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It’s a GIRL!!!

It’s a girl!! Two arms, two legs, a four-chamber heart, and two healthy looking kidneys. YAY!!!!

I think Hubby is disappointed. I’m not sure. I guess he probably IS considering he really wanted a boy… but that’s not what was intended for him, I suppose. Nor for me.

Three daughters. This will be our third. I hope she is also redheaded. 🙂 I’m so excited that I can finally start to decorate the nursery… and work on cutting down our name list. Which is only three names long but still. 🙂

Oh, and my due date is now December 30th, 2009. Officially, a tax deduction. 🙂

It’s a girl!!! YAY!!!


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Big Ultrasound Next Week!!

Our big ultrasound is next week. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow. Man, am I HUGE. I know ‘they’ say that with the second pregnancy you are bigger than with the first. I had twins the first time around though… so shouldn’t I be about the same if there’s just one baby in there this time? Or maybe even smaller the second time around since there’s just one baby in there? I’m confused by my size.

I’m starting to wonder if there really isn’t just one baby in there. I mean, it’s totally possible there was someone hiding in the first two ultrasounds. The first ultrasound we had was very blurry, the screen was very dark and the doctor confessed it was a new machine that she didn’t know how to work well. She was unable to fix the settings but was able to find a fetal pole.… I was nine weeks along though so there should have been more than a fetal pole at that time, according to all standard Google Research. 🙂

In July, we went back for another appointment and made (ok, we asked nicely) my doctor check the baby via ultrasound again for growth. Just one baby showed up on the monitor. The post I just linked to apparently doesn’t tell much of a story about the ultrasound but basically, the baby was measuring right on target for 13 weeks (the amount of weeks I thought I was pregnant before the whole fetal pole episode – so I WAS 9 weeks when the ultrasound only found the pole (which still doesn’t seem right)). Just one baby there… so we all think.

But now, I’m HUGE. I’m measuring about 3cm bigger than I should be at this stage. We’ve been comparing pictures from the last pregnancy to pictures of me right now… and I’m bigger. WTF? All this combined with the intense movement I’m feeling in my belly have me, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and Hubby a little on edge. I mean, if it’s twins – that’s awesome! Two babies!! AGAIN!! We’d just be so lucky! If it’s one baby – that’s awesome too! One baby!! Can anyone say CakeWalk?? Haha.

We just can’t wait until that next ultrasound!! Aside from definite (let’s hope, right?) confirmation of number of babies inside… we’ll also be able to find out boy or girl so that’s pretty exciting. My entire life I intended to not find out what I was expecting – but then came the girls so we felt financially it would be best to find out what they were so we could plan accordingly. I’m not a pink-princess kind of girl but I DID want to do a green and purple dragonfly bedroom for my daughter. Their room was also a beautiful deep blue color before we painted it purple & green, so had it been boys we would have kept it that blue! So we found out. AND now that we have lots of girl clothes and only some boy/girl clothes – we’re finding out this time around what we’re having. It’s still a surprise either way, just an earlier surprise. 🙂

Maybe we won’t tell people what we’re having? I’m pretty positive though that the grandparents wouldn’t fly for that AND that if we asked them to keep it secret – they would not be able to. No way, no how. I love these people immensely, but they are unable to keep secrets. HAHA.

The girls are nearly taking off their bibs so I must run before my floor is covered in lunch. 🙂

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