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Baby Name Specifications…

We’re not sharing any of our names with anyone until after the baby is born. Even you, dear readers. 🙂

I WILL share our specifications for the baby names. The first name has to be three or more syllables. The first name also needs to not be popular. I like it when the SSA.GOV Baby Name Website returns my search with “This name has never been in the Top 1000 Baby Names.” Mainly, a name can stay on our list if it hasn’t been in the Top 1000 since the mid-1900’s. OR if it’s made the list somewhere around 850-900/1000 on the list during more recent years, that’s okay too.

If it’s a boy, his middle name is: Christopher. If it’s a girl, her middle name is Kelly. (Yes, these are both family names, though they are not mine nor Hubby’s names. :))

We actually already have our boy name picked out and settled upon. I’m 99.9% sure that we’ll even end up with this name for our boy so that’s kind of neat. 🙂 We do currently refer to the baby as this name although we still don’t know whether or not it’s a girl or boy. Haha!

The girl name has been difficult to pin down. Of course, we still have lots of time to decide on what to name her.

Our baby name book (we have just one – with the Internet there’s such a vast realm to search for names I didn’t think we’d need more than one actually book) actually lists “Celery” as a girls name. Celery. Really? Would anyone out there really, I mean really, name their daughter “Celery”????

“Celery: (Food Name (um, duh??) refreshing”

Um…. ? Really? And if Celery is in there, why not Potato or Asparagus? “Gus, Tater, come here and get your dinner!!!” Bong-Cha is another one of my favorites. It’s a Korean name and it means “excellent daughter”…. or “excellent weed, maaaaan” to most people in our social circle, LOL. Bong-Cha? I’m not ripping on culture, language, etc…. but Bong-Cha in our house means something quite different than a reference to our daughters. Schmoopie is another strange name in our book. Schmoopie – people, I’m not making this up I swear!!!

“Schmoopie: (American (oh great, don’t Americans look like f*cktards now….)) baby; sweetie”

Er… Please. If you know anyone thinking of naming their daughter “Schmoopie” please smack them upside the head. They need the wake-up call.

We didn’t look extensively at the boy names in the book but of course, there were some that stuck out. Like, for example-> Uranus.

“Uranus: ( Greek) the heavens”

Oh, what a nice meaning. Too bad schoolchildren don’t carry around name definition books so they can avoid hurting someone’s feelings. You might as well name your kid Penis-head or Scrotum because being named Uranus is only going to ruin…. everything.

“Buffalo: (American) tough-minded”

Unless you’re part of native tribe… stay away from such names like Buffalo and Sundancer. Gosh, even if you’re a Hippie stay away from those names. Stick to Hippie-regulars like River, Willow, and Sky. I’m part (a wee bit, but still part) Blackfoot American Indian so I suppose….. um, no. I still won’t do it. We joked about naming our firstborn Skyhippie Tangerine. I still love it. Maybe when we get a dog…?

And lastly -> Rambo. You really have a problem if you’re naming your kid Rambo. Either a strange Sylvester Stallone obsession… or something else, I don’t know. It’s not even a ‘real’ name. “Real” meaning, from a culture or country.

“Rambo: (Movie) daring; action-oriented”


Any ideas on three syllable, not-very-popular girls names? I’ve been to pretty much all the websites on the first 22 pages of a Google search for “baby names”… and I’ve got a good list of about 18 names that are possibles. I’d love to hear any suggestions from you. 🙂


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