have been appropriate in terms of disciplining a 3 year old), start LAUGHING. So your child talks back to you, and you laugh – good. That’ll teach him! I was taken aback. Of course, that response would never fly in our home – and you can bet our girls know better than to respond that way.

I had mentioned this next part in my post about Top 5 Memorable Moments with the Girls – Junie kept saying “Naughty Boy, Naughty Boy” at dinnertime. It was hysterical. My MIL and myself were laughing so hard under our breaths… it was too funny. See, even my 2 year old noticed what a naughty boy he was being.

So after dinner, we played downstairs and the boys were screaming, not sharing with each other, or with the girls very well… it was so nerve-wracking. So then it was time to clean up and go home. Now, our girls often need a little poking & prodding to start cleaning up but they can manage putting all the “little toys into the basket” and “helping pick up the animals”, etc… but Hubby’s Cousin’s kids? Nada. All they did was scream their blessed little heads off – and I mean tantrum screaming. It wasn’t just refusing to pick up. We’d take toys away from them – well, attempt – and they’d hold it tighter until we had to literally peel their fingers off of the toys – all of course, amidst a ridiculous tantrum. My girls were visibly shaken by all the screaming – and continued to pick up toys all the same.

I’m not trying to say “Oh, my kids are so well behaved, they’re so obedient, they’re better than thou…” but frankly – I’m just shocked that these boys were SO out of control. I mean, GEEZ – get control of your kids. That kind of behavior would never be tolerated in our house. EVER. That’s behavior that warrants a swift smack on the bottom and a minute in Time Out (although, now that my girls are 2 years old, we do 2 minutes… they’ll get 3 when they are 3, etc…).

(Disclaimer: We don’t hit our kids but there are appropriate times for a small spanking. I used to get a belt or a wooden spoon when I was a kid – so my girls are lucky we don’t think that’s appropriate. But I will say, get smacked on the bottom a few times with a belt or a spoon… and I never did whatever I had done to get that smack ever again. :))

ARGH!!!! Sorry for the rant but… it really bothers me about those boys. I just… it bothers me. I’m glad we insist on good behavior from our girls. I don’t expect them to chew with their mouths closed and have a napkin in their laps. I expect them to behave like domesticated beings and not like they’ve been raised by wolves. And that their actions will have consequences. At age two, this is limited to what a two year old will understand. Example: Pushed your sister down? You get a Time Out and if you’re not sorry when your two minutes are up – back to Time Out until you’re sorry. Mom & Dad say “Time to Clean Up or You only get ONE book before bed?” If you don’t help to clean up, you don’t get three to five books before bed – you get one.

I guess I sound like a hardass but I’m really just insistent on being consistent with teaching them how to be good girls. Sure, they’re going to be teenagers someday and slam the door in my face, and tell me they hate me – but at least I will know they had a good foundation.

Okay. Ranting done… now for the nice thoughts! 🙂

Happy, Random Thoughts…

I’m 36 weeks 2 days pregnant. I’ve never been THIS pregnant before – so this is quite new territory for me. I’m excited. And ready to meet my little Snowdrop. I had some intense false labor on Tuesday night – the night of the Full Moon. It got so bad, I had called my doctor! It didn’t intensify but for a while I was nervous that it would. Hubby threw up because he got so nervous! Haha.

The Full Moon also made us realize that we really need to pick a name for this baby – or Snowdrop will be official on the birth certificate! Our “short list” is now longer than our original short list. I think we have eight (?) names we’re contemplating. It’s such a hard decision… I’d like to at least have it narrowed down to three names before she is born – otherwise, I’m really going to have a hard time picking a name at the hospital.

Any thoughts on a 3-syllable, not very popular, preferably old-fashioned of sorts, girls name?

Yeah. I’m having trouble coming up with that one, too. 🙂

Hubby surprised me with a visit from two of my very best friends on Friday night! They drove all the way down from the Big City just to see ME for the night. And they brought the girls a few presents, which was really nice. I KNEW something was going on because Hubby kept insisting that he needed to clean the house even though he kept complaining about being so sore from Thanksgiving Football with his fraternity brothers… And he did all the guest bedsheets and towels… and kept cleaning and cleaning. He tried to tell me that nothing was going on, he just “wanted to clean” but I knew better. I’m glad my friends came down – it was nice to see them.

The day after Thanksgiving marked the two year anniversary since the last time I saw my friend, S, before she died. I know, this is not a nice happy random thought. It’s very sad. I miss her very much and I’ll always remember driving away from her, after lunch, looking in my rearview mirror, crying and trying to figure out why I had a nagging feeling I’d never see her again… I never did see her again. (She died in January, 2007. Her heart was broken. Some birth defect that was unknown because when we were babies – they didn’t have the kind of ultrasounds and tests they do now…) I should have stayed that day at the bakery and hung out. The girls were so young, they probably would have just slept in their pumpkin seats and not known the difference. If I could go back in time and stay, I would.

So it was nice to see my other bakery girls the day after Thanksgiving. It definitely brightened my day.

Hm… what else. This is turning into a long post.

I’ve been doing Sodoku every night in bed before settling in for the night. I have found it really relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep faster. I used to do Sodoku ALL the time – and got out of it for a bit. But I found an old book that wasn’t filled in recently so I started up again and am loving it.

I’m ready for this baby to come. Our roof still isn’t fixed but it will be soon. And I’m getting close to being done shopping for Christmas presents. I want to have them bought & wrapped before I go into labor. That’s a goal.

I also need to ribbon the Christmas Cards. I have no energy to do that tonight. In fact, I’m going upstairs now to do some Sodoku.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. 🙂

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Down to the HomeStretch!

So last night I had lots of contractions. I didn’t call my doctor because they were so irregular but many of them were painful… most just really uncomfortable. So today I’m watching out for more contractions. Hopefully I won’t be heading to the hospital! I’m almost 32 weeks but that is still really early! :/

We weren’t really packed for the hospital, but now we are!! I got my stuff together, Hubby’s stuff together and this morning I packed Junie & Mags up for their “vacation” at Grandma’s house! I’ve got a few other things to grab from around the house but we’re pretty much ready to go!

I had one contraction this morning right when I woke up but that was over an hour ago and I haven’t had one since. I’ve felt Snowdrop moving a little bit so I’m not too worried about her. However, if I do have any more contractions like last night… then I will be calling the doctor!

Okie dokie. Off to the couch to do some serious resting… and watching of Disney Princess movies. I think we’ll start with “Rella” as the girls like to call her… 🙂

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Rain, Rain, Rain…

It’s rained nearly every day this week! I can hardly believe. The “weatherpeople” are saying that if the temperature was cold enough, we’d have more than 2 feet of snow already!!! I WISH! 🙂

So of course, today is rainy. That’s not a bad thing, I like the rain too. We’re just keeping our ears open for water dripping and periodically checking the basement. Hubby caulked (?) the sidewalk out front and added some wood (? I don’t know exactly what he did ?) to the 3rd floor window about a month ago… and we haven’t had a leak yet! Knock on wood! 🙂

I went out and bought white paint for the trim this morning. Hubby only has to do a little bit of work today so hopefully he’ll get the trim painted by the end of the weekend… I also picked up envelopes for our Christmas/Birth Announcement cards. I’m making Christmas cards without the baby’s name but I’m including a small birth announcement card in the actual envelope along with the Christmas card. Yes, homemade cards… I know. (I roll my eyes at myself.) It’s just more expensive to buy them… too expensive, in fact! If I can save $50 by doing it myself, I see no other way about it! The cards are simple. I even got my cardstock at the dollar store! I have a paper cutter so it’s easy to cut the paper down to size. I’m adding 3×5 photos to the cardstock and decorating each with a little season wish and a glitter tree. Easy. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to write each wish or photocopy it on… I’m investigating that today during naptime. During which, I will also address the envelopes. And hopefully get to work on the 2nd lampshade.

Something inside of me is telling me to get my work done ASAP… I can’t imagine it helps that Hubby commented earlier this week that the girls (Juniper & Magnolia) didn’t start moving like Snowdrop has been lately until a few weeks before they were born… does this mean Snowdrop is coming soon? :/ I hope we can get everything done in time!!! 🙂

We’ve been looking at cars and will buy one sooner than later. Boo… Hubby is keeping MY car because well, his is on it’s very last leg. My car is a 2007 Highlander, we’re the only owners so it’s in really great condition. We’re looking at getting a Suburban or a Yukon XL. We need the extra trunk space. Even the mini-vans we looked at, didn’t have enough “trunk” to hold our stuff. When we drive to the Big City in the Highlander… I mean, we are packed to the brim. There is a third seat in the Highlander but unfortunately when it’s up there’s no trunk space… so we’re settling on getting a BIG car. We figure if we even have one more kid after Snowdrop (I think we will) we’ll need the space. Might as well get it now.

Snowdrop is doing well, moving like crazy as mentioned before… I can’t believe we’re down to the homestretch! Crazy! Juniper & Magnolia are doing great! Mags actually put her hand on my belly to feel the baby… she’s been really apprehensive about doing it so I’m glad she got her hand on there. I don’t think she felt her… but it’s a step in the right direction. They really LOVE green beans. Today for lunch, they ate peanut butter sandwiches with a side of green beans. It’s so funny, then they said “Tank you geen bean”. Thank you for the green beans? Awesome. No problem, girls, you can have veggies any time. 🙂 It’s also funny, they love tomatoes and often we’ll use tomatoes as dessert to bribe them into eating their dinners…

Junie went poopie on the potty yesterday (YAY!)… we still have yet to get Mags to do it but at least she is now letting us know that she has just pooped. She used to not tell us at all and run around with poop in her pants until we could smell her and figure out she needed a new one… it’s all coming along, I guess. 🙂 No one has done pee-pee yet on the potty.

Okay. Hubby just left for work and I foresee myself needing to mediate a battle over magnetic alphabet letters… off for now! 🙂

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Random 31 Week Thoughts

Random Thoughts in my 31st Week of Pregnancy….

– Her feet are in my ribs. That’s what it is. That’s what’s causing this horrendous pain in my ribcage. On the right side. No biggie. Last time it was a head in my ribcage. That was worse.

– According to Dr., she is head down – so it’s her head that’s pushing down on my pubic bone making me feel like I’m going to burst open at the seams (literally, as I had a c-section last pregnancy! haha)… so head down is good but I know she could still turn around before 40 weeks.

– Hubby printed out pumpkin carving stencils from the Internet tonight. I’m of the old school carving: triangle eyes, triangle nose, mouth with teeth, etc… He’s already carved one of our three pumpkins with some scary face. He was so excited, it was cute. He even lit a candle and turned out the lights so we (he & I) could witness his masterpiece.

– He printed out a picture of a sleeping cat to carve on the pumpkin, I could only think it looked like a dead cat. Seriously, it looks like a dead cat. I should know, we just buried the 2nd of two cats I mothered. One of our cats is still alive. (YAY!)

– We still have two pumpkins to carve. Hubby informed me he had left one of them outside by our front door. I told him that was stupid and didn’t he remember what happened to our last pumpkin? So when he went to change the cat litter (he takes it directly from the basement, up the cellar stairs, and out to the dumpster), I went outside and brought the pumpkin inside our house. He came knocking at the side door and asked “Did you take the pumpkin?” So I said all serious and with a furrowed brow, “Are you serious? I told you that was going to happen.” And out he went to the street to look for his beloved pumpkin…. I chuckled and shut the door. He came back and was like “It’s gone.” SO then I told him that it was inside our house, and I laughed some more. Teehee. And the Oscar goes to… ME!

– I think we’re going to make an appearance on Halloween at my friend’s house. I don’t totally want to ditch them, and I guess if I get sick & die then at least we had a fun Halloween?

– We just found out friends of ours are having their second baby. It’s really really really exciting. AND their babies are only going to be 16 months apart! And we thought WE were fertile. God Bless them, babies are so wonderful. 🙂

– We had a three name list for Snowdrop. We had really wittled it all down to three names. Hubby suggested a name two days ago… and I had to add it to the list because frankly, it’s a great name and I love it! We’ve had a lot of name changes around here… so it’s funny we are now up to four names on our “list”. This newest name just might be IT.

– I’m really feeling the crunch of nine weeks. NINE WEEKS. Anything could happen in these nine weeks. I pray to God everything turns out okay and our little girl is healthy. I know life would move on if something terrible happened and that we wouldn’t be the first to experience heartache… but I hope we don’t.

– The carpet people were supposed to call me back today to schedule an appointment. So NOW, I’ve got to call them tomorrow (AGAIN, cause I called on Tuesday to inquire) to figure out what the EF is going on. They keep saying they need to talk to the guy in charge before scheduling our installation… but I’m not sure why they need to talk to him, can’t we just get a date set? Even MIL was curious as to why we couldn’t just schedule an appointment. Boo.

– I weigh 138 pounds. Today. I believe the last time I was weighed before I gave birth (to Junie & Mags) I weighed 137… so this could officially be the most I’ve ever weighed in my LIFE. This frightens me. It does. I know, I should be grateful I’m not a “heavyweight” (haha) but… yikes. Prior to being pregnant (the first time), I weighed approximately 87 pounds. Too small, perhaps. But 138 seems like A LOT to me. I’m 5’1″.

– VENT: I’m annoyed that although my MIL agreed that I could get her waffles, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets to “store” at her house for our girls when the new baby is born (they’ve got three fridges/freezers – certainly enough space for supplies), when we were taking our frozen stuff home after dinner (we had come straight from Whole Foods with our goods so we stored them in the freezer/fridge during dinner) she said “Well, we’ve got another month at least, right?” and gave us back all our frozen food. With all due respect, I’m not God, lady. I don’t know when I’m birthing this baby. I think it’s sooner than later, that’s for sure. And frankly, I’d like to know that you guys have the girls’ food so that when I DO go into labor, I don’t need to rush around my house packing up food and worrying whether or not I remembered to bring frozen organic waffles to your house. Just trying to make it easier on everyone…

– I’m really excited to meet our third daughter. I hope she has red hair (I think I’ve written this before…).

– I haven’t had many dreams about the baby. However, the baby has always been a boy. What does this mean?

– Hubby is begging me to come to bed and I will oblige… with a small bowl of potato chips to munch on while he reads The Best Birth (I totally recommend this book to everyone preparing for giving birth).


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Pumpkin Farm!!

I sometimes wish that this wasn’t a “private” blog. I mean, I know I don’t know all you readers out there (or do I?) and it’s set to public as far as “privacy settings”. I don’t tell my friends or family about this blog because I really wanted a place to share my thoughts without having to censor them. Savvy? But this means that I also can’t post pictures of my family – and boy, do I have some cuties from today!! I wish I could share them with you. I do.

We took the girls to the Pumpkin Farm with another family we’re friends with. They have a daughter who is about six months younger than our girls. All three girls really have fun together and my girls get very excited when I tell them that she is going to “be there”.

So we took them to this pumpkin farm. Free admission was the main draw for us. When we got there, they were still unloading the pumpkins from boxes!! Haha, the pumpkins didn’t even grow there! No worries, I didn’t even notice until Hubby pointed it out. And it’s not like our two year olds were going to figure out that there weren’t vines on the pumpkins! It was perfect. A small-ish “patch” that they got to run through, a medium-sized slide to go down, and enough animals to satisfy three two-year olds. The girls had a BLAST. They kept trying to pick up the pumpkins and of course, they were all too heavy. So cute. And all three girls kept interacting and “talking” to each other. I really hope they can be friends when they are older – it would make get-togethers so much more fun (and easier)!

We had a really great morning. I think the fresh air did Hubby some good. He had gone to a bachelor party the night before and drank WAY TOO much. Way too much. He threw up three times before we even got to the pumpkin farm. I think next year, he’ll heed my advice not to overdo it because we’re leaving early in the morning… silly boy. 🙂 So other than his hangover, a fabulous day was had by all.

Today, I also went “shopping”, not for anything in particular, I just needed to get out alone for a few hours. So I left while my family was taking naps. I ended up finding two pairs of pants at the childrens resale shop for Juniper & Magnolia for next spring/summer. I’m so excited. Great condition, Children’s Place clothes… one pair in pink, the other in green. I love the Children’s Place. Then, I went to TJMaxx and found two Franco Sarto (I love Franco Sarto bags) bags that I just HAD to have. Both are big enough to fit diapers (of all sizes), bottles, cups, snackies, and my wallet/cell/keys… AND the bags are also stylish enough that I can use them not as diaper bags once I am no longer in need of a diaper bag. I have a “real” diaper bag, but I find we hardly use it because it’s quite bulky. So I’ve been using lots of my big purses, etc. Anyways, so these two bags would originally cost $59 and $58 each. I got one for $13 and the other for $20. Can’t beat that. I love a bargain. Finally, I headed to Target and picked up toiletries for the hospital (travel sized shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and chapstick). It’s nice to be able to cross that off my list of things to prepare for the hospital. When I got home, I packed in some QTips, my extra deodorant stick, and the travel toothbrush. I am SET. 🙂

So when I was at TJMaxx, I had an INSANE contraction. It stopped me in my tracks. I literally couldn’t move. I got pretty worried after about a minute because I thought “Oh No. Not here.” Haha. But once it was over, I wrapped up my shopping and paid for my stuff. (And then went to Target but right home afterwards!!) So when I got home, I of course sat down and rested. Well, usually Snowdrop is hanging out to the right of my belly button – I’m pretty sure it’s her hip/butt that’s right there. And I think her head is generally to the left. So I started feeling around for her and she was GONE. I mean, there was nothing where my stomach is normally “firm”. It just shmushed right in… my heart dropped. I don’t know why I got so worried, I would have noticed a 29 week baby come out – I just… got scared. So then I was able to feel a little something above my belly button (probably an elbow? a knee?? an arm???) and then she started moving. Boy did she move. At one point, the moving even got me to go “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I think she turned around again because now I can feel her back in the usual spot. It was all so creepy. I hope she’s okay in there.

I got my glucose test done on Thursday. That drink is SO yucky. I WAS pleasantly surprised however at the lack of waiting I had to do (other than the hour wait that is part of the test), the swift movement of the few patients that went through the office while I was there, and the general good attitude of the nurses in the office. I know which Quest I’m going back to next time. 🙂

All in all, a busy week/weekend. And I’m done writing because I’m tired and this chair is hurting my bum. 🙂

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