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The Short Story…

The short story because I’m oh-so-exhausted…. I started feeling weird over the weekend and we walked around the baseball game all afternoon on Sunday with the girls. I chalked up my icky feelings that night to over-walking myself… Monday, I felt worse but figured my back hurt just because of all that walking. My belly was sore, too, so I figured I’d give myself a whole day to rest up and by Tuesday I’d feel better.

Not. So. Much.

Tuesday I could hardly walk down the stairs because I was in so much pain. My lower back, my stomach – it all hurt so much. My doctor’s office told me I should go directly to Labor & Delivery at the hospital (GASP!!!!)…. So, the babysitter came over & off Hubby and I went to L&D. I was so afraid. 16 weeks 4 days is WAY TOO EARLY to be in labor. WTF….

They checked me in and ran some tests and as it turns out I’ve got a UTI. GROSS. YUCK. EW. WHAT?!!?!?! EW. EW. I’m totally grossed out by that fact, glad that the source of my excruciating pain has been found but grossed out nonetheless. I take good care of myself and my ‘lady parts’ so… needless to say, I’m bummed I’ve developed this infection. I guess it’s common for pregnant women to contract UTI’s??? The nurse started me on some cranberry juice while we waited for my doc to write a Rx.

Sure enough, up came the cranberry juice into a complimentary wet umbrella bag outside of the hospital before Hubby could pull the car around. Boo. We got home & I pretty much fell asleep. I tried some more cranberry juice later that night and I can pretty much safely say I will never drink it ever again as my second attempt turned out just as ‘well’ as the first… everything landing in the sink. I didn’t even make it to the toilet. Not only was I not keeping down liquids (read: I’m getting more dehydrated as the minutes tick on…) I wasn’t even keeping down the meds. I threw up all day, all night, and all morning. Violently. It was terrible. I thought I might be dying. Really. I thought my head was going to EXPLODE.

My doctor changed my Rx the next morning and I’ve been going okay ever since. Okay, other than the INSANE headaches I’ve had – a direct result of me not being able to drink anything because sitting up hurts my head too much. A vicious, really sucky, painful cycle. ICK. I couldn’t sit up to drink, I was so sick I didn’t feel like drinking, I haven’t been eating… you get the drill. We were supposed to be at my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Colorado. I’m totally bummed we didn’t get to go on account of this infection but there was no way I was dragging myself across the country in this condition. No way.

This was all on Tuesday. It’s now Friday, and I was finally able to move out of bed and downstairs to the couch this morning. It’s been hard being away from the girls but I’ve really needed the rest. I’ve still got my headaches but have been able to drink a little bit more today so that’s helpful.

I will write again when I’m up and at ’em. This pregnancy is certainly turning out to be more difficult than the other one I had…with twins. What’s that about? They’re not kidding when they say every pregnancy is different.

Oh, and I’m 17 weeks!! Whoopie!!! 🙂

OH – AND BIG NEWS -> Juniper went poopy in the potty today!!! She motioned to us that she felt like pooping and said “yeah” when we asked her if she needed to poop. Sure enough, she actually went on the potty!!! We’re soooooooooo very proud of her. I know there will be many setbacks after this but now that she’s done it once… we’re over one hurdle. I hope Magnolia catches on, I can tell she really wants to do it, too. 🙂

(And this really was the “short story”. LI ->Laughing Inside.. because my head hurts too much to actually LOL.)

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16 Weeks Pregnant!!! Toddlers Rock. :)

I can’t even believe it!! It seems like yesterday that I was 13 weeks pregnant… time is truly flying by. My aunt told me that every new pregnancy flies by faster than the last – and that by my fourth pregnancy (haha, she must be delusional if she thinks I’m doing this two more times, HAHA. or maybe God is laughing at me for saying that…) it hardly begins before it’s over.

Anyways, I can’t believe I’m already at 16 weeks. Well, 15 or 16 weeks. The baby is about a week behind how far along I’m supposed to be – which probably just means it will be a tiny baby but I’m a tiny person & I come from tiny people and Hubby’s mom isn’t much bigger than me anyways, so tiny is okay. The baby is approximately the size of an avocado!! That seems so HUGE to me!!! I’m definitely showing so I’m sure the baby is indeed the size of an avocado.

I’ve been feeling the little one moving around inside my belly for quite a few weeks now. Not every day do I feel the flutter, but most days I do. I made an artichoke-olive dip the other day and the baby went WILD when I started eating it. That was fun to feel. The kicks aren’t strong enough yet for Hubby to really feel them, but he says he felt one the other day. I’m sure in a few weeks it will be much easier to feel the kicking.

I’ve been really into ‘cooking’ lately. Mainly things like dips and cookies. Teehee. I used to work at a bakery/cafe in the Big City so my attempts of late have been to recreate their recipes (“secret” recipes) for myself. My next thought is to start a petition for them to ‘write’ a best-recipe book. For my own benefit, of course. Haha. And the benefit of all us bakery girls who now live across the country. I sure can’t drive 350 miles every day for lunch… or my craving-whims.  I haven’t done any dinner prep as of late. I feel badly for Hubby but by the time dinnertime rolls around… I’m exhausted. We’re heading to a BBQ at a friend’s house tonight and tomorrow night Hubby will be a bachelor party (boo.) so maybe Sunday I’ll suck up the tired & make dinner. A pot roast would be easy. I loooooove my crock-pot. I can’t believe I only started using one after I got married. I could totally have handled crock-pot cooking when I was a single gal. Maybe in my next life.

My sisters are coming to visit next month. I’m very excited to see them. I miss them a lot now that I don’t live in the Big City anymore. Our parents won’t let them drive down for fears they’ll be “raped, mutilated, and thrown in a ditch” (no really, our mother thinks that, truly she does). *sigh* They’re way over-protective. My sisters are heading into their last year of high school & will soon be off to college…… I of course, think it’s absurd that they aren’t allowed to drive down here, but whatever – I’m just glad they’re coming down! 🙂 We’re not planning to do much, but I am planning on enlisting them to help paint. The original plan was to paint the baby’s room but… we won’t know by then if it’s a boy or a girl and since I want the room to be blue (I think) for a boy… we’re going to paint our main room instead!! I’m super excited as I’ve been waiting since before we moved in to paint this main room. I’m going with Benjamin Moore color… oops, can’t find my color list. It’s a golden yellow, that’s bright, not too bright, not mustardy, not baby yellow… just perfect. It’s very soothing and I think it will really help open up this room. Not that it needs opening with our 20 foot ceilings and one sweeping great room feel to it… there aren’t many windows and in it’s current greyish-blue state – not very cozy feeling. I’m really excited to get it painted AND to get new sconces for the lights. Our current ones are really tacky early 90’s yucky sconces… and I had insisted that my children would never set their eyes upon them but somewhere between being pregnant with twins and having twin babies – we never got around to changing them. Then came the day when I found the PERFECT sconces only to discover they cost nearly $150 each!!! I have good taste, what can I say? Haha. So, I’m still looking for good-looking sconces. It seems neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot have anything that I like – and neither does Ebay. I’ll keep looking until I find the perfect ones. If not, we’ll just have to pony up for the expensive lights. I AM insistent that this new baby will not lay eyes upon these ugly sconces.

The girls are doing great. I hardly write about them! 🙂 They’re able to go up and down the stairs with very minimal help, if at all. This is going to be of huge help to me when the new baby comes. I’ve also been working a lot on picking up toys before naptime, before bedtime, and when it generally gets too messy for my head to think straight! They’re still learning how to stay on task- but it’s great that I’m not the only one picking up their toys during the day. Juniper is finally saying “yeah” (no definitive yes, but yeah works just the same as far as I’m concerned) instead of ‘no’ for both yes & no. It’s been very helpful that she’s figured out to say ‘yeah’ when she wants something, and ‘no’ when she doesn’t. When she was saying ‘no’ for everything – it really became a crapshoot figuring out what she wanted. She’s very particular, ornery, assertive, and just like me. I’m glad I’m just like her so I can be more patient with her – sometimes I’m not so great at that. And I feel badly for yelling so much at her but she’ll learn not to touch the garbage cans, open my kitchen drawers, or bite her sister. Someday… haha. What else is Junie doing these days? She’s very interested in this animal puzzle we have. It’s a barnyard animal, match the animal to the animal shape puzzle. I’m pretty sure the brand is Melissa & Doug. They’ve got some great puzzles and educational kid toys. You can check them out here. Their toys are available in lots of stores so you don’t have to get it online. We’re big fans, I suppose I’m plugging them. Haha. So she’s really into this animal puzzle, so much so that I’m considering buying a few more. I say considering for the plain & simple fact that toys are very trendy these days so this may be a passing love for her. She’s still really into the big Lego blocks. She & her sister make lots of towers with them and other shapes and are always very proud of their creations. Magnolia is really starting to pick up on language. Both girls are but she seems to be faster on learning new words. It seems like every day she’s saying something new! She’s also becoming quite the picky eater. One day she loves cheese, the next she won’t touch it. Same goes for nearly everything we give them, except for Macaroni & Cheese. I finally figured out that she wasn’t saying “Ernie” when she was pawing at the fridge, she was saying “Roni” (macaroni….)! I’m so glad I figured that one out, I was getting confused. 🙂 But now she also says “Ernie”, it’s more like “Ear-nie”. Haha. And she says “Cookie” (cookie monster). Super cute but their favorite TV character is “Caillou”. This was one of their first words, believe it or not, and every day they spend about a total of one hour saying “Caillouuuuu, Caillouuuuuu”. They LOVE his show. So funny, why is he bald at age four? Does anyone know?

Both Juniper & Magnolia have really gotten into coloring. We found a whole cupfull of colored pencils on our third floor & gave them an old Crate&Barrel box to draw on. They LOVE IT. And they’re so intensely concentrating while they draw. It’s really sweet and as someone who dabbles in the art herself… it really touches me that they seem to enjoy it so much as well. They lie on their stomachs grasping the little pencils in their hands and scribbling all sorts of craziness on the flattened box. It’s almost full of color now and of course I’ll be saving it to hang up somewhere. I’m a fan of the abstract art, and especially my own kids’ art, so it will surely find a place somewhere! 🙂 I’ve saved EVERY drawing they’ve made so far. I know, I’m nuts. Maybe I’ll stop saving everything at some point…. but I highly doubt it. I think they’re sweet little drawings. Both girls really enjoy when I take their hands and help them write their names or other words. I think it really fascinates them. They can recognize their own names already – I’m not going to say they can read their own names, but they definitely point out where it is when I ask. I can’t wait to move onto finger painting. While messy it shall be, it will be fun to see.

The girls are also really really really really into Sleeping Beauty. I’m trying to school them in the Magic of Disney every week. We own Sleeping Beauty & Finding Nemo (that’s Disney, right?? haha) & Pinnochio, but I’ve rented Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmations, and as soon as Cinderella comes back in the store (fingers crossed) I will bring that one home for them. I suppose I should just pony up and get them all off Ebay. I’ll have to wait until the next time Hubby makes a big deposit in my account and just buy them “under-the-table”. Muahahaha. He’s not a cheapo but I feel bad buying things like movies when we could really use the money on other stuff. But I want my kids to enjoy Disney as much as I do. Anyways, so they really LOVE Sleeping Beauty and I’m glad about that. They enjoyed Little Mermaid a LOT (I have it on video at my parents house… but I should really just get my own copy for here on DVD) and sort of like 101 Dalamations. That Cruella’s a little creepy though. I’m not a fan of this Disney Vault stuff. I know it’s probably good for THEM but it stinks that my kids can’t enjoy all the movies I used to enjoy as a kid because they’re simply not available. And like Cinderella for example – the guy at the movie store said that they hope it gets returned but because of the Disney Vault, people tend to never return them just so they can get keep the movie. Jerkos.

Okay. So Juniper just brought me a roll of paper towels. And by roll of paper towels, I mean a shredded mess of about 100 paper towels & the empty cardboard roll. Also presented to my nose, is the lovely stench of turd. Fabulous. Must mean it’s time for diaper changes and a nap for these two gingers.

‘Till next time dear readers…adieu. 🙂

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Next Appointment Tomorrow

My next appointment is TOMORROW!!! It’s finally come! I’m not used to this waiting four weeks between appointments stuff! 🙂 I’m really excited and I really hope we can find the heartbeat. We’ll have an ultrasound, too. Of course, I’m still worried about there not being a baby in there, but based on the size of my boobs & my belly… there’s gotta be a baby in there.  I’ve also been pretty sick, as per usual. Plus, I know I’ve felt it moving. During my first pregnancy, I felt movement from very early on. My doctor said I was probably just gassy but once the movements became more defined and stronger – I was sure those first few flutters I had been feeling were in fact coming from my kids. I’m sure these are baby flutters, too. I always thought it would be strange, as if there was an alien inside of me… but it never really was. It was more funny than alien-like.

Providing I’m past the first trimester (fingers crossed… I’m just not sure I can handle being less pregnant than that. It would mean I took the test a mere two weeks after conceiving – and that’s nuts for someone not even regular or trying to conceive.) – again, Providing I’m past the first trimester and we hear the heartbeat, we’re going to tell Hubby’s family tomorrow at the poolhouse. The very poolhouse where we told them that we were expecting not one, but two babies. It’s neat that we get to share the same news with them again in the same place. I like consistency. Haha. We really wanted to tell both of our families at the same time, however…. my mom is a real c**t (I’ll spare those of you who hate that word – I don’t use it lightly, only when truly applicable.) and screwed that over for the rest of my family. It’s a situation I’d rather not get into right now as I’m trying to keep as low-stress as possible. This is not really working as I seem to have lots of dreams where I’m yelling at her about all the things I’m mad about. I’ll write about it some day but today will not be the day.

ANYWAYS, I really hope we can tell them (Hubby’s family), it was very hard to deny champagne on the 4th and get away with saying I was tired from running around with the kids all day… seriously, we’re getting deeper & deeper into the lies. And it’s also more difficult to hide my belly. I’m clearly pregnant.

One of my very very very very best friends in the whole wide world lives in New Orleans. She was driving from Michigan to N.O. with two of her friends last night when they decided to take an hour detour and stay at our home instead of driving overnight. I absolutely NEEDED to have a friend near me last night. Just her presence gave me a reboost – this was the first Tuesday in a while where I haven’t felt overwhelmed (Hubby has golf on Tuesdays and is usually gone until after the kids go to bed…) from the long day of handling the girls all by myself. Now, if only I could get my friends to show up in town on random every week I’d be good! (haha)

Will write more tomorrow after the appointment. Please say a little prayer I’m past the first trimester & we hear a heartbeat! 🙂

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I want my own bed.

Sick as a dog. I mean, sick as a friggin’ dog. I can barely swallow my saliva because it’s so sore from throwing up tonight. I don’t know why tonight’s episode of puke was so bad… maybe it was the chili I ate? In any case, it was bad. Probably one of the Top Five Worst Pukes of My Life.

I’m one of those people that has a really hard time getting to sleep. Perhaps it’s the quiet in the room that causes my mind to race with thoughts. I have a hard time turning it off. It took me nearly an hour to wrestle my mind into silence and fall asleep. It could not have been more than fifteen minutes later, my husband came up to go to bed and sure enough, I get woken up. Now, it wasn’t really his fault that I woke up. I’m just a bad sleeper – one small noise and boom!!! I’m awake. Here I sit now, downstairs in my kitchen blogging, because an hour and a half later I still can’t sleep. I was FINALLY asleep, finally getting the sick feelings out of my body… 😦

I want my own bed back. While I’m wishing… I wish for my own room. Seriously. From now on, Hubby’s gotta come to bed when I do or find another place to sleep at night. I can’t keep waking up like this and not being able to fall asleep. It’s hard enough to fall asleep the first time. And the all-day sickness is always worse when I’m running on less sleep. Always.

I really need to be sleeping right now.
And I’m just so tired of being sick all the damn time. WTF. 😦

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Pretty good week, other than the Constipated Toddler

Not too much has been happening. I had a really bad, bad cold last week. I thought it was a sinus infection but now I’m pretty sure it was just a really awful cold. Glad it’s passing me by…. we got our alarm fixed (the battery was dead) so I’m glad to feel secure again. We don’t live in a dangerous area, but I generally feel safer at night with the alarm on. 🙂

I’m still suffering from morning sickness. Some days are better than others. I ate some chicken last night for dinner and was glad to do so as “meat” in general has been grossing me out. Big time. That and cheese. YUCK. It’s sort of weird as we usually go through a pound of cheese a week (at least, sometimes more!!) between the four of us. I’ve cut back giving the girls cheese at lunch because, well, I can’t stand the idea of it! Dairy just grosses me out. Pregnancy does some funny things to a person. No one is allowed to say the F word either. No, not the profane one. F as in – they live in the sea and people eat them. The very mention of the word will send me gagging into the bathroom! I’ve been craving things like potato chips, mac & cheese, and yellow mustard on wafer sliced turkey on plain grocery store sandwich bread (yep, the only meat I’ve been eating consistently). I normally avoid over-processed foods but it seems I can’t get enough of them. I’m just glad to be eating!

The girls are doing great! We’re working on our plan to tell the family about the new baby. We’re going to have them point to all their body parts in front of the whole family (where’s your nose? ears? eyes? etc) and then we’ll ask them: where’s the baby? They are supposed to come and point to my belly at that point. They get it right 7/10 times…. so fingers crossed they’ll get it right at the big performance! 🙂

We’re also dealing with terrible constipation in one of my girls. It’s awful. We don’t want to jump right into medicines (I just don’t see the good in giving my 21-month-old a laxative….) so we’re trying all sorts of natural remedies. It’s frustrating because she won’t drink the prune juice we’ve attempted to give her (and her sister because if they don’t have the same thing… hell breaks loose!), even when I overload her with wheat crackers (full of fiber, and one would think it would drive her to quench her thirst afterwards – nope, she’s too smart for that). Last night after dinner, they ate HALF A JAR of apple-blueberry sauce (applesauce and blueberries always used to make them poop as babies). I mean, HALF A JAR – and she still hasn’t pooped. I feel so badly for her. We can tell she’s in pain, and she nods her head ‘yes’ when we ask her if the poopy hurts. She’s just not old enough to understand how to resign herself to get it out. Poor thing. Any ideas?

Speaking of, I think the poop may be coming. Got to run!!

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Finally Eating Food

12:45am last night, I HAD to go downstairs and eat a peanut butter sandwich. No jelly. Just the PB and bread. And a big glass of milk. I swear Organic Milk tastes so much better than normal milk. The last time I was pregnant, I had a PB sandwich EVERY night at 1am. EVERY night. I’m glad I’m back in the swing of things.

It’s 9:45am now and I’m eating an egg roll with sweet&sour sauce. Finally, I’m hungry.

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Grandma’s Funeral & Nausea

We buried Grandma today. Well, we had her funeral today. I have to say there were quite a few looks around the room when the priest said what a joyful life she led. LOL. If anyone knew how to complain and make a scene, it was Grandma! HAHA. But the ceremony was beautiful AND I made it all the way to the cemetery before I had to take an anti-nausea pill. It’s the generic form of Zofran (generic is called: odansetron). Thank GOD we have insurance. These pills cost $439.99!!!! And it’s the GENERIC form. I can’t imagine what Zofran itself costs. This is normally an antiemetic for patients undergoing chemotheraphy, so you can imagine the sort of nausea I’m having. I’m not trying to relate this to chemo – which is in itself an incredible journey for a person to endure – but I have to say, as sick as I’ve been, I feel I can much more empathize now with a cancer patient than before. It’s amazing. The pill, not the empathizing. Within 20 minutes of taking it I was ready to take on the world. Before I took it, I was ready to crawl into Grandma’s casket and go with her.

It hasn’t been tested much on pregnant women which worries me A WHOLE LOT. I don’t even like to take Tylenol when I’m not pregnant. I only plan to take it when I’m ‘near death’ as I was today (no pun intended) but as long as I can stick it out I’m going to avoid taking the pills. I have my first prenatal visit next week (six days, I cannot wait, this week will drag by I’m sure) and I’ll be sure to discuss with my doctor other, more natural ways to cure my nausea. I know the fuller my stomach is, the less likely I am to be sick – but it’s just so hard to eat overnight while I’m sleeping. 😉

I ate so much at the luncheon afterwards that I feel great now! I might go take a nap as I can feeeel the tired coming. I’m just glad I got to eat today. I did lose about five pounds last week which brought me five pounds closer to being ten pounds away from my pre-babies weight. YAY! I finally make it back down and back up I’ll go again. At least I have a leg up on myself and the next baby-weight.

Rest in Peace Grandma. Thanks for being such a terror to my MIL during the whole time you knew her – without you, I would not have the best most understanding helpful wonderful MIL in the whole world. She is a gift to me, from you. My daughters got so much of their spunk from you and I will always treasure the legacy you left in them. I’ll miss seeing you in your armchair in the corner but I know you’re dancing in Heaven with your mom and watching over us. I promise we’ll take extra good care of Grandpa. He’s going to be a busy guy this summer.

Oh, and thanks for all the FAAAAAABULOUS jewelry. I’m glad I married an only-child of an only-child. And I know we both understand the beauty of a Big Fat Rock. 😉 Your legacy continues… XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

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