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I’m annoyed that SOME PEOPLE abused the Babies-R-Us Loyalty Rewards Program in such a way that caused Babies-R-Us to change their Loyalty Rules – aka, I can’t be retro-credited for loyalty points for a purchase I made on Saturday when their system was down and they were unable to look up my loyalty number. (I’ve been waiting for nearly 8 weeks now for my replacement loyalty card – it takes 6-8 weeks to replace, so when I do make purchases they need to look me up by phone number.) I already had my ONE retro-credit back in August -> when the cashier had two separate purchases for me and neglected to add the loyalty number to the second purchase. So, it’s been their fault BOTH times I’ve needed the retro-credit. And because it’s their fault, I get screwed?

I know it must seem that I just go after companies for their faults. But I really don’t. I happen to have been screwed just in the past few weeks.

Thanks God, I get the message, you’re toughening me up for something. I’m preparing myself. Thanks.

PS. Nothing against Babies-R-Us, but this new system sucks. You should be able to tell who is abusing it (people who consistently add receipts from multiple stores and in large, frequent amounts) and who isn’t (<–me). I only patron one Babies-R-Us because there are few here in our Little City and the closest one is 20-25 mintues away from where we live. We buy our baby furniture there (on crib #3 now, dresser #2), not to mention the clothes, diapers, wipes, liquid formula for the first few months after our TWINS were born before they were allowed to have powder formula, strollers, car seats (four total, so far), baby soaps, a breastpump, baby accessories, toys, stuffed animals, bed sheets, etc.

My receipt should be able to be added ESPECIALLY during times when your system has been down and you are unable to look up loyalty numbers. Especially when it shows I’ve requested a replacement card AND it shows that the card is still being processed. Just as I honor your place-of-business by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars at your store, you should honor my business by respecting that it was “your fault” that the system failed on Saturday and add my receipts.


Update: I called my local Babies-R-Us AND my local Toys-R-Us & explained my situations. (I also had a receipt from Toy-R-Us -> the cashier did not ask me for my loyalty number and I subsequently forgot to give it to her at the time of purchase). Both my local B-R-Us and T-R-Us said to come on down to the store with my receipt and they’d have no trouble adding my loyalty number to the receipt so I could get my points for my purchases. So off we (me + my pregnant belly + my two year old twins) went to get our loyalty number added! All the cashiers needed to do was make a straight return/exchange and add the loyalty number to the new receipt – not very difficult, nor time consuming.

Can anyone from Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us Corporate explain to me why your corporate customer service can’t accomodate your (corporate system’s) own faults but your stores can? … … Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.


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