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Question of the Week: What Item Do You Splurge On?

What Item Do You Splurge On?

There is one thing that I do consider to be a real splurge of mine and that is Aveda Brilliant Damage Control spray. It costs $15 for an 8.5oz bottle. I go through two (maybe three depending on summer heat, frequency of swimming, etc) a year. I love this stuff! It makes my hair feel great and I love the way it smells. I’d use Aveda shampoos but they’re just too darn expensive!

And Uggs. I love my Uggs. I’ve got a few boots and three pairs of slippers. I LOVE THEM and completely recommend them to everyone. The cost is worth the comfort and quality, in my opinion.

There are a few other things that I “splurge” on… I go to a fancy-pants salon to get my eyebrows/lip waxed every month and a half or so. I find it so relaxing and I really trust my lady there to do a good job. Plus they use all natural stuff so I think it helps with my uber-sensitive skin. There’s no way I could do it myself, in addition to not trusting myself to over/under-tweeze. ūüôā I get my hair cut at the same salon, which is also a splurge but I justify it because I only get my hair cut once a year, if that.

When it came to decorating the nurseries, I splurged – a little. I got Pottery Barn Kids bedding for the big girls. I had found it on sale, but it was still a big purchase at the time. (In fact, they DO offer a multiples discount however the gal behind the counter said they didn’t… but they do so don’t be fooled if you’re in the market for some PBK!) I “splurged” on PBK bedding for Snowdrop, too – but I bought it on 75% off clearance. SCORE!¬†And her curtains were PBK¬†from Ebay.¬†DEAL!!!¬†I’m really into PBK, I think they’ve got the cutest stuff for kid’s rooms. I tend to buy accessories and accents at places like Homegoods or Target, etc. But bedding is something I splurge on for the kids. I like our nurseries to be adorable. And they are! ūüôā

When I go back home to the Big City, I’ll splurge on stuff like Bakery Food from my old bakery or I’ll go on a little Ikea spree because we don’t have one where we live.

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Question of the Week: Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

Are you involved in your local Mother’s (Parent’s) of Multiples Club?

I am not involved in our local Mothers of Twins/Multiples Club. They charge a yearly fee, plus require you to attend a certain number of meetings, dinners, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to be involved, I do, but fees and requirements just don’t work for us when it comes to something like a Twins Club. Plus, when I inquired the gal told me that most of the mothers are older. Nothing against older moms (seriously) but at the time I was 25. There is certainly a difference between 25 and 37. Certainly, a 37 year old might be able to offer me some good advice¬†–¬†and even though being MoMs might be something we have in common, I doubted there would be much else we’d be able to share. I was really looking to find¬†MoMs (potential friends!!)¬†my age who were raising multiples – moms that I could go out with for girls nights and moms that I could have over for playdates.

I put an ad on Craigslist once, looking for other moms of multiples. I didn’t get any replies. :/

I’m 27 now (will be 28 this year). More and more of our friends are having babies (no friends with multiples yet though¬†– my fingers are always crossed that someone else will get to share in the magic of having multiples) so playdates with other kids are more common now than they were two years ago. I still don’t do girls night out but that’s mainly because I’m too tired at the end of the day to go out AND because although I really enjoy the company of my husband’s friends… I still feel like they’re not MY friends (I don’t know. That’s a whole other post right there!). (MY friends are up in the Big City, living out East, out West, and all over the world… not exactly accessible for Girls Nights Out!)

I’d love to start a multiples playgroup (a FREE group) but I really don’t know where to go other than Craigslist and that didn’t work out the first time – maybe I’ll try again this summer. I am absolutely hoping that when the girls start school there will be other multiples in their class that they can play with. Not that I only want them playing with multiples (that would be weird) but I think being a multiple is a special dynamic and to have friends that share that same quality would be nice.




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Question of the Week: Child Leashes, Yay or Nay?

How do you feel about child harnesses?

We don’t use child harnesses but that’s only because every time we go to buy them… I figure I should save the money instead of spending it. I mean, we rarely take the girls out anyways so why would we need leashes? That said… I’m a fan of them and wish we had them because I think it would be nice for when we did take them out. Like, on walks around the neighborhood for example. Before Snowdrop was born, we could each “take” a kid and have a nice walk around our ‘hood’ while keeping on eye on whoever was under our charge for the walk. I think they really enjoyed walking by themselves and being able to pick up leaves, rocks, and flowers.

I don’t think they are an example of laziness – what’s lazy about following your kid on a lease? Wouldn’t it be easier (lazier) to have the kids strapped up in a stroller so you don’t have to “walk” them or worry about what their¬†little hands are touching? Or lazier to not take them out at all?

I’m all for leashes. Maybe I’ll get one for Snowdrop when she gets older.

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Question of the Week: How do you save money at the grocery store? What are your best tips and tricks?

Wow! I actually completed a QOTW on the day it came out! Go me!! Let’s hope I can keep up from now on. ūüôā

How do you save money at the grocery store? What are your best tips and tricks?

I have always been a thrifty grocery shopper. I hate buying things that aren’t on sale and I stock up on the canned goods or frozen stuff if it is on sale. Olives, artichokes, fruit cocktail… I can usually get olives and artichokes 4 for $5 – I think that’s a good deal and I don’t hesitate to get the store brand, and so I stock up. Fruit Cocktails (Del Monte brand only), I prefer to buy in the largest can I can get (30oz)¬†and on a good sale, which would be like $2 per can.¬†¬†

I always have my phone with me and thus a very handy dandy calculator. If something is on sale and a smaller can/box/whatever of it is not – I’ll do a little math and figure out which is the best deal. Just recently, it was cheaper per egg to buy two seperate¬†dozens instead of one 24-pack. Make sense?
Since becoming a MoM, I’ve become especially diligent about using coupons. I have a coupon file that it labeled in categories like: breakfast¬†& bread, baking & condiments, fresh, dairy, drinks, frozen, snacks, health & cleaning (soap, shampoo, lysol, etc)… oh a few more categories but I can’t think of them at the moment and I’m not going to go dig out my coupon file from¬†my purse. It makes me happy to know that I’m saving money – even when it’s just a few dollars total. I feel that as a SAHM I have some sort of responsibility to save my family money when & where I can. I hardly ever take advantage of double coupons (the policy is somewhat confusing to me AND I rarely have coupons for under 40 cents).
We feed our daughters a lot of organic food. We’re not 100% organic but it’s been pretty important to us to make sure that they get organic milk, meat, and processed foods (like “goldfish” or “penguin bars” <- I can’t think of the brand but we get them at Whole Foods and they have a penguin on them.) Organic fruits and veggies, we only buy if it’s a good deal. We haven’t had a lot of coupons for organic stuff so if it’s on sale, I stock up. Also, I don’t know if other grocery stores offer this but Whole Foods offers a 10% discount if you buy a case. So… when buying Macaroni & Cheese, Applesauce,¬†or Raviolis (things that I KNOW we will use up by the expiration date) I buy it in a case. The three I mentioned come 12 to a case – so it’s not like I have a crate full of boxed/canned food. I always wait until it’s on sale and then I’m saving even more money. What a deal!!
Finally, Sam’s Club/Costco whatever the warehouse store around you is… get a membership. It’s worth the upfront $35 membership. Diapers, Paper Towel, Toilet Paper – I mean, those three items alone – these are things you will continually need. It drives me crazy when I see people buying like a 12 pack of toilet paper. I mean… hello? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you’re probably going to use all that up and then need more. Why not buy a huge bulk thing of toilet paper and find somewhere to store it in your house. It can’t take up THAT much room. And unless you die, you’re gonna use it – I promise. Garbage bags, Ziplock bags, too. It’s worth buying these things in bulk because you will definitely be using them and they won’t go to waste. Like most other parents of multiples, we have spent a lot of time pricing out the¬†different stores as far as diapers. Sam’s (although I’m sure Costco is¬†similar, we just happen to belong to Sam’s – for now at least. I’ve heard Cosco has a lot of Organic stuff – is this true, people? I¬†need answers!! haha) ¬†Sam’s has the best price per diaper than other stores (Target, Babies-R-Us, Walmart, etc). I think that’s even using coupons. This is for Huggies, the only brand we use for diapers and wipes. With three in diapers, there is no question that we save money by purchasing our diapers from¬†there.
So My Best Tips?
– Stock up if something is on sale. If you know you’re gonna eat this stuff and need more in a few weeks, purchase it now and save yourself a few cents.
– Coupons. The 21-year-old I used to be would never have been caught dead using a COUPON. Now, I live for my weekly coupon mailer. What was I thinking? I could have saved so much money back in the day.
– Find out your store policy on buying in bulk – do they offer a discount like Whole Foods does on case purchases? If so, take advantage of it.
– Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. Take advantage of the savings and buy the necessities (garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc)¬†in bulk. If you can’t store all the rolls – see if a friend wants to split the cost with you. I’m sure they use toilet paper, too!
Good luck! Save money!! You’ll thank yourself when the kids are on their own and you can use your hard-saved money for something fun, like a real vacation which you’ll need after raising all those multiples! ūüôā




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Question of the Week: What are Your Go-To Meals?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked last week!*

What are Your Go-To Meals?

We normally make separate dinner for the girls since they eat mainly organic. A go-to dinner for them might be macaroni & cheese, with apple slices or fruit cocktai OR peanut butter sandwiches with banana on the side.¬†Or¬†really any mixture of one main thing and two or three side dishes:¬†chicken nuggets or fishies (fish nuggets shaped¬†like fishies) or hot dogs for a main dish. And for the sides: apple slices, avocado, tomatos, cheese, carrots, green beans (they LOVE gb’s), applesauce, olivies, artichokes, potatos, salad if mommy is having one (daddy doesn’t eat rabbit food)…. sometimes if I make a meatless pasta dish we’ll share it with the girls and eat the same thing.
We generally try to get a main item (meat or fish or pasta or peanut butter sandwiches) with something healthy on the side (fruit or veggie). We get a lot of fresh things from the local farmer’s market but I also buy bags of frozen veggies for when we’re in a pinch. When all else fails peanut butter is quick and a crowd favorite!
We’re lucky that we exposed the girls to all sorts of food as babies so they’re pretty open to whatever we give them. They even LOVE roasted garlic. Not many babies like garlic, so I hear at least.
We all really love potatoes and they are part of most meals for Hubby and myself. I always find, like tonight, that no matter how well the girls ate their dinner they’re always creeping around the table asking for bites of potatos. They love ’em! ūüôā
Sidenote:¬†I’d just like to say that I’d trust anything that the Pioneer Woman told me to make. Seriously. She’s the best and I go-to her website A LOT for recipes.
Jello has been a big hit lately so I use that as a prize offering. As in “clean up your toys and we can make some Jello!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “Now take a good nap and we can eat some Jello when you wake up!!!!!!!” It’s inexpensive (not organic but I never said we were 100% organic) and I also use it to teach colors to the girls. And Jello is so cheap.


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Question of the Week: Best & Worst Advice on Raising Multiples?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked a few weeks ago*

What is the best and worst advice you have ever received on raising your multiples?

How do I handle unsolicited advice? I usually smile and nod while saying something like “Oh really? WOW! I had no idea!!” or “No kidding! I should try that some time!” or “Hmm very interesting!” I like getting advice from other moms¬†some of the time. I’m not big on unsolicited advice but I’m pretty clear when I’m asking for it.
A lot of the time I swing it myself if I have a parenting question. I learn on the job, so to speak. Sometimes I’ll look for the answer on various blogs that I read. Sometimes I check out babycenter – even though most of the women there tend to just ‘fight’ all the time. If I’m daring, I’ll call my mom but that’s only when we’re getting along. Or I’ll call and ask a friend. Especially about breastfeeding because my friends are experienced with that.
Gosh, I can’t think of the most helpful thing I’ve learned from another blog.¬†I’m stumped right now.¬†I learn all sorts of stuff from the gals at Multiples…and More! Recently, I learned about Ziplock Big Bags from Sarah over at The Great Umbrella Heist (my favorite blog EVER). I think it’s safe to say that Ziplock Big Bags have saved my life and I’ll be using them forever.
Worst Piece of Advice? Hmmmm. I’m not sure it was advice, but I remember a lot of people being like “You’re really in for it!” when we told them we were having twins. That always rubbed me the wrong way. Yes having twins has been really hard at times – but never too hard. Also, people would tell me horror stories about twin pregnancies and births. That sucked. I’m super paranoid as it is, I don’t need to know about your friend of a friend of a cousin of a grocer that your great aunt knows who had twins and one of them died and the other came out looking like a monster. I just don’t need to know those things. Most especially during my first pregnancy… with twins.
Best piece of advice I could offer? If I had to stick with just¬†one¬†piece of advice, it would be this: When your multiples are young enough to not crawl out of their cribs and you’re having¬†a really crummy day and you just NEED A BREAK. Go ahead and put your kids in their cribs¬†with some age appropriate books. Hop into the shower (leave the door open so you can hear if someone has escaped) and enjoy your five or ten minutes of bliss. The kids won’t get hurt being in their cribs and you will get some much needed time to yourself. A hot shower can do wonders for a stressed soul – even a short shower! A happy mom is a good mom and happy mom makes for happy babies.
And because I’m incapable of saying just ONE thing… it’s also to expose your kids to all sorts of different foods. Even foods you might not like yourself. It will help them in the long run and make your job of feeding them much easier if you have a broad range of choices to choose from.
Gates. Buy gates. Buy the super yard.


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Question of the Week: Do you believe in Mother’s/Father’s Intuition?

*I’m still playing catch-up with the QOTW from Multiples…and More!, this question was asked a few weeks ago*

Do you believe in Mother’s/Father’s Intuition?

Oh gosh, I absolutely believe in it. For example, several times every week I will say something to the girls like “Get down from there now or you will fall and hurt yourself! GET DOWN NOW.” And then they don’t get down and within a minute they’ve fallen and hurt themselves. Sometimes I can tell by the quiet in the room just exactly what they’re getting into behind my back – is that¬† really intuition though? Or just the eyes in the back of my head?
Two weeks ago (just before Easter), the girls contracted RSV. I wasn’t sure about it until Snowdrop caught it. Then I was positive it was RSV. I called our old pediatrician’s office to say I think my baby has RSV and can she been seen today? And the receptionist told me to give her some Benedryl and get a humidifier going in the room. NO WAY was I doing that. We waited it out a day to see if it would get worse (it did) and then called a new pediatrician on Friday. They were able to test in their office for RSV and sure enough (just as I knew it would be) the test was positive. RSV. My poor baby has RSV and I knew it and the batty receptionist told me to Benedryl her. JDHSFKDSHFKLDSHKLFHDSLFKJHDSFLKSDHF!!!!!!!!
Mother’s Intuition or experience with RSV, either way – I just knew it.
A few times in my life as a mother, I’ve done the re-check or gone to check on them “just in case” and sure enough, an arm is out of the strap on the car seat or someone is eating food from the floor next to the garbage can, or someone is perched perilously on the window seat or they’ve pulled the blanket over their heads (I realize at 2 years old, it’s unlikely they’d suffocate but I still rip that blanket off their head so fast I can’t help myself!).
Sometimes a mother just knows something is up. Like my mother said when I was growing up and like I say now “I smell a rat.”


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