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This is approximately the amount of money it will cost us to send Juniper & Magnolia to private pre-school for the 2010/2011 school year. (I say approximate because I am not a skilled mathematician.)

Because we live in the city of the Little City, public schools are not an option. Well, they’re an option but not one we’d ever want to take. The public schools in the city here are horrendous. Plus, we’re Catholic and we’d really like our kids to attend Catholic schools. We’d need to move to the “ritzy” area of the Little City in order to send our kids to a public school. I’m not trying to offend anyone – it’s just that the public schools around here really suck.

$10,875.60. Which, of course, is not money that we are able to spare. Perhaps I’ll start looking into homeschooling. That would be the least expensive option for us. Would I be able to handle it though is the question. I’m a college graduate. For a couple years I studied Early Childhood Education – not that this qualifies me to teach children… but it’s certainly a leg up, right? I’m a high-stress person. By adding “school” to the list of things I need to do, am I over-scheduling myself? I had really been looking forward to having the kids in school so I could have more time to complete household tasks without interruption. Also so I’d have more time for me. I know, that sounds so selfish! But a Happy Rested Mom is a Good Mom in my opinion.

*sigh* While I would NEVER trade our twins in for a singleton, and while I know we are SO LUCKY to be blessed with twins (oh! AND a singleton!:)) and the ability to have our own children… I can’t help but think how easy it would be to just have one child. How inexpensive one child would be. We can afford to send one kid to preschool, but – haha – it’s not like we could draw a name out of hat and say “oh sorry, child #2, you can’t go to school.” And since they’re not identical we couldn’t send one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, right? (Haha – yeah, I know that’s not possible either!)

There’s the obvious “Why don’t YOU get a job?”. Why don’t I? It’s a great idea. Problem is, we’d need to pay for daycare while I was working… and that would use up all the money I’d be making so… we still wouldn’t be able to afford school. Gosh! It’s a crazy circle.

So, currently we’re trying to figure out where to come up with $10,875.60 for two days a week, six hours per day pre-school.

Do you have any get rich quick schemes? You know, other than robbing a bank? HAHAHAHA 🙂

UPDATE: We’ve come up with a list to save money:

1. Breastfeed longer (we’ll see how that goes)

2. Cut Down on Organic Foods: Only give girls Organic Milk & Meats; only buy Organics if it’s a good price. Otherwise, they’ll be fine eating non-organic carrots. Right? Right. 🙂

3. Bundle our DirecTV and ATT to save money on phone/internet/cable (Found out we need to disconnect both and then get a new account in order to bundle…a pain in the butt however this will save us at least $10/month.)

4. Become Electric Nazis: I know, I shouldn’t use the word Nazi as it might be offensive to some people. I mean it in more of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi sort of way. That we’d become obsessive with turning off lights and the tv, and unplugging electronics that we aren’t using. I’m not giving up on our outside lights at night though. Not in this neighborhood.

5. No Eating Out. No Exceptions. Like today: Instead of enjoying a lunch out with my Hubby (and Snowdrop) while the girls are at Grandma’s house, I made him a grilled cheese instead. I’m such a nice wife.

6. No Trips. I’m pretty sure this will be an easy one although I’m also pretty sure that my Hubby has something up his sleeve regarding Bonnaroo. We agreed not to go… but he had something in his email about Bonnaroo that he wouldn’t let me see. I saw the Inbox so I know he’s up to something. And although I know his password, I’m going to go for the surprise instead of ruining it for myself – and for him. He loves to surprise me. Also, we can make my family come down from the Big City instead of going up there. 🙂


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Dun Dun Dun Dun…

Well. On Thursday morning we awoke to the noise of footsteps coming down the hall towards our room. As we frantically moved about in bed and Hubby climbed over me to grab the golf club that he keeps next to our bed (in case he needs to protect us from an intruder…), two beaming little gingers swung open our door with books in their hands screaming “Read book Daddy! Read book!”

YEP. The inevitable has finally happened. They climbed out of their cribs. I suppose I am thankful that we got this far without them doing it… what, like 29 months of sleeping in cribs with no real attempts at escaping? Pretty good! I also find there is no coincidence that they both did it on the same day. This was of course a joint operation, one of many to come I’m sure. 🙂 When we asked them if they climbed out of their cribs, Magnolia goes “Yesh” (Yes, she says “sh” for “s”) and Juniper completely denied it. Haha. Oh Junie!!

We are turning their cribs into “Big Girl Beds” tonight after their nap. I’m excited, sad, nervous… I  can’t believe we’re already at this point in their lives! They’re growing up so fast!

There are several things we need to do in addition to putting the toddler rails up on the beds. We also need to attach this one “bureau” to the wall (I’m nervous they’ll pull it down) and purchase & install outlet covers. I’m not talking about those plastic pieces that you just stick in the outlet. We need plates that completely cover the outlet. Like a switchplate that doesn’t have holes. They take out the plastic ones and we have TWICE caught Mags trying to stick things (um like, metal twist ties!!!) into the outlet. To avoid unnecessary worry and to avoid frying my daughter, I think switchplate covers are the way to go! 🙂 I’m also planning on moving the big arm chair out of the corner and moving Mags bed back a bit so it’s parallel with Junie’s. I don’t know what this has to do with anything but I’m going for it.

It’s Valentine’s Day today! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and a big Happy 2nd Birthday to the JungleTwins! Hubby is sleeping in today. A small token of my love & affection… and also because I was up at 7 to feed Snowdrop and still awake at 8 when the girls came tumbling into our room. (I’m definitely getting some video footage of them climbing out of their beds before we take them apart. I just have to see the monkeys in action!)

Hubby surprised me with a GUITAR for Valentine’s Day!!! I’m so excited! It’s an acoustic electric and looks like this. I have the green one. Except the color is actually not olive-y. It’s more like a teal-green. I’m very happy to have it even though it’s totally not what I would have picked. My fingertips hurt like hell from playing the last two days… and unfortunately, one of the fret-lines (I don’t know what they’re actually called) has a chip in it, so the metal is rough and sharp. So I just emailed the guy at Amazon where Hubby got the guitar from. I just want to exchange it for one that isn’t chipped. Easy enough, right? We’ll see. I hope this return/exchange goes smoothly. I’m really excited about having a guitar again and even though we are supposed to be saving money, I’m glad Hubby bought it for me. 🙂 He’s so sweet.

We’re saving money because…. well, because we need to! AND because Dave Matthews is playing at Bonnaroo this year and WE HAVE TO GO. Haha. We weren’t planning on going at all this year but since Tennessee is much closer to us than the Gorge (we can drive there in less than a day, as opposed to paying airfare and having a layover…) it makes sense for us to try and go to TN instead! Steve Martin is also playing with his band (yes, Steve Martin of SNL and Father of the Bride fame… that “wild & crazy guy” that I love so much!), Trombone Shorty (from New Orleans, you MUST MUST MUST check him out – he is STELLAR), and many other musicians we’d like to see. So… Bonnaroo is our goal. We can afford it, we just need to make some cutbacks – like Hubby drinking water instead of Gatorade. And me not drinking Starbucks (which I haven’t even craved for months, and I’m breastfeeding so triple tall bone dry cappucinos with carmel drizzle are out anyways)… and not going out to dinner/getting take-out. We’re cuttin’ back and it feels good.

Yes, I will be bringing a Froggy Potty to Bonnaroo this year as I REFUSE to ever use the porta-potties there EVER again, after last year’s experiences. Yes, seriously. I will be using a Froggy Potty. We have two of them.

Okie dokie. Hubby is awake and trying to hand Snowdrop to me. She is hungry again. I feel like a cow sometimes. Moo. 🙂

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Blogs I Read

There are several blogs I go back to over & over & over again. I’ve found solace in reading about other parents’ trials & tribulations with their multiples (or singletons… although I’m pretty sure most of the ones I read are multiples blogs). I often wish that we had the Internet while I was pregnant with the girls. I begged & begged & begged and it wasn’t until I threw a HUGE fit when the girls were four months old that we actually got the Internet. We didn’t even have cable yet & being home with newborn twins, watching Maury Paternity Tests… I was losing my mind. Seriously.

So I kicked up the dramatics quite a bit & got my way. Seriously though, I NEEEEEDED the Internet. I’m about 300 miles from the Big City, my friends, my former life…. I needed to connect to them somehow. Sure we could phone each other but it’s so often faster and easier to send each other emails about our days and get back to each other when we have free minutes.

I didn’t start reading blogs for nearly a year. I wish I had! I would have learned so much. There are several blogs that I keep current on… some even checking daily for updates. Some little story sucked me in and now I’m hooked on them! Here are my favorite three blogs, in no particular order:

Three Cheers for Babies!

The stories of a set of triplets. I’ve been following them since their birth and was immediately sucked into the miracle that is their little lives. Lily, Charlie, and Annaleigh were born at 25w5d. All three babies had their ups & downs and then Annaleigh sadly passed a couple weeks ago. I think everyone who followed the blog has been touched by all the wonderful, and the heartbreaking, stories and posts from Joe & Brooke (the parents). I know that I have been touched. Charlie & Lily have been doing very well lately and soon they will be able to go home! YAY! 🙂

The Great Umbrella Heist

Another blog about triplets. These triplets however are identical! I think there is less than one in a million chance of a possibility for this to happen. AMAZING!! Their mother, Sarah, keeps up this blog (Dad, Rich, also has a blog, here, and he’s been writing more and more lately. It’s neat to see the two perspectives.) The triplets were miraculously conceived a few months after Sarah & Rich lost their daughter Abigail at birth. Their girls are a bit older than my girls and one daughter has had issues with her kidneys. Having a daughter who has had kidney problems… this speaks out to me. It’s rarely a focus of their blog however I think this is what first drew me to reading it. This is definitely one of my favorites out there.


Ah, the JungleTwins. I wasn’t sure when I first started reading this blog that I would fall in love with it! Nearly a year later, I find myself hoping for new posts to see what’s new in the Jungle. JungleMom lives in the jungle (duh) on a remote Hawaiian island. JungleDad is a scientist who spends many days a month away from home and up in a volcano! (Thrilling!!) From geckos in the house to avoiding the other mothers on the island (they’re nuts!!)… I just love everything I read! JungleMom writes with such humor and honesty – I find myself laughing hardest because I’ve been there! … Well, I haven’t been in a yurt on an island with out-there-mommies but I’ve had days where food and poop are everywhere and everything seems to be going wrong! This blog is great! 🙂

Thanks to my favorite blogs for all the fantastic stories and for sharing with me! 🙂


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Big Ultrasound Next Week!!

Our big ultrasound is next week. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow. Man, am I HUGE. I know ‘they’ say that with the second pregnancy you are bigger than with the first. I had twins the first time around though… so shouldn’t I be about the same if there’s just one baby in there this time? Or maybe even smaller the second time around since there’s just one baby in there? I’m confused by my size.

I’m starting to wonder if there really isn’t just one baby in there. I mean, it’s totally possible there was someone hiding in the first two ultrasounds. The first ultrasound we had was very blurry, the screen was very dark and the doctor confessed it was a new machine that she didn’t know how to work well. She was unable to fix the settings but was able to find a fetal pole.… I was nine weeks along though so there should have been more than a fetal pole at that time, according to all standard Google Research. 🙂

In July, we went back for another appointment and made (ok, we asked nicely) my doctor check the baby via ultrasound again for growth. Just one baby showed up on the monitor. The post I just linked to apparently doesn’t tell much of a story about the ultrasound but basically, the baby was measuring right on target for 13 weeks (the amount of weeks I thought I was pregnant before the whole fetal pole episode – so I WAS 9 weeks when the ultrasound only found the pole (which still doesn’t seem right)). Just one baby there… so we all think.

But now, I’m HUGE. I’m measuring about 3cm bigger than I should be at this stage. We’ve been comparing pictures from the last pregnancy to pictures of me right now… and I’m bigger. WTF? All this combined with the intense movement I’m feeling in my belly have me, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and Hubby a little on edge. I mean, if it’s twins – that’s awesome! Two babies!! AGAIN!! We’d just be so lucky! If it’s one baby – that’s awesome too! One baby!! Can anyone say CakeWalk?? Haha.

We just can’t wait until that next ultrasound!! Aside from definite (let’s hope, right?) confirmation of number of babies inside… we’ll also be able to find out boy or girl so that’s pretty exciting. My entire life I intended to not find out what I was expecting – but then came the girls so we felt financially it would be best to find out what they were so we could plan accordingly. I’m not a pink-princess kind of girl but I DID want to do a green and purple dragonfly bedroom for my daughter. Their room was also a beautiful deep blue color before we painted it purple & green, so had it been boys we would have kept it that blue! So we found out. AND now that we have lots of girl clothes and only some boy/girl clothes – we’re finding out this time around what we’re having. It’s still a surprise either way, just an earlier surprise. 🙂

Maybe we won’t tell people what we’re having? I’m pretty positive though that the grandparents wouldn’t fly for that AND that if we asked them to keep it secret – they would not be able to. No way, no how. I love these people immensely, but they are unable to keep secrets. HAHA.

The girls are nearly taking off their bibs so I must run before my floor is covered in lunch. 🙂

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Three Errands WITH the Girls!!!

Wow!! It was such a nice day, slightly too hot once we were on our way home, I decided to run some errands with the girls. I don’t normally do this. However, since a new baby is on the way I feel compelled to get them used to going out in public with me & walking across parking lots holding my hand & sitting like big girls in shopping carts! They are going to have to be big girls sooner than later and now’s the perfect time to start. I took them to the pet store to get one of our cats a new collar & name tag. She (the cat) seemed to have wiggled her way out of her collar… and we can’t find it! I knew the collar was too big and so I made smaller holes but she’s a damn smart cat and figured out how to take it off anyways. Oh well. It only stinks because I now don’t have her original AVID tag & I’m not sure if I can get one of those reprinted…? I’ll find out in a few weeks when I take them to the Vet. I was going to grab her (the cat) a new rabies replacement tag today but I remembered they (the two cats) go to the Vet in July so…. she can wait two weeks for a new tag. No use going to get one now when she’ll just need a new one next month! Right? 🙂

So, off to the pet store we went for the collar & name tag. I only had to tell Juniper oh about 12 times to sit down in the shopping cart. I really didn’t feel like dealing with our stroller (it’s got a lame wheel) so I put Magnolia in the front of the cart & let Junie ride in the main area. Other than standing up all the time to see stuff, she did well in the main part. We looked at gerbils, hamsters, & birds. They were really fascinated by the birds especially when one of the workers had to capture two parakeets for a little boy who was bringing them out. The birds were flying about like crazy in their cage, tweeting, and feathers were flying everywhere. The Girls were just DELIGHTED by this and kept signing “more” and saying “more”… it was cute! 🙂 I love that they are talking more but still using the signs at the same time. They are even picking up more signs & using them with new words. It’s so cool to see them learning. 🙂 We also got treats to give the cats since they were on sale for $1/package and because I thought it would be fun for the girls to feed them treats. They feed their grandma’s dog treats whenever we’re at their house and they (the girls) just love it. I think they feel important.

After the pet store, we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up posterboard & paint pens. I switched the girls around this time in the shopping cart, so Mags was in back & Junie was in the front part. Mags is much better at consistently sitting but I still had to tell her a few times to sit down. They’re only 22 months after all. Well, Michael’s didn’t have the brand of paint pen I need (I want to be sure to have the same colors on this project I’m working on – painting gold plastic butterflies to match their room of purple & green) but I was able to get some black posterboards to frame our most recent concert posters (Bonnaroo, Phish, & Dave Matthews). We’re HUGE music fans and one of our favorite things to do is frequent concerts & music events. We always like to get a poster from what we attend. We’ve got quite a collection started! Mainly a lot of DMB stuff but…. we’ve also got some others. I dream of getting a Led Zeppelin poster some day. Not just any poster, but one from the show I will attend. They’ve just GOT to do an American tour…. they’ve GOT TO!!! I like all our posters to be in the same flat black frame (from Target) & be framed in a black mat. We can’t ever find the right size mat so we’ve taken to black posterboard & cutting the mat out ourselves. It works for us & I’m happy with how they turn out. With our 22 foot ceilings, it certainly is a great way to fill in space on our walls & keep our memories at hand. And I think the girls like all the different illustrations & colors. So Michael’s went well & I only had ONE person ask me if they were twins. (DUH. I even had them dressed EXACTLY alike – not something I normally do but in my pregnant state, I’m frankly too tired some days to care. Bad Mommy.) But the lady also commented on how lovely and “incredible” their red hair is… so I can’t totally complain. It is gorgeous. And the girls knew better than to come out without red hair. I knew they’d be redheaded; they had to be. 🙂

I was starving and wasn’t totally planning this third “errand” but I took the girls to this tiny italian place to pick up cheesy garlic bread & ravioli. For me. Not for them, it’s not organic. But I couldn’t help myself. I was staaaaarving & the Baby wanted this food. Today. So I brought the girls in, no stroller, they held my hands and walked from car to restaurant door. This was only about 20 feet but still – a new thing for us!! 🙂 They were so great inside the restaurant while I placed my order and we waited for our food. Magnolia sat quite patiently on the bench and “read” the menu. Juniper did more exploring than sitting but they were both really well behaved. I’m so proud of my girls when they are good in public places. They’re good kids to begin with but it’s nice all the same. So I got my lunch and we headed home to get them their lunch & take naps.

All in all, a great day with my girls. They were so great running errands I just might bring them back to the pet store tomorrow to return the collar (it’s too big for the cat…) & to return the posterboards to the craft store (too small for the frames…). Ah, pregnant brain is so funny. 🙂

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Still in Shock Over Twins, Surviving Bridal Showers and Surprising the Family

Still in Shock:

Hubby threw up while we waited for the doctor after our ultrasound.

I was in shock. Still laughing, but in honest shock. Truly, it was so unexpected. First just being pregnant was a big surprise… but twins? {Flashback to the conception date: Hubby (then just my boyfriend) left it up to God and took a chance with his ‘swimmers’, telling Him, ‘If this is meant to be, so be it.” I had asked God for a sign a week earlier that the long-distance was worth the struggle … boy did He really hit this one out of the park, in terms of signs. And my boyfriend… well, he hit it out of the park, too.}

Two. Two…… We couldn’t believe it. What were we going to do? We still hadn’t found a house at this point ~ Hubby had looked at nearly two hundred homes. (We finally closed on one – the day before our wedding – with 15 foot ceilings ~ Beautiful and spacious, but NOT an easy climb at any-months pregnant with twins, let me tell you. We spent the last month and a half of my pregnancy living on the first floor. And the eight weeks it took me to recover from the c-section, too. 🙂 And how were we going to afford twins? I was definitely not going back to work ~ it was only financially obvious we’d save money by not paying for a babysitter. TWO. TWO BABIES. And the ultrasound technician thought it looked like both might be girls. Hubby is the only child, of an only-child, of an only-child, of an only-child, of an only-child, of an only-child ~ ALL MALE. For the past six generations, all boys, and only one. Way to break tradition!!! 🙂 TWO. We just couldn’t believe it!

My doctor was very relaxed when she came into the room after the ultrasound. She had only delivered four sets of twins before during her practice but she said that she felt confident delivering mine if everything was normal and there were no major complications during the pregnancy. She wanted to consult with a Maternal-Fetal doctor during my pregnancy (that’s where I’d end up having my many ultrasounds) to keep on eye on things. (There showed some kidney malfunction on Baby B at the first ultrasound.) If my pregnancy continued to still ‘look good’ and Baby B’s kidney never posed any major problems, then she’d keep me on as her patient and deliver the babies herself. I totally trusted her when she said that if she reached a point and felt she couldn’t handle it, then she would hand me over to the experts. Although the kidney did turn out to pose a few problems, and we did have to receive many, many ultrasounds, my doctor delivered both babies – without the help of the “experts”.

(SideNote: Promptly two hours after delivering mine, after going home for a shower and some dinner, my doctor delivered a second set of twins (two boys). It was a record day for her and I’m proud my girls are part of it! )

We left the appointment still stunned and got into the car. “Wow,” I think we both said. I was starving (no surprise there) so we decided to go out to lunch. My mom called to check in and see how the appointment went. I said “Oh fine, the baby looks great! We’ll show you guys the pictures tomorrow after the bridal shower.” Phew, I passed ~ she suspected nothing.

We went to a restaurant we had never been to before. Since then, we’ve probably been 30 times. It’s become a favorite place of ours; sentimental, definitely ~ and the food is fabulous. That day, however, I threw up. It all got overwhelming for a minute. We agreed to not tell anyone until we told our families the following day. Our families were getting together for a BBQ at the poolhouse after my bridal shower.

Hubby is the worst secret keeper EVER. I don’t tell him my ‘secrets’ or even my ‘true thoughts’ on a lot of things. I know you’re not supposed to tell your husband everything…… but it would be nice to be able to confide in him and know that his best friends won’t know all about it by the end of the day. I’ve got no one to vent to down here in the Little City and sometimes I wish I did. His friends knew about the twins later that night before anyone from our own families found out. *sigh* Typical.

Surviving Bridal Showers:

My mother-in-law is truly a wonderful woman. No, really, she is! I’m probably one of the luckiest girls to have such a great MIL. She is truly interested in me and genuinely listens when I speak. I know she hears and tries to remember all my likes and dislikes and is extremely thoughtful. For example, she’ll send me to the nail salon with a gift certificate sometimes when I drop the kids off for my weekly “Mommy’s Day Out/Grandma’s Day In”. When we come for dinner it is always a feast filled with our favorites; she makes extra food for us to take home so I don’t have to bother with cooking the next day. She brought me pineapple after pineapple when I was craving it most ~ and supplied me with endless carmel apples after the babies were born.

She loves my children so much. She loves to give, give, give. (I’ve got (literally) five huge bins of clothes ranging from newborn through 2T. Some of the clothes I’ve purchased but she’s always finding things for the girls and snatching them up!) Anyways… MIL is great. Her MIL (Hubby’s grandmother) was very mean to her when she first married into the family. VERY mean, as in Hubby’s Grandma accused my MIL of being knocked up by someone other than her husband when they got pregnant with my husband (did that make sense? basically, Grandma accused my MIL of cheating on her husband and getting knocked up and that the baby wasn’t actually theirs. *sigh*… it’s really too long a story to get more into.) Back to my MIL… so she had a terrible MIL experience and so with me (and my MIL told me this) she never wants to have that kind of relationship. She wants to help me as much as I need her to help and she wants to include me in her life as much as I’ll let her. She doesn’t give unneeded advice, she sticks with my ‘rules’ for the babies… she calls me the ‘daughter she never had’ – which truly is so awesome. She’s such a wonderful woman and I feel so blessed to have her as my MIL.

So of course when we announced our engagement (and the ‘curveball’ aka the first grandchild) she wanted to throw me a bridal shower at their poolhouse (I like to say I married up… but actually, HE did. Haha.) but as tradition goes, the MIL is not supposed to host a shower – so her group of best friends hosted the shower at the MIL’s poolhouse. I was nervous. What if her friends didn’t like me? What if I got some really wierd present and couldn’t effectively pull off an “oh! this is so lovely!” upon opening it?

The day arrived and everything actually went smoothly. My husbands friends who attended kept our secret very well! With smiles so amused as people joked about Hubby & I having twins since I looked so big, they really helped me ease into being the lady of the afternoon. I received many wonderful gifts, some odd items, and a sprinkle of things I’ll pass on to a White Elephant. It all went really well and I’m pretty sure all my MIL’s friends approve of me.

PHEW! ! ! ! ! !

Surprising the Family:

We decided to tell our families at the same time during our planned family barbeque after the bridal shower. That way everyone found out together and no one could feel left out. (It’s difficult some of the time when one side lives out of town.) The guys had been golfing all day (very regular amongst the men in our families). My dad and Hubby’s dad had really gotten to know each other and the time spent together proved they would have a wonderful relationship. Thank God my in-laws are normal people, like golf and wine, and can get along with my parents (who are more or less the same, as long as you add hardcore Catholic into their mix).

As the meat went on the grill my mom went inside the poolhouse to help my MIL and FIL serve up appetizers and bring some dishes outside to the tables where we were all sitting. They joked, “I wonder what they want to tell us. Maybe they found out what it is”, “Thank God it’s only one baby! Haha. Haha.”, “Yeah, we’d know by now if it were twins!” Laughter filled the poolhouse as our parents imagined our upcoming announcement.

Everyone settled down for appetizers and Hubby & I stood up to address our families. We started with the usual ‘thanks for being here’, blah blah. We continued, “The ultrasound went really well other than a couple of things. Nothing un-handle-able is wrong there are just some things the doctor is concerned about. We wanted to brief the family on it before the birth so that everyone could be prepared.” Dun dun dun…. ominous looks crossed everyone’s faces. They were preparing themselves for something bad.

“Everything’s great, the only thing is that she’s dyzygotic,” Hubby said.

Before he said ‘dizygotic’, my MIL screamed, “SHE?!” Then someone asked “What’s dizygotic?” A light-bulb look came over the faces of my father (a doctor) and my sister (a science know-all) as they found in their memory banks the meaning of dizygotic.

I smiled. Then, I said, “It means she has a sister.” At that moment, you could have heard a flea laughing it was so silent!

“TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!” My mother howled and gasped laughter out of her mouth. She was red as a beet with surprise and excitement. She and my MIL were screaming and hugging each other. I wish we had gotten it on videotape. My FIL just sat there and opened another beer, completely stunned by our news. Everyone was so excited, so surprised, and deliriously happy.

I think my sisters were especially happy because while although they aren’t officially twins, they’ve been raised as such their entire lives so for me, their oldest sister, to be having twins was really exciting for them. Plus, they each got to be a godmother so no one’s feelings were hurt. PHEW! 🙂

I had survived my first scary ultrasound, my first scary bridal shower, and the excitement of sharing our good news. Now I just had to survive being mom to twins….. Dun dun dun….

I was glad that we had told the families because now I could go back to the Big City to tell MY friends. It was so exciting and I knew I’d have to tell them all at the same time. I decided my bachelorette party would be the day. My friends were taking me to the horse races for some brunch and a classy day of betting and cheering on our favorites. This, of course, is another ‘blog-story’ for another day.

(SideNote: My sisters are seven weeks apart in age.)

(Explanation cause I know you want one: Myself and all my siblings are adopted. At the time my parents were looking for a baby, two birthmothers picked them and agreed to have my parents raise their babies together. Pretty cool. I had prayed really hard for a sister; we joke now that I prayed too hard. 🙂 )

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One Year Later…

On October 13, 2007….. my babies were already a month old! Haha…they were DUE Oct 13th, but were born Sept 13th. So I will always think of Oct 13th as a special day for them, regardless of when they were actually born.

I’m not sure when they started walking. I didn’t write it down; eleven months? At the end of ten months? I remember the first steps ~ both were to me…. and it was so exciting. 🙂 Juniper walked before Magnolia, but Mags caught on much quicker than Junie did ~ Mags wasn’t as nervous to go ahead and “take that leap”! We’ve got nine teeth between them; Mags got an upper-side tooth before she got one of her middle uppers. They really, really, really have a thing for cherry tomatos (sliced, of course) and cheese – either together or separate. Both will pretty much eat ANYTHING we put in front of them and neither is allergic to peanut butter/peanuts ~ this will make life and lunchtimes so much easier. I eat about a jar of peanut butter myself (hubby likes crunchy, I prefer creamy but will eat either, so anyways He and I have our own PB in the house) every 2-3 months. I love it. And if my kids had nut allergies, I’m not sure even I could handle the constant worry about it.

We’re learning signs. Mags has it down better than Junie but Junie did the signs first ~ go figure! Milk and Cat are the most used signs… Cat isn’t generally that informative to us but sometimes we’ll get the sign for diaper although usually we can smell the problem first. We started thinking it would be helpful but a lot of the time we just feel stupid trying to sign to the babies. It’s a learning process for all…

I really enjoy reading this one wordpress blog – ‘andbabymakesfive’ – it’s about this couple and their quest via surrogacy for twins. The wife was born without a uterus (rare!) and they truly have this amazing story. I’m always tempted to Facebook her and tell her how much I love her blog ~ I wish she would be my friend cause I think she’s super cool. Anyways, the blog always makes me laugh and often makes me cry. I wish they lived closer to me so I could help out or at least be another twin mom to hang out with and lament about our husbands’ love for Phish (eh, they’re okay, remind me of an ex of mine so I can only tolerate so many bootlegs before I neeeeeeeeeed some Zeppelin). The mom is always so matter-of-fact and seems to have such a happy, love-filled life. Uterus or not, I wish I could be her.

I don’t know any women in the Little City with twins. Other than the much older woman that we get a lot of our stuff from. And I’d never hang out with her. She’s the kind of mother that picks the baby  runs to the baby immediately and coddles it when it falls from a sitting position. (Was coddles the right word?) Now, I’m not about to let my kids fling themselves down a staircase but a bruise or bump now and then isn’t going to hurt them.

What else… yeah, this IS only my third post and this blog has definitely not been written “on” in a while. Turns out I don’t have as much time as I thought I really did. Maybe I’ll start writing more next week. You know, when all the chores are done and all the errands are run and both the girls are fast asleep all through the night.

LOL ~ Like THAT’S ever going to happen.

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