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I’m annoyed that SOME PEOPLE abused the Babies-R-Us Loyalty Rewards Program in such a way that caused Babies-R-Us to change their Loyalty Rules – aka, I can’t be retro-credited for loyalty points for a purchase I made on Saturday when their system was down and they were unable to look up my loyalty number. (I’ve been waiting for nearly 8 weeks now for my replacement loyalty card – it takes 6-8 weeks to replace, so when I do make purchases they need to look me up by phone number.) I already had my ONE retro-credit back in August -> when the cashier had two separate purchases for me and neglected to add the loyalty number to the second purchase. So, it’s been their fault BOTH times I’ve needed the retro-credit. And because it’s their fault, I get screwed?

I know it must seem that I just go after companies for their faults. But I really don’t. I happen to have been screwed just in the past few weeks.

Thanks God, I get the message, you’re toughening me up for something. I’m preparing myself. Thanks.

PS. Nothing against Babies-R-Us, but this new system sucks. You should be able to tell who is abusing it (people who consistently add receipts from multiple stores and in large, frequent amounts) and who isn’t (<–me). I only patron one Babies-R-Us because there are few here in our Little City and the closest one is 20-25 mintues away from where we live. We buy our baby furniture there (on crib #3 now, dresser #2), not to mention the clothes, diapers, wipes, liquid formula for the first few months after our TWINS were born before they were allowed to have powder formula, strollers, car seats (four total, so far), baby soaps, a breastpump, baby accessories, toys, stuffed animals, bed sheets, etc.

My receipt should be able to be added ESPECIALLY during times when your system has been down and you are unable to look up loyalty numbers. Especially when it shows I’ve requested a replacement card AND it shows that the card is still being processed. Just as I honor your place-of-business by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars at your store, you should honor my business by respecting that it was “your fault” that the system failed on Saturday and add my receipts.


Update: I called my local Babies-R-Us AND my local Toys-R-Us & explained my situations. (I also had a receipt from Toy-R-Us -> the cashier did not ask me for my loyalty number and I subsequently forgot to give it to her at the time of purchase). Both my local B-R-Us and T-R-Us said to come on down to the store with my receipt and they’d have no trouble adding my loyalty number to the receipt so I could get my points for my purchases. So off we (me + my pregnant belly + my two year old twins) went to get our loyalty number added! All the cashiers needed to do was make a straight return/exchange and add the loyalty number to the new receipt – not very difficult, nor time consuming.

Can anyone from Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us Corporate explain to me why your corporate customer service can’t accomodate your (corporate system’s) own faults but your stores can? … … Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

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Grandma’s Visit, 19 pound babies, and Expedia Coupons

First things first – Tucker from Expedia explains to me that there was a technical “oopsie” that prevented all the supervisors with whom I spoke to figure out what was going on with my refund, etc. This oopsie will be corrected in the future so Expedia customers can be kept informed as to the status of their refund, etc. Then he gave us a $100 coupon good for travel use in the next year. That was really nice of him even though I’m not so sure we’ll be using it. Thanks Tucker! 🙂

Hopefully I’ve helped out a future customer to avoid such a ridiculous, blood-boiling, annoying occurrence that I unfortunately experienced.

Moving On…

Nineteen Pound Babies. Apparently the mother had gestational diabetes. I’m surprised that if the doctors were aware of her GD that they let the baby get THIS BIG. I mean, WOW. Talk about dangerous for mother AND baby. I’m glad the baby is doing well & seemingly healthy.

Can you imagine, NINETEEN POUNDS? Obviously, the baby would be delivered by C-Section or you’d really be looking at 4th degree tear. HAHA. Oh, I shouldn’t joke about tearing, I know. I’m sooooooo afraid of tearing. But I DO know that my baby won’t be nineteen pounds… and it’s very likely my little Snowdrop won’t even be nine pounds.

NINETEEN. WOW. I wonder what Michelle Duggar thinks of that?

I love the Duggars. I do. I think they’re a remarkable family and I think we could all learn a lot from them. They’re living debt-free, teaching their kids to be responsible for themselves and to give back to their world and community. The Duggars are amazing. I do wish I could be more like them. And that there were more people in the world like them.

Moving on again…. my Grandma’s visit!

I was so excited to hear she was coming to town. Hubby and I stayed up until 2am cleaning our house last night so it would look nice for when she came. We remarked that we think it’s actually the cleanest it has been since we moved in (yikes!). I’m not surprised by this, nor grossed out by it either. We’ve been busy. Lots of things have taken precedence over cleaning – like enjoying our newborn babies and sleeping when they did! 🙂

So our house is clean. YAY! I got sick last night – threw up for the first time in a while. I’m hoping it’s just a combination of the antibiotics I’m on, the two Flintstone vitamins I take before bed, AND the fact that I was up super late last night. I really hope I’m not more sick. Yikes, that would stink. I’m going to bed as soon as Curb Your Enthusiasm is over.

So I picked up my Nana from the airport and we headed home. She smells just like she always did. Not a bad smell, but the smell of her house – etc. You know what I’m talking about, right? I’m so glad she was here. She’s my only living grandmother (and has been for quite some time) and she had never met Juniper & Magnolia. It was about time!! 🙂 I’m one of her more than fifty grandchildren (but I AM the 2nd grandchild of them all!) and we live in different states so I’m not surprised it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. It was such a nice thing to see her.

The girls were really shy and wouldn’t go near her. We did get some pictures of the hour of us together, so I’m really glad about that. Magnolia gave her a hug at the end of the night but Junie wasn’t really cooperating. She’s a skeptical one, that Junie. 🙂 But the girls were really cute and funny at dinner so Nana really got a kick out of that! And she told us some funny stories about my dad. Like how he refused to potty train and how he drank out of a bottle until he was three. She also told a really great story about when he wasn’t doing well in school (third grade) and the teacher was sending home notes to tell Nana that he wasn’t doing well. My dad was throwing the notes in the creek on the way home so my Nana never got them!! HAHAHAHA. I really REALLY got a kick out of that. SOOOOOOOOO funny, especially if you know my dad. He always seemed a play-by-the-rules kind of guy to me.

Nana is doing well. She’s in town for a business meeting. I’m so proud of her. She’s a very religious (CATHOLIC) woman. She’s a super conservative Republican. And very involved in the things she believes in. At the ripe old age of 70-something, she’s still active and participating and fighting for what she believes in. It’s remarkable and I’m so proud to be her granddaughter. When I was a kid, she ran for Congress. Twice. Both times, we helped go door to door passing out literature and campaigning for her to win. She would have made a fantastic congresswoman and I think our country would be better today. She’s so strong in her beliefs and she really knows how to fight the good fights. Both times she ran for Congress, I prayed and prayed that she wouldn’t win because I didn’t want her to move away and not have time for me anymore. She didn’t win. Either time. And I knew at an early age that God listened to me when I prayed for something I really wanted.

Time for some Curb and lots of ni-ni.

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Grandma’s Coming to Visit!

I’m so excited! My grandma is coming to visit tomorrow!! Only for the afternoon/evening but I’m excited just the same. She lives in Florida (as many of the older folks do) but will be in town for some political thingamabob this weekend. I haven’t seen her since before the girls were born AND she’s never met her great-granddaughters!! We used to spend a good amount of time together when we both lived in the Big City. She taught me to sew, to cook a few things, and basically just enjoyed my company. I’m soooooooooo excited to see her!!!

That being said… I’ve got lots to do today to clean up the house and make it look “pretty” for her visit. She had seven kids and never kept a “perfect” house so she doesn’t expect me to have my house that way – but I still want it looking fabulous. 🙂


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Gardenia is having a name change…

Okay…. so Miss Gardenia is already having a name change!!

I love it when it snows. In the Big City, we got lots of snow in the wintertime (sometimes even in the fall and springtime!). I LOVE SNOW. I LOVE IT! The crisp whiteness of freshly fallen snow, the smell after it snows, the crunch of it beneath my feet, the sight of it falling soft or hard from the sky… snow is beautiful however it comes. In the Little City, it doesn’t snow enough for my liking. Our winters are mild & the very chance of snow sends the city into a tizzy with schools being canceled and people rushing to the grocery stores to stock up on canned goods. When I was in school in the Big City, school got canceled TWICE. TWICE. We went to school in a blizzard. Sure, sometimes we got sent home early but for the most part we dealt with the weather.

ANYWAYS… I love the snow. While both Hubby & I thought it would be fun for our next baby to be born in September (we were going to try next January for another September baby but God got to us first!), I’m excited for the idea that our third child is due in December – I just might have a snow baby! 🙂 We joke that I’ll probably have to drive myself to the hospital (with Hubby in the passenger seat) because I’ll go into labor during a big snowstorm and since I’m obviously a better snow driver than he is … I’d be the one to drive – haha. It’s true though, I’m a better snow driver.

I got to thinking how beautiful it would be to incorporate some “winter” theme into her name. At first, we thought Noelle for a middle name if she was born around Christmas. Friends of ours just named their new baby girl Noelle so… that’s out, more or less! 🙂 No worries there because I’ve found the perfect solution. Instead of her being Gardenia, to match her sisters Juniper & Magnolia, she is going to be called Snowdrop. It’s a simple but beautiful white flower with marvelous green tints on the inside. And the perfect name for my third daughter, in fact.

So, Miss Gardenia is no longer… as she has become Miss Snowdrop. I like it much better and it certainly seems to fit, regardless of whether she’s born on a snowy day. Once I said it out loud I KNEW it was the perfect “botanical” name for her. Perfect!

Juniper, Magnolia, & Snowdrop. My precious daughters. 🙂


In other news, tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant with 14 weeks left to go!!! I’m so excited!!! I can’t believe how fast this has gone! I’m feeling pretty well… for the most part. Been having some real contractions here and there – never too many in an hour but it IS something I’ve been keeping watch over. I don’t think I’ll carry Snowdrop full-term but you never know. I’m still guessing Thanksgiving weekend for her birthday. I’m HUGE, getting bigger every day, it seems! I know they told me there is only one baby in there, but isn’t it possible that there was a second one hiding? Possible the ultrasound tech with twenty-four years of experience missed a second baby? Possible that they were just laying in such a way that it made it look like one, big baby? In light of my life and all the wacky things that have happened to me, I’d say it IS possible… not likely, but there’s probably some sort of chance.

Or maybe I’m just having a big baby? Not likely, but probably as good of a chance as a second baby hiding out! 🙂

Hubby & I spent some time last night (like two hours) clearing out & cleaning up our third floor, where Snowdrop’s room will be. We’ve managed to pitch a lot of trash (YAY!) and get a ton of “stuff” stored away in the closets. It’s amazing how big & nice the room has become just from what we did last night. I’m going on Wednesday to pick out carpet samples for our stairs/hallway/third floor & hopefully (HOPEFULLY) Hubby will be able to paint the baby’s room in the next two weeks so we can get the carpet installed, the furniture set up, and get the decorating done so we can just relax for the last few months of this pregnancy! 🙂 We’re working on the room more tonight so I’m super excited things are coming along! 🙂

Juniper & Magnolia are really surprising me every day with their speech improvements. It seems like they’re saying new words/phrases every day & really starting to excel and feel comfortable with trying to talk. They’ve also been singing quite a bit! Sometimes they even get the tune right! SO CUTE!! I really have to catch it on video some time soon.

No one has used the potty this week. Sad, but true. They’ll get back on the horse, so to speak, soon enough. We’re not pushing the potty training, we’re just letting them pace the process. Soon enough, soon enough. 🙂

The girls have also started pulling out our dining room table when it’s time for lunch!!! It’s so funny – I also can’t believe they’re so strong!! I’ll ask if they’re hungry and they’ll say “yes” and pull the table out and sit in their big girl chairs. We’re foregoing buying booster seats for the chairs as they seem to be able to sit, eat & not move for the most part. We’re also leaving the highchairs up here for now as some days they are not as well-behaved as others. When they don’t eat a good lunch (i.e. food on the floor, all over the table, etc) then they have to eat dinner in their highchairs. It’s a good system and seems to be working.

Speaking of… it’s time for Sesame Street & Lunch. I’ve begun keeping the TV off during the mornings and waiting until Sesame (followed by Caillou) comes on. They seem more interested in watching (which is great for keeping them in their seats and continually eating during lunch) & it’s obviously much better for them to NOT watch TV every hour that they’re awake. I’m also enjoying not listening to their TV shows, haha! 🙂

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We got our money back!!!

What do ya know! Within HOURS of telling the last supervisor I spoke with that we were contacting our lawyer in the morning and taking legal action against the company, the money was back in my account.

Funny the way things work, isn’t it?

I’m just glad we got our money back, that I don’t have to call the Senior V-P of Expedia Corporate Customer Operations today, and that I no longer have to deal with this ridiculous BS.

I WILL however be canceling my account and never using them ever again.

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STILL Haven’t Gotten Our Money Back from Expedia.

You can read all about my trouble with Expedia, here.

Hubby says to wait until tomorrow morning to check our bank again for receipt of the money. I shall do so. I’m also expecting a phone call today from, “___”, the woman who said the refund would be back in my account by today, “FOR SURE”.

For sure, I will never be using Expedia for anything after the money is back in my account.

Update: I am contacting Tucker Moodey, Senior V-P of Expedia Corporate Customer Operations tomorrow morning regarding our refund. I believe it kind of him to reach out to me upon reading my previous blog regarding Expedia. Clearly, he cares more about the company than the people working in the “customer service department” based on the fact that he found my little blog and cared to comment.

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2 Year Check-Up went Fantastically! And a short Baby Update!!

The girls had their two year old check-up today with the pediatrician. Everything checked out fine! Both girls are in the 25th percentile for height and weight – not surprising or of concern because I was always less than that when I was growing up. In fact, at three years old I weighed only a pound more than they do right now (at two)… tiny people procreate more tiny people! Haha!! 🙂

Both girls are right on target as far as all the questions the doc asked us about talking, stacking blocks, responding to their names, etc etc etc. Neither girl tested positive for autism (we had to fill out a YES/NO questionnaire) although we admitted they do seem to wander aimlessly around our main room sometimes. The doc assured us that their wandering is not the same wandering a child with autism might have and that we need not be concerned. Awesome! 🙂 I wasn’t really concerned about autism but you never know.

My youngest brother is autistic but my parents have never admitted this to anyone & don’t have him treated or in therapy for it. It’s created a lot of issues for us, his schoolmates, and others & it’s really sad that they refuse to admit it. We have a friend who works with severly autistic children – like, she has a masters degree and is one of the top people in the city where we live who works with these children. When my family was in town last year & she met them, after they left she said to my husband, “Wow, I had no idea Lady’s brother was so autistic!” So, he’s autistic, big whoop – but it’s a shame my parents don’t admit it so he can get some help. We’d all be better off.

ANYWAYS… 🙂 Magnolia was better behaved (duh) and actually let the doctor look in her ears, her eyes, her mouth, and listen to her heartbeat. Oh did Juniper squirm and move around and squeeze her lips together so the doctor couldn’t get a great look at her. He got well enough a look though so that’s nice. 🙂 They each got a shot for Hep A (standard procedure vaccinations) and we declined getting a Flu Vaccine shot. I’ve never had a Flu Vaccine shot – not that I’ve never gotten the Flu, I just don’t think it’s really that important to get. Hubby feels the same way, most notably because the one year he actually got the Flu Vaccine, he winded up getting the Flu! We’ll take the chance and if they end up getting really sick we know we’ll be heading straight to the hospital for fluids and medical interventions.

We also got a prescription for Junie’s terrible constipation. Miralax. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll get it filled… I’d kind of like to try some more natural approaches to this issue. (She’s going to hate me later when she realizes I’ve spread her constipation issues on the web. Haha.) I kind of feel like it’s not even constipation… she can poop, she just doesn’t like to so she holds it in for days until it’s just, like, as big as her arm! I know, TMI. Or not? Does anyone else have this problem with their toddler? She’s always had big poops so this is not a potty training issue – it’s more of a “she’s older now” issue and she realizes she can “hold it” if she really tries… which just backfires in the end. *sigh* The life & times of a toddler with poop problems. LOL. 🙂

So the girls are doing well and the doctor, of course, is happy to take on another patient when our next little girl is born!

We have the middle name picked and her ‘third’ name picked. Our girls are not known by others as Juniper & Magnolia. I mean, people know that’s what we wanted to name them it’s just not what we ended up naming them. Too much backlash from both Hubby’s and my parents caused us to change their names to “something more normal”. Looking back on it, we were NUTS to listen to our parents about this. Also looking back, if Hubby was as stubborn as me and could stand his ground… we probably would have ended up giving them the legal names of Juniper & Magnolia. We’ve called them by J & M since birth, along with their “legal” names and they answer to all of them. It’s neat, and we really love their “real names” (Juniper & Magnolia). Word of advice to expecting parents -> do not under any circumstance share the names you’ve chosen for your unborn baby!!! Wait until the kid is born & THEN tell everyone his/her name. You will thank yourself for this later on. 🙂

In light of June & Maggie’s situation, we’ve decided to give our newest little girl her own, botanical “third” name. This time, it’s going on the birth certificate. First Second Botanical Last. That’s how it will read. And we’ll use it as a nickname/lovie-name like we use Juniper & Magnolia for the girls.

Drumroll please………. we’ve decided on Gardenia for our littlest lady. Both Hubby & I LOVE Gardenia flowers. He would have worn one at our wedding but he would have looked like a clown (with a water shooting flower) had he worn a huge Gardenia flower on his tux! He regrets not wearing one; I’m glad I was able to say the florist said so. Hahaha. 🙂 Hubby’s grandma also really loved gardenias so it’s also a small nod to her in memory.

Miss Juniper & Miss Magnolia & Miss Gardenia. I’m so excited for my little flower ladies!!! 🙂

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