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Question of the Week: What Item Do You Splurge On?

What Item Do You Splurge On?

There is one thing that I do consider to be a real splurge of mine and that is Aveda Brilliant Damage Control spray. It costs $15 for an 8.5oz bottle. I go through two (maybe three depending on summer heat, frequency of swimming, etc) a year. I love this stuff! It makes my hair feel great and I love the way it smells. I’d use Aveda shampoos but they’re just too darn expensive!

And Uggs. I love my Uggs. I’ve got a few boots and three pairs of slippers. I LOVE THEM and completely recommend them to everyone. The cost is worth the comfort and quality, in my opinion.

There are a few other things that I “splurge” on… I go to a fancy-pants salon to get my eyebrows/lip waxed every month and a half or so. I find it so relaxing and I really trust my lady there to do a good job. Plus they use all natural stuff so I think it helps with my uber-sensitive skin. There’s no way I could do it myself, in addition to not trusting myself to over/under-tweeze. 🙂 I get my hair cut at the same salon, which is also a splurge but I justify it because I only get my hair cut once a year, if that.

When it came to decorating the nurseries, I splurged – a little. I got Pottery Barn Kids bedding for the big girls. I had found it on sale, but it was still a big purchase at the time. (In fact, they DO offer a multiples discount however the gal behind the counter said they didn’t… but they do so don’t be fooled if you’re in the market for some PBK!) I “splurged” on PBK bedding for Snowdrop, too – but I bought it on 75% off clearance. SCORE! And her curtains were PBK from Ebay. DEAL!!! I’m really into PBK, I think they’ve got the cutest stuff for kid’s rooms. I tend to buy accessories and accents at places like Homegoods or Target, etc. But bedding is something I splurge on for the kids. I like our nurseries to be adorable. And they are! 🙂

When I go back home to the Big City, I’ll splurge on stuff like Bakery Food from my old bakery or I’ll go on a little Ikea spree because we don’t have one where we live.


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